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Max Capricorn
Also known as:
Race: Stoan Cyborg
Home Planet: Sto
Home Era: 21st century
Appearances: DW: Voyage of the Damned
WC: Escape to Penhaxico (mentioned)
Actor: George Costigan

Max Capricorn owned the spaceship known as the Titanic.


Max Capricorn was a cyborg (though only his head was still recognisably humanoid). After having spent 176 years working for his company, only to be kicked out by his own board, he sabotaged Titanic's voyage so he could get revenge on his company for discriminating against him due to his cyborg status. He used the Hosts to damage the Titanic and kill the crew, leaving no witnesses. He planned to turn the Titanic into a giant bomb heading for Earth. When the board members of his company were accused of mass murder they would be removed, after which he would then retire.

His plan was foiled by Astrid Peth who used a forklift to lift his entire cybernetic casing and throw him over the side of one of the Titanic's platforms. During the struggle, one of the Host managed to (accidentily) cut the brakes of the forklift by throwing it's razor sharp halo (the halo was intended to hit Astrid, but missed). Both Max and Astrid tumbled down into the flaming engines far below. (DW: Voyage of the Damned)

Max's trademark was a gold tooth that flashed -- both on camera and in person -- when he introduced himself. [It slightly amazed the Doctor, who remarked, "It really does that."]

Behind the Scenes

Originally it was intended that Max Capricorn should have two milky-white eyes, but in the 'Voyage of the Damned' podcast commentary (with Russell T Davies, Phil Collinson and Julie Gardner) it was revealed that George Costigan (who played Max Capricorn) could not see with both 'cataract-lenses', therefore one was taken out and it was then considered more effective.

According to Davies' book The Writer's Tale, iconic American actor Dennis Hopper was offered the role of Max (after being considered for the part of Bayldon Copper), and had expressed interest, but the idea fell through and Costigan was signed.

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