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The White Materia
Natural Materia at Mt. Nibel
"The knowledge and wisdom of the Ancients is held in the materia. Anyone with this knowledge can freely use the powers of the Land and the Planet. That knowledge interacts between ourselves and the planet calling up magic...or so they say."

Materia are items in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. Materia allows a character to cast spells, Summon, use new commands, and have various other uses. It forms the basis of the skill and ability system for Final Fantasy VII, and also plays a prominent role in the skills of characters in other games.



Sephiroth, Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart watching a natural Materia

Materia is crystallized Mako. Metaphysically, Materia calls upon the wisdom of the Lifestream in order to manipulate nature itself. This ultimately results in the manifestation of magic for most Materia, although other Materia pieces enhance the user's abilities. Sephiroth mentions that he and Professor Hojo debated the nature of Materia in Cloud's story flashback in Kalm. Hojo objected to the term "Magic" being applied to Materia, but could offer no better explanation.

Materia is able to occur naturally, as noted by Sephiroth, but it is very rare to see natural Materia, so the implication is that most Materia is artificially created. It is never specified if natural Materia has any appreciable difference in usage and power from artificial Materia. As mentioned, different Materia produces different effects, distinguishable through color and size. Materia also produces new Materia shards over time, although the exact process of this is not specified. The new Materia is said to be "born".

The size of Materia seems to be ambiguous throughout the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. In the original Final Fantasy VII, most materia, excluding the White, Black, and Huge Materia, are about the size of a marble. This is also true in Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-. However, in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Materia appear to be just smaller than a tennis ball, about the size of the White Materia in the original game.


Final Fantasy VII

The Materia Menu

Materia can normally only be used when slotted into a weapon or a piece of armor. Once slotted into an equipment piece the wearer is able to call upon the powers that Materia possesses.

Winning battles earns AP, which is a special type of Experience Points for Materia. Just like characters, Materia levels up when it gains enough AP. Some Materia allow access to stronger commands when leveled up, others allow the user to use the granted command more times, others give a stat bonus that grows larger, and so forth. When Materia reached its highest level, it was "Mastered", and a second Materia with the same powers was created. Thus, with patience and enough leveling up, even one-of-a-kind Materia could be reproduced infinitely.

Materia can be slotted into a single slot or a connected slot. When slotted into a connected slot, the Materia can be joined with a Support Materia to varying effects, including adding elemental properties to the slotted equipment, allowing the Materia to target multiple targets, etc. Some equipment also affects Materia growth through AP. Some have Materia slots but cause the Materia in them to gain no AP at all, while others double or triple the amount of AP given to the Materia. Other weapons and equipment have no Materia slots at all.

In subsequent games and videos depicting materia, they are not shown in a slot but are actually absorbed into a person's body, though the only people which are actually seen doing so are the Remnants of Sephiroth (Sephiroth was also seen absorbing the Black Materia in a similar manner), meaning this may be a special case.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Kadaj holding a materia

Materia is used by Kadaj and his brothers to attack Cloud several times in the film after stealing a case of Materia from him. In the Reunion Files, it is mentioned that, as Materia is a by-product of Mako and Mako is no longer used, Materia has also begun to fall out of usage.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-

Vincent Valentine can equip Fire, Blizzard, or Thunder Materia to his weapon to enhance his attacks. Fire-elemental bullets create a wave of fire when they hit their target, hitting multiple enemies. Blizzard-elemental-bullets home in on a target. Thunder-elemental bullets can hit multiple enemies with a "chain lightning" type effect but is only short range.

It should also be noted that these materia do not follow the canon green color scheme of magic materia. Fire is red, Blizzard is blue, and Thunder is yellow.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-

Materia is produced in Before Crisis in a unique fashion. Once they select the option to create Materia, the player takes a picture with their cellphone, and based on the predominant color in the picture, the game creates a Materia piece - a red picture would produce Fire Materia, for example. The player can only equip three Materia at a time - two in their armor, one in their weapon.

Materia levels up as it is used, to a maximum of Level 9. However, higher levels do not award stronger spells - Fire and Fira, for example, are different Materia from each other, and Fire will not become Fira as it levels up. What level affects is the chance of the equipment piece taking on the elemental attributes of that Materia. For example, when Fire Materia is slotted into the weapon, there is a chance that the player's attack will be Fire elemental, the higher level the Fire Materia, the more likely it is the attack will be elemental.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Main article: Materia (Crisis Core)

Materia in Crisis Core works very similarly to the way its used in Final Fantasy 7. However, a new feature called Materia Fusion allows for two Materias to be fused together to create a stronger Materia with higher stats. There are also many more colors.

Crisis Core also did away with Materia Slots in weapons and armor, instead opting for slots dependent on Zack's SOLDIER rank.


In Final Fantasy VII, there are 5 Types of materia, each with a different color.

In addition to the above, there was the unique Command Materia, the Enemy Skill Materia, which taught Enemy Skills to the player.

Special Materia

Materia of various kinds in Advent Children.
  • There is a Black Materia; however, this materia is unable to be used by the player. The Black Materia unleashes the Ultimate Destruction Magic, Meteor.
  • The White Materia, Holy, also exists, but again is unable to be used. Aerith has this materia hidden in her hair, and when she is killed, it falls into the water in the Forgotten Capital.
  • Huge Materia are encountered several times in Final Fantasy VII, and if the player manages to get one of them, they can be used to fuse mastered materia sets into Master Materia.
  • Master Materia is available for Command, Magic, and Summon Materia, and contains all of the Materia for that particular type.
  • In Dirge of Cerberus, there is also the Protomateria, which is used by both Lucrecia Crescent and Shelke the Transparent to help Vincent control his Chaos form.
  • In Before Crisis, there is a Summon materia which summons Zirconiade. It was implanted by Fuhito into Elfé's body, which allows her to have superhuman strength but is gradually consuming her.
  • In Crisis Core, there is an incredibly enormous red Materia called "The Goddess Materia" which resides in the secret cave at Banora Village on top of the Goddess' statue. Genesis ends up using this Materia in order to transform himself into Genesis Avatar.
  • In Final Fantasy Tactics, White Materia, Black Materia, Blue Materia, and Red Materia are artefacts that can be collected. They are described with the following text:
These stones, developed by the ancient Saronians, are the result of experiments in storing knowledge within gems for later generations. They are said to enhance the abilities of the possessor.


  • Kadaj uses Materia in the film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Unlike in the game, Kadaj uses a blue Support Materia that allows him to use Enemy Skills and summon Bahamut SIN, both abilities that Support Materia could not normally provide.
  • Vincent uses Red Materia as his Fire Magic Materia in Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, which would normally be dark green.
  • There are two Materia not present in Final Fantasy VII, though they can be accessed through hacking and cheating devices. The materia are:
  • "Booster" materia, makes the user resistant to earth-elemental attacks.
  • "Prevent Floor Damage" materia, that protected against dungeon traps.
  • In Dissidia, one of Sephiroth's HP attacks is named "Black Materia", which calls forth a meteor to strike his opponent. This is a direct reference to the Black Materia from Final Fantasy VII which is ultimately used to summon Meteor to destroy the world. As well, Cloud's crystal is a Materia piece, and resembles Aerith's White Materia. Futhermore, Materia is an item available through Battlegen that is created by destroying stage elements in the Planet's Core.


"Materia" is a Latin term meaning "matter" or "substance", probably from the phrase "materia magica" (materials for magical rituals). It is also Spanish for the word "subject", as Materia also hosts various kinds that have different effects.

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