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This article is about Daala's irregular force. You may be looking for the Maw fleet.
"The fleet won't be modern, but it will be deadly."
Natasi Daala

The Maw Irregular Fleet was a fleet commanded by Admiral Natasi Daala during the Second Galactic Civil War.



It was named after the Maw Installation, where Daala had been residing on behalf of Grand Moff Tarkin.[1] Daala amassed the fleet while in years of seclusion behind the Maw after her escape in the Scylla following the Black Fleet Crisis.[2]

The fleet was mainly composed of outdated ships, but equipped with unorthodox deadly weapons including Metal-Crystal Phase Shifters. It fought at the Second Battle of Fondor in 41 ABY, where it turned the tide of the battle against Jacen Solo's favor. After the battle, the fleet gained the Star Destroyer Bloodfin, the flagship of the late Gilad Pellaeon. Daala and the Maw Irregular Fleet joined the Jedi Coalition soon after.[3] The fleet was present at the Second Battle of Roche later that year.[4]


The fleet's complement was:



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