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Master Farmer
The Master Farmer
Release date 6 June 2005 (Update)
Race Human
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? No
Location Draynor Village & Hemenster
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? Yes
Quest requirement? No
Gender Male
Examine A master at farming.
Notable features Pickpocket for seeds

A Master Farmer is a farmer who cannot be attacked and can only be acted on by pickpocketing. It takes level 38 Thieving to pickpocket them. If the theft is successful, then the player will receive 43 Thieving experience and a random seed (tree and fruit tree seeds cannot be obtained in this manner). Normally, a thief will steal seeds worth under a few hundred coins, but will get a Ranarr seed (40,300), or Snapdragon seed (96,200) about once every 15–25 minutes. If the theft attempt fails, then the player is stunned for three seconds and hit for three damage. After a theft attempt from the Master Farmers, the player will be unable to buy seeds from Olivia, a seed seller who is in Draynor Village market, for the next fifteen minutes.

Other good steals include Watermelon Seed (4,217), Torstol Seed (86,100), and many other herb seeds. At higher thieving levels, pickpocketing master farmers can produce large amounts of coins for the thief. With 99 thieving and gloves of silence a player can make anywhere from 600k - 1000k an hour.

Players pickpocketing a Master Farmer in Draynor Village.

If you choose to train your Thieving skill on a master farmer it is recommended that once you steal the rare seeds (ranarr, snapdragon, torstol, etc.) you keep at least one of them in your inventory due to the fact that your pack will fill up very quickly with various types of "junk seeds". If you steal seeds from the master farmer whilst your pack is full you still have the chance to successfully steal from the farmer, but you will not receive the seed if it is not currently in your inventory, meaning you could possibly lose out on a valuable seed.

It may also be a good strategy to pickpocket those in Draynor, banking seeds and replenishing health with wine from Wine stall. Furthermore, players with Saradomin godswords can use their Healing Blade special on nearby targets to heal the damage they take from the master farmers.



A Master farmer can be found:


Notable Master Farmers

  • Also take note that the rarity of seeds obtained from the farmers coincides with the level of farming needed to plant them. Example despite Avantoe seeds being worth considerably less than Ranarr seeds, Avantoe are less common.

Multiple Steals

Double Loot

  • Level 48 Thieving
  • Level 38 Agility

Triple Loot

  • Level 58 Thieving
  • Level 48 Agility

Quadruple Loot

  • Level 68 Thieving
  • Level 58 Agility

Seed drops







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