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race: Human
affiliation: Vault City Council
role: Senior Council Member
location: Vault City
appearances: Fallout 2
quests: Solve the Gecko powerplant problem
Optimize the powerplant
dialogue file: Vcmclure.msg
actor: None

Senior Council Member McClure (also called Councilman and Councillor) is the spokesman of the Vault City Council. He is one of the most important politicians in the city, second only to First Citizen Joanne Lynette herself.

McClure and Lynette often opposed each other, as McClure wanted Vault City to be more open to other towns, even to ghouls of Gecko. Around 2241, some Citizens have petitioned McClure and the council to override some of the First Citizen's decisions, which created quite a stir.

The Brain, an abnormally intelligent mole rat who led a group of Gecko ghouls, tried to negotiate Vault City's optimization of Gecko's Poseidon Energy Power Plant with McClure through the Chosen One, but it is unknown whether it was succesful.

McClure can grant you citizenship after you repair the power plant in Gecko.


Apparel Weapon Other item
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  • I think that McClure is the only Councilmember in Vault City with enough brains to be able to see past his prejudices. - The Brain
  • From what I hear, he's the only one there that'd bend an ear about anything but Vault City's precious citizens. - Festus
  • McClure and the First Citizen have butted heads several times, in fact. - Vault City bartender

Appearances in games

McClure only appears in Fallout 2.

Major characters of Fallout 2
Vault City

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