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Maxine Benton was a Starfleet officer from the 24th century. She spent her career as a pilot of auxiliary craft, starting in shuttles before moving to attack fighters. In 2373 she was the commanding officer of the fighter group stationed on the USS Swiftfire (NCC-76125-A). (Star Trek: Swiftfire)


Early years

Maxine Benton was born in 2344 on the planet Betazed to Katherine and Harriar Benton. Her father was Betazoid and her mother was Human. Both her parents had been shuttle pilots in Starfleet and she learnt how to pilot at a relatively young age by tagging along with one or both of her parents when they weren't on critical duty.

Despite her Betazoid heritage Maxine's human genes seem to be dominant meaning she has little telepathic or empathic ability. ("Deployment"}

Starfleet Academy

In 2362, Benton joined Starfleet Academy. At the academy she was particularly interested in the flight and operation of smaller craft and took several advanced flight courses. While attending the academy she lived with an uncle in Bath, England. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

Starfleet career

When Benton graduated she was assigned to the Canberra-class shuttle carrier, USS Canberra, where she flew shuttlecraft. She was involved with the rescue of the colonists on New Sheffield where she flew a shuttle into and out of a heavy meteor shower. In this incident Benton displayed great courage and skill and received the Starfleet Medal of Commendation.

In early 2367, the USS Canberra was lured into trap by a Cardassian Galor-class battle cruiser and several smaller vessels while it was on patrol. Outclassed by the Cardassian force and unable to run the Canberra's captain launched the ship's armed shuttles to harass the enemy vessels. During the engagement Benton commanded one group of shuttles. Under her leadership her group was able to drive away one of the smaller ships before turning her group on the Galor. The shuttles and the Canberra were able to disable the Galor's warp drive and allow the Canberra to escape. After this incident she was promoted to lieutenant JG.

In 2367, with the recommendation of her commanding officer she was transferred to the Starfleet Starfighter Corps. After a short training period on the Peregrine-class she was transferred to a newly refitted Canberra-class fighter carrier, USS Barton. She joined the 19th Fighter Squadron, also known as the "Roulettes".

Two years later, she was promoted to lieutenant and made the executive officer of the Roulettes. A year later she made lieutenant commander and was given command of the 99th Fighter Squadron, also known as "Overcome".

Benton also saw action against the Maquis. ("Deployment") In 2371, the Barton was assigned to anti-Maquis duties along the Demilitarized Zone. After an operation in early 2372, that saw Benton lead an attack that destroyed three Maquis raiders, one freighter and a hidden munitions depot the captain of the Barton, Captain Joseph Bindo, put her in for a promotion. After her promotion to wing commander came through she was also promoted to be the commander of the 101st Fighter Wing, the six squadron wing assigned to the Barton.

In early-2373, the Barton was involved in the Battle of Korvat. During the battle Benton disobeyed orders from the captain of the Barton. While her actions had most likely saved the Barton from destruction Captain Joseph Bindo had to take action against her insubordination, transferring her to Starbase Mariner in orbit of Mars. In light of the situation it was the course of action that would have the least negative impact on her career and once the Barton returned to Sol for repairs her squadron was transferred off and she was put in charge of three squadrons, Overcome, Oasis and Puma forming the 260th Fighter Wing. ("Chariots of Korvat")

Deployment with the USS Swiftfire-A

When the Dominion War broke out Benton and her wing acted as extra patrols in the Sol system until they were assigned to the USS Swiftfire-A and sent to the Cardassian border. ("Deployment")

Her fighter squadrons were involved with many important battles in the first months of the Dominion War. During the Fifth fleet's deployment to Sector 432 they squadrons were deployed as part of the defensive screen around the fleet's operational facilities. During one of the skirmishes with Dominion forces Benton was injured and required surgery to remove a large piece of shrapnel from her body. ("The Front")

After the Klingon Third Battlegroup went missing Benton and her fighters were part of the Starfleet search party looking for the Klingon fleet. She barely managed to escape been trapped in a static time subspace bubble while looking for a missing squadron member who first encountered the bubble. ("Regression"}

During the Battle of Guyra her wing was part of the main body defending Guyra IV, while the USS Swiftfire-A was part of the group defending Guyra III. Following the loss of the battle Benton and her remaining fighters rendezvoused with the Swiftfire-A outside the system. ("Over the Horizon")

Benton was part of the ninth wave of attack fighters that struck at the Cardassians during Operation Return. Her wave was the group that managed to get a reaction out of the Cardassians, who broke formation and went after the fighters. She and her squadron then rejoined the main fleet and eventually joined up with the Swiftfire-A and assisted the ship in the battle. ("Rode the 600")

Benton and her squadron accidentally stumbled on a Task Force 59 operation following the securing of Deep Space 9. Her transmission brought the Swiftfire-A into the action, which would see the ship join the task force in a mission to destroy a Jem'Hadar super carrier. During the mission she was injured when her fighter was damaged. She received several burns and heavy bruising due to damage to the craft's inertial dampeners. ("Task Force 59", "The Founder Ploy")

Benton's fighter was destroyed during an operation with Special Operations Command, making it the sixth fighter she has lost in her career. ("The Founder Ploy")

Following this action the Swiftfire-A was rotated back to Earth for repairs. Benton went on leave for two weeks. During the time she visited relatives and old colleagues on Starbase Mariner. She also accepted Carol Murphy's offer to spend some time with her on Mars. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Benton and her squadrons were soon back in action as part of Task Force 59. They were involved in the major disruption to the pirate group, the Rough Necks, operations in Federation territory, which saw the pirate's major ships destroyed or captured and a majority of the pirates captured. ("A Rough Time")

Not long after this the Swiftfire-A was separated from the task force and her fighters during a battle with Dominion and Cardassian forces. Benton was instrumental in the rescue of the ship when she operated her fighter off the Sabre-class, USS Sparrow, which was looking for the Swiftfire. She became one of the first fighter pilots to operate off a Sabre-class ship after the Sparrow was modified to carry a several fighters secured under its hull. ("Change in Command")

This success was followed by tragedy with the fall of Betazed to Dominion forces. Benton's parents were among the millions of Federation citizens now under Dominion occupation. This event led to a incident that has put a black mark on her record. During a joint operation with newly allied Romulan forces she helped get a Tal Shiar agent to the surface of Nthony C, which then allowed for a Romulan liberation of the Federation colony. Despite the ousting of enemy forces from friendly territory Starfleet Command was not pleased with Benton exceeding her orders, but no official action was taken. ("For the Federation")

Captain Jonathan Masters was also less then pleased and punished her by giving her and her squadron dull missions. ("A Dreadful Operation")

During the invasion of Chin'toka Benton and her wing were separated from the Swiftfire to join the the force that was to invade the planets and secure the system following the battle. Her wing saw extensive action in the system before been transferred back to the Swiftfire. ("Into the Fire", "Waiting for the Sun", "Section 214C")

Benton led the Swiftfire's fighters when it made its move against the USS Annan, which was blocking the ship from investigating the disappearance of Captain Masters. As her fighters surrounded the Annan she took a trio of fighters and entered the atmosphere to help find and secure the captain. She was glad she would not have to explain the situation to Starfleet Command that saw two Starfleet vessels threatening to attack each other and deploying forces onto a planet with a pre-warp civilisation. ("Crossfire")

In 2376, she was still serving on the Swiftfire-A. Just before the Vendoth attack on Earth her squadron was equipped with the new Valkyrie-class fighter. Towards the end of the battle her fighter was damaged and she was forced into Earth's atmosphere. Before her craft crashed into the Pacific Ocean she did an emergency beam out. She was eventually picked up by a rescue craft. ("United We Stand")

SOC missions

Benton has been recruited into missions with Special Operations Command (SOC) on more then one occasion. SOC used Starfleet orders that allow them to take any Federation citizen and use them in missions crucial to the security of the Federation. The person/s are obligated to cooperate as the order allows for prosecution if the request is denied. ("The Founder Ploy")

Her squadron were on a training exercise when the fought off two Jem'Hadar attack ships that were pursuing members of SOC. The SOC team was on an operation to apprehend the Female Changeling when the ship transporting them was destroyed. The SOC team leader, Colonel Lazenie, quickly recruited the squadron to assist in the mission. The squadron helped disable a Jem'Hadar battle cruiser before she was ordered to land in the ship's shuttlebay and join the strike team. She was then equipped with a device that enhanced her meagre natural Betazoid abilities and allowed her to act as a living sensor to detect any nearby Jem'Hadar forces. The mission was found out to be a trap to destroy SOC assets and the team retreated. In the process Benton broke her leg after her fighter was hit by heavy fire while providing supporting fire in the shuttlebay. She was rescued but her fighter could not be and it was destroyed with the ship after it exploded. ("The Founder Ploy")

Several months later following the liberation of Nthony C SOC once again took command of her squadron as well as a platoon of Marines under the command of Captain Rachel Daley. This time it was on a mission to infiltrate a Dominion shipyards where intelligence had deduced Jem'Hadar battleships were been built. SOC was short of pilots for the mission and Colonel Lazenie decided that Benton and her squadron would be perfect. She got to fly a classified Federation fighter during the mission that exceeded its parameters when the group stole a as of then unknown class of Dominion warship, the Jem'Hadar dreadnought. ("A Dreadful Operation")


Maxine has formed many close friendships on the USS Swiftfire-A, namely with Colonel David Tiki, Doctor Carol Murphy and a romantic relationship with Captain Jonathan Masters.

Benton's friendship with Dr Murphy was born out of the fact that she was one of the most frequent visitors to sickbay during the Swiftfire's early deployment. She trusted and confided in Murphy, who in turn also took an interst in Benton and showed great concern for her wellbeing. During the Swiftfire's return to Earth in mid-2374, Murphy invited Benton to visit and stay with her on Mars, which Benton accepted. While there Benton discussed with Murphy her recent break up with Masters. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Jonathan Masters

Maxine had an intimate relationship with Captain Masters during the early months of 2374. She developed a crush on him when she first met him just prior to the war games on the ship. ("Deployment") Masters also seemed interested in her, visiting her when she was injured and recovering in sickbay, their dual attraction was evident to Dr. Murphy. She would later visit Susan Core for advice on Masters. ("The Front").

Finally after a few weeks Masters asked Maxine out on a date while the crew were on leave on Guyra IV. Their first date was cut short when the fleet rallied to prepare for the Battle of Guyra. ("Over the Horizon")

They continued to date for four months. Their dates included Masters cooking her dinner, Maxine taking Masters to the holodeck to experience Betazed and a visit to Quark's following the recapture of Deep Space 9. ("Pressure Points", "Rode the 600", "The Founder Ploy")

It wouldn't be until after their date to Quark's that they would share their first kiss. It was not what she expected and was her first sign that something was not right with their relationship. ("Rode the 600")

When Masters locked himself in his quarters after he found out about the death of Melissa McKenzie Core sent Maxine into his quarters to speak to him. Masters refused to discuss what was going on and asked her to leave. ("Unfinished Business")

For weeks Maxine knew that their relationship would not go anyway but tried to ignore it. Finally after her mission with SOC she decided to end their relationship for the longer it continued the more she would invest and the more painful it would be. She confronted Masters about his feeling towards her, of lack thereof, which he confirmed. She and Masters agreed to remain friends and ended their romantic relationship. ("The Founder Ploy")

While on leave from the Swiftfire a few weeks later she confided in Carol Murphy that she harboured some resentment towards him for not having the courage to end their relationship sooner. She also admitted that she had considered requesting a transfer off the Swiftfire after the break up. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

In late 2374, she revealed to Rachel Daley that she suspected that Masters thought that she was still angry at him and that was why she had been so ready to ignore his orders during the Liberation of Nthony C. She took Daley that she had been anger at him but that it had nothing to do with her actions at the time. ("A Dreadful Operation")

Service jacket


Background information

  • Until the end of 2007 Maxine was accidentally portrayed by two people. On the Star Trek: Swiftfire site there were two photomanipulated images of Maxine, one with Tyra Banks and the other with Naomi Campbell. It was simply a careless mistake rather then a decision to change from one to the other. Banks is meant to be the person used to portray her so the offending image was removed in early 2008.

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  • Maxine Benton's character page on Star Trek: Swiftfire
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