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Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2 character
race: Human
affiliation: Texas Brotherhood of Steel
role: Initiate
appearances: Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2
The following is based on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Maxus was going to be one of the four playable characters in the canceled Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2.



He never liked the quiet life. When he was a teenager, he ran into a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin, who convinced him to join the Brotherhood. While Maxus doesn't like Small Guns to much, the large guns in BOS arsenal impressed him. He is the only link to Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel,as his father is Cyrus, one of the playable characters in the first game.

Similar to Cyrus, except a bit smaller, he wears jeans and a simple T-shirt.

Weapon Preference

Maxus can use Big Guns, but cannot use Dual Weapons. He also has a disadvantage with Small Guns. He gets a good opening advantage to Melee Weapons. Cannot set traps.


  • Weapon Skill - Melee Weapons: Added damage to melee weapons.
  • Weapon Skill - Big Guns: Added damage to Big Guns.
  • Butcher - Added critical chance to knives.
  • Heavy Hitter - Added critical chance to hammers.
  • Adrenaline Rush - When health goes below 40%, all melee attacks do more damage.
  • Hand to Hand Dodge - More armor against melee attacks.
  • Sadistic - Health is given when a creature dies.
  • Hit One Out of the Park - Increases knock back on melee weapons.
  • Man's Best Friend - Dog companion.

Special Abilities

Each of the four playable characters in the game can purchase 3 different special abilities. Perks if you will. Special Abilities include:

  • 1-2-3 Combo - Adds the ability to do a third attack on melee weapons.
  • Melee Charge - The ability to charge up melee weapons.
  • Flaming Fist of Death - Maxus' weapon disappears, and he charges up. The he does a five-hit combo on the creature in front of him. Long charge up time.
Playable characters in the Fallout games

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Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era


Confederacy of Independent Systems

Maxus was a Devaronian podracer that competed in the race in the Mon Gazza Maze against Ahsoka Tano during the Clone Wars. He was also a Separatist spy that was called Agent Sixteen by Dooku himself.


He received a Republic data chip from the Separatist-aligned Messo and attempted to hand it off to Dooku's hand Asajj Ventress in return for his payoff. Upon reaching the Skeleton Straits of the course, Maxus became engaged in a three-way podracer battle between him, Ahsoka, and Kidd Kareen. Ventress appeared on the hull of Maxus's podracer to receive the data file, but was foiled by Ahsoka who began to fight her with her lightsaber and Anakin Skywalker who Force crushed the datafile. Maxus was left in peril when Ahsoka sliced his podracer in half in mid-flight. However he did not die when his remaining section crashed, as Kidd Kareen later said that he "retired".


  • Star Wars The Clone Wars Volume 2: Crash Course

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