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Prima Donna (ラブリーボイス Roburi Boisu lit. Lovely Voice) is an NPC Clan in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. They are also a music band, which results in a large fan following. This group is so famous the stores even sell Prima Donna undies, which was one of the options at a mission named Bonga Bugle - Bloodfire.

They are comprised of four female members; two Vieras and two Grias. They are known to travel alone, but are a formidable group when all four members are present. They appear frequently during clan tournaments, reaching as far as the Jylland Cup. According to the results of the various cups, they are the third strongest clan in Ordalia and the fifth strongest clan in the Jylland.





(アルエット Aruetto) A Viera Fencer who attacks ranged units by using Nighthawk. She can also heal units with Earth Heal as she can preform Elemental Magick.


(リリー Rirī) A Gria Hunter who usually uses Advice in battle.


(マユ Mayu) A Gria Raptor. She teaches Clan Gully the Raptor job class in the mission "Instrument of Inspiration". At that mission it was shown that she plays a concertina.


(バレンタイン Barentain) A Viera Spellblade has counter and she equips the Blood Sword. She is distinguished with a beauty mark near her mouth.


Prima Donna are followed by two devotees, who are completely obsessed with the group.


Devotee is a low-level Lanista that is crazy about Prima Donna. He aids Prima Donna in the quests "Instrument of Inspiration" and "Kidnapped" along with Devotee Jr. He is the one who gives you the Lanista class in the mission "A Lanista's Pride" after fighting the Bonga Bugle staff, who insulted his skills as a fighter.

Devotee Jr.

Devotee Jr. is a low-level Moogle Time Mage. He is very weak and can be killed in one or two hits. He and Devotee can be interviewed in "Bonga Bungle - Blackfrost".

As a side note, the devotees were the group responsible for the thefts in the quests "Camoa Nightwatch", "Grazton Nightwatch", "Moorabella Nightwatch", "Goug Nightwatch", and "Flourgis Nightwatch". Completing all these quests led to the quest "Wanted: Devotees". It was revealed that the devotees were attempting to steal Prima Donna merchandise. However, as they used a group of Baknamy to do the actual theiving, they only obtained junk.


A prima donna, meaning "first woman (i. e. "lady") in Italian, was the leading singer in a opera company, the person to whom the prime roles would be given. Traditionally, these women were often regarded as egotistical, unreasonable and irritable, with a rather high opinion of themselves not shared by others.

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Mayhew was a freighter mercenary who died after being attacked by the Monster during the battle at the Barracks.

On the Island/freighter

Days 97-98 (Season 4)

Mayhew is attacked by the Monster. ("The Shape of Things to Come")

Mayhew was a member aboard the Kahana. Upon reaching the Island, he left on a helicopter piloted by Frank Lapidus to reach the Island. Upon getting there, he was part of the team that killed Karl and Rousseau and kidnapped Alex. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

Mayhew traveled with the mercenaries to the sonar fence and forced Alex to deactivate it. They then invaded the Barracks, killing Doug, a blonde woman, and Jerome, as well as nearly killing Claire when they blew up her house. Mayhew and the other mercenaries then looked on as Keamy and Ben negotiated over Alex, which ended in Alex's death. It is unknown exactly which role Mayhew took in these affairs, only that he was present. Sometime that night, Ben called upon the Monster to attack the mercenaries in the jungle. Mayhew was then seen running from the Monster out of the jungle, but was seized by the Monster. He attempted to shoot the Monster but he was dragged back into the fray. Mayhew was then picked up by the Monster and thrown fifty feet in the air, ripping his guts out. ("The Shape of Things to Come")

A severely wounded Mayhew was later seen being assisted by Lacour, along with other mercenaries to the helicopter when they were met by Frank, who convinced them to leave as soon as possible. They then continued on to the helicopter, where they headed back to the freighter. ("Something Nice Back Home")

A wounded Mayhew waits in the helicopter ("Cabin Fever")

Mayhew was taken out of the helicopter on the freighter, almost dead. The doctor asked what happened to Mayhew, and Keamy described the Monster's attack. Keamy expressed concern for Mayhew, making sure that he was lifted out of the helicopter carefully. Despite the doctor's best efforts, Mayhew died. His corpse was then seen being carried away by two crew members, leading Sayid and Desmond to wonder what killed him. ("Cabin Fever")


  • As of Mayhew's death, his episode count was 3.
  • The character's name may be another Star Wars reference - Peter Mayhew played Chewbacca in four Star Wars films.

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