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"Hmph! You're not even as attractive as I thought you'd be..."
—Matoya, upon regaining her vision

Matoya (マトーヤ Matōya) is a witch from the original Final Fantasy who lives in a cave. She cannot see without the use of a special crystal eye, which was stolen from her by the sorcerer Astos. The Warriors of Light are able to recover her crystal eye by defeating Astos, and recruit her help in reviving the Prince of Elfheim.


Other Appearances


Final Fantasy IX

A quest during the game involves finding three potions to restore Cid, who was turned into an oglop. However, the potions do not work and instead turn him into a frog. The description of these potions refers to the Book of Matoya.

Final Fantasy X

One of the magically inclined Katanas used by Auron is named Matoya's Blade.

Final Fantasy XII

A legend written in the Bestiary mentions the name Matoya as the prophet in the legend of Ahnas the Holy.

Final Fantasy Tactics

According to the description of the Matoya's Cave Wonder, Matoya was a popular court thaumaturge for the Ronkans. When she created the Enthralled, however, she was accused of witchcraft and took up residence in the cave. In the 1998 English translation, the Enthralled was a demon and Matoya was described both as a "he" and as a "Sorceress".

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Matoya makes a small cameo as one of the tutors from the in-game manuals of Dissidia. She explains the game's calendar.


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