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Abaddon identity


Is from the Black Rock

  • Was on the Black Rock along with Alpert and their crash led them to form a society on the island, over time learning the unique nature of the island. When Dharma set-up on the island, Alpert was part of the hostiles who wanted the Dharma infiltration removed. Abaddon, however, allied himself with Widmore (who was in control of the island). Since Widmore was cut off from the island, Abaddon has done his bidding in an effort to return to the island and reclaim it. Abaddon shares the same standing as Alpert and as such both are searching for a person that could lead the island - Alpert for safety and security & Abaddon for Widmore. Both see potential in Locke but Alpert is dismayed when he fails the "knife test", Abaddon clearly wants Locke to develop this side of his nature, in the hope that Locke's inability to calm the volatile side of his nature, will create a window of opportunity for Widmore to take the island back
    • The reason why Alpert is dismayed when Locke picks the knife is because he asked Locke which one of these items belongs to you,and Alpert gave the compass to Locke then Locke gave it back to him in "Jughead" telling him when and where he was going to be born.So Locke was suppose to pick the compass as it already belonged to him.
      • This theory is also supported by Abaddon's talk with Locke, while he is in recovery from the paralysis of his legs. Abaddon mentioned going on a "walkabout" and experiencing miraculous changes. Finding the island while traveling on the Black Rock was his walkabout, and becoming such an important part of the island (as mentioned in this theory) is a miracle.
      • There is no proof he is telling Locke the truth. He may be an orderly, he may be telling the truth, but it is more probable that he posed as an orderly to give Locke the push needed to get him to Australia, to Flight 815, and ultimately the island.
  • The captives of the Black Rock were said to be Egyptian slaves. This may be a stretch, but both Richard and Abaddon could be taken as Egyptian. Both have very dark eyes, which is usually associated with ancient Egyptian culture. Abaddon could be a fellow immortal, as Richard is, but was somehow transported off the island or left on his own free will.

The Economist

  • Abaddon is the one who Elsa refers to as the Economist.
    • He was using Elsa in order to ambush Sayid.
    • Ben was using Sayid to ambush the economist.
    • Ben is trying to prevent Abaddon from finding the Island, so he can protect the island from the mainland.
      • Ben hired Sayid in order to eliminate Abaddon's alliances, i.e. Elsa and Mr. Avellino.

Future Walt

  • Abaddon is Walt's future self. Bea Klugh hinted Walt can appear at two places at once. We know in the third season finale Locke was visited by a vision Walt that Locke acknowledged looked older than Walt should be at that point in time. Matthew Abaddon says his purpose is to help people get to where they need to be. Future Walt did just that in the season 3 finale when he told Locke he had work to do. Locke making a comeback and killing Naomi triggered the chain of events where the Oceanic 6 got off the island. Granted it made perfect sense for Abaddon to leave Walt and John to talk in season 5 but it also made sense in the season of time travel that a time traveler cannot meet himself...if it can't happen it didn't happen. Walt's destiny is to light the way for John...Walt is the Merlin to John's Arthur.

Abaddon worked for Widmore but that's not where his loyalties lie. Abaddon was scheming to help Locke. Abaddon's destiny was helping Locke achieve his own destiny. Who better for Locke to learn a lesson on destiny from than the man who used to be the boy he first taught a similar lesson to. Locke and Walt's fates are tied together.

Former "Other/Hostile"

  • Abaddon was one of the Hostiles.
  • He was "exiled" alongside Widmore.

A hospital orderly turned agent

  • He tells Locke to go on walkabout based on a tip off from Widmore/Hawking/The Nemesis, and from then on he is in Widmore's Pocket.
    • He actually did go on a walkabout. He says it to all the sick people he meets (as genuine advice), and he didn't actually know that the plane was going to crash. Somehow Widmore finds out that locke was put on the island on Abbadon's advice, which led to him going to the island. After that, he's required to do tasks for widmore.

Corporate Recruiter

Darlton stated that Abaddon is sort of a "corporate recruiter" but then said their definition of "corporate recruiter is much different than someone else's." In "The Economist",when Elsa asks what Sayid does for a living, he tells her he is "a headhunter - a corporate recruiter." If this is true, Abaddon may be carrying out the same role as Sayid, but under another's tutelage.

  • Sayid's line seemed to be meant more as ironic. He is a literal "headhunter" (i.e., assassin). He quickly qualifies it by saying "...corporate recruiter" because headhunter sounds dangerous.

Abaddon's loyalty

  • Matthew is Widmore's Alpert. He is in charge of getting the island back under Widmore's control. He works for Widmore
  • Abaddon is working for Widmore to try and find the island.
  • Widmore selected Charlotte, Daniel, and Miles because he knew by putting them on the freighter, the freighter would find the island, since Widmore had already met them there fifty years earlier.
  • Abaddon told Locke about the Walkabout in order to plant the seeds in his head, knowing that Locke would go and be refused to partake in it, thus causing him to have to come home on flight 815.
    • Abaddon learned of The Others' interest in Locke or his connection to the Island and set things in motion for the Island to seize Locke as a sort of human tracking device.
      • Abaddon tells Naomi that there were no survivors of Oceanic 815 because other than Locke, they are superfluous to saving the island, and therefore their lives are expendable.
  • His loyalty has changed: he used to work for Alpert/Jacob, but now works for Widmore
    • Widmore believes he is still performing Jacob's will, so does Abaddon.
    • Alpert repeatedly tried to bring Locke to the island earlier in his life; Abaddon's suggestion of the walkabout aligns with this goal.
    • Widmore is currently doing everything in his power to find the island; Abaddon's suspicious appearance at Santa Rosa aligns with this goal.
  • It should not be ignored that in the biblical book of Revelation, Abaddon is the name of the King of the locusts that rise forth from the abyss. Other characters with historical/cultural names usually reflect the person they are named after. i.e. Daniel Faraday, Eloise Hawking, John Locke...

Abaddon as Locke's guide

  • And he knows this because Charles Widmore told him. Widmore remembers when Locke first appeared on the island looking for Richard Alpert back in 1954...and knows that Locke is the future leader of the others.
  • Abaddon is the one who paid Malkin to get Claire on the plane. He pretended he wanted to adopt Aaron, knowing Claire would end up on the island.
  • Matthew Abaddon is being set up as John Locke's opposite. Several of LOST's central themes are those of polar opposites; faith v/s science, black and white, life & death, etc. Abaddon is Locke's opposite in both appearance (black and white) as well as objective or motive. Locke will try to save the island while Abaddon will try to exploit or destroy it. Oddly enough, they both have shaven heads, which may indicate that they do share some similarities.
    • Having the same hair style doesn't seem to warrant for a conclusion like that. It would make more sense to compare Abaddon as Richard's opposite, as both end up giving Locke advise: Abaddon on the walkabout, Richard about using Sawyer to kill his father.
    • Abaddon and Alpert are opposites (or were). This is shown in a number of ways, including their position as 'recruiter' (the Kahana crew for Ab and Juliet and Locke for Richard) and their position in the hierachy of their respective groups (that being a leader without being top dog).
  • It seems likely that Abaddon is being set up in a dichotomous relationship with Richard given that in "Cabin Fever", Richard appeared upset by John's choice of a knife in the test. And yet, Abaddon suggests to Locke that "You should go on a walk-about" and that on a walk-about all you have is "your wits and a knife."
  • When Abaddon tells Locke that "the next time you and I run into each'll owe me one" he knows that he and Locke will meet up again because he has already met future-Locke in the past on the Island.
  • He just said that because he knew the island would heal Locke's legs.

Instrument of the island

  • Like in one of the theories about Richard Alpert, I think Abaddon is kinda instrument of the island. Abaddon's purpose is making sure the people that need to get to the island get there. Because that's all what we see him doing yet. Much like Alpert's job is selecting the leader for the others. So they're both kinda part of the island. So probably Abaddon doesn't age too.

The Destroyer

A Friend has just told me that the word abaddon in hebrew means "the destroyer" (dont ask me how he knew) but this was such a shock that i decided to look up the definition of abaddon to confirm this, turns out that abaddon was what binds satan for 1,000 years, seeing as the destroyer bound satan as abaddon is binding widmore with the island, he is an evil minion working to bring people to the island, this means that he is on jacobs side, meaning jacob is evil, meaning jacobs enemy (mad locke) is the opposite, the protector. So my theory is that he is not richards opposite but his equal, a miracle happened to him, perhaps the miracle of immortality? he is working for widmore, hence richard must also be. Just throwing it out there

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