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Final Fantasy VI Enemy
Master Tonberry
Japanese トンベリマスター
Romaji Tonberi Masutā
SNES Name Master Pug
PS Name Master Pug
GBA Name Master Tonberry

The Master Tonberry is a Monster-in-a-box in the game Final Fantasy VI. Like its cousin, the Tonberry, it counters all forms of damage with Step Mine. The Master Tonberry, however, has a trick up its sleeve that its weaker cousin does not have. It can use Barrier Change to change its weakness. Players can figure out which element it is weak to from the spell it casts. It casts a spell of the "opposite" element from which it is weak to.

Weaknesses of the Master Tonberry
Spell Elemental weakness
Firaga Ice
Blizzaga Fire
Thundaga Wind
Tornado Lightning
Quake Water
El Niño Earth
Holy Poison
Bio Holy

The Master Tonberry always starts out with a physical attack, then begins taking steps towards the party once every fifteen seconds. Each time it takes a step, it uses Barrier Change to change its weakness. After seven steps, it uses the dreaded Cleaver attack on a party member, which deals damage equivalent to fourteen physical attacks. It then retreats halfway and starts using Cleaver every four steps. It is vulnerable to Sleep, which can be utilized to slow it down. However, all attacks dealt to it while asleep must be magical (so it doesn't wake up) and non-elemental (so it doesn't get healed). Flare fits this job nicely, as do Grand Train and Ultima.

The Master Tonberry drops the Gladius, a Holy-elemental dirk, when defeated.

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