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In Final Fantasy VII, there are 5 basic types of materia, each with a different color. This is continued in Crisis Core with the addition of sub-classifications noted by different shades of the main color.

  • Green - Magic Materia: Used to cast Magic spells, including Black, White, and status-inducing spells.
    • Dark Green: Attack magic (Fire, Poison, Flare)
    • Grass Green: Curative Magic (Cure, Dispel)
    • Yellow-Green: Protective magic (Barrier, Wall)
  • Yellow - Command Materia: Allows the use of commands other than attack in battle.
    • Bronze: Commands associated with weapons and attacking
    • Gold: Commands associated with items (Steal, Gil Toss)
  • Purple - Independent Materia: Various functions, including increasing stats and increasing DMW activations.
    • Dark Purple: Stat increasing (HP Up) or miscellaneous (Dash, Dualcast)
    • Light Purple: DMW activation enhancement
  • Blue - Support Materia: Consists of attacking with or defending against status effects and attributes.
    • Light Blue: Elemental and status Attack/Defense (Status Ward); Libra
    • Sky Blue: Attack/Defense enhancement using SP.
  • Red - Summon Materia: Used to summon monsters to aid in battle. However in Crisis Core, the summons are called by the DMW and red materia in considered an item and not an equippable materia.

Materia levels are commonly increased when the DMW goes into the "Modulating Phase" and the number reels stop on matching sets of numbers that also match the slot the materia is equipped in. Two matching numbers and the materia goes up one level. Three matching numbers and the materia goes up two levels.

Levels can also be increased by the Moogle Power limit break. Levels for all equipped materia are increased by the level the limit break is activated. (eg. Moogle Power Lv. 3 would increase the materia +3 levels).

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