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Skirmish in the Bandomeer hospital[1]

Massacre on Doan

Doan uprisings[1]


Assassinate Gelba[1]


980 BBY[1]


Mining facility; Doan[1]


Gelba, Medd Tandar, and several other miners killed[1]


Doan Royal Guard[1]

Doan mining caste[1]







"Leave the miners alone. Show yourself and face me!"
"The miners are dead."
―Medd Tandar and the Huntress

This massacre took place in 980 BBY on the planet Doan. Tensions between the the planet's Royal Family and mining caste rose when the miners accidentally killed Prince Gerran while attempting to capture him. Gerran's wife, Serra, became depressed. This prompted her bodyguard, Lucia, to hire the assassin known as the Huntress to assassinate Gelba, the miners' leader. Meanwhile, the Jedi Order sent Jedi Knight Medd Tandar to mediate the situation between the miners and the Royal Family, as well as to obtain a collection of recently excavated Sith artifacts. During Tandar's meeting with Gelba, the Huntress attacked them, killing Gelba and the five other miners that were accompanying her. She used her powers to disrupt Tandar's ability to use the Force and killed him as well.

Fearing that the Jedi would suspect the Royal Family to have ordered Tandar's assassination, Doan's King agreed with Serra that she should travel to the Jedi Temple to ensure the Jedi that the Royal Family hadn't been behind the attack. At the Jedi Temple, Serra discovered that her father had been killed by a Sith Lord ten years previously. Around this time, Draado, the miner who had found the Sith artifacts on Doan, began calling for war with the Royal Family as a result of Gelba's death. Meanwhile, on Ciutric IV, Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Bane sent his apprentice, Darth Zannah, to investigate the death of Tandar.



"They refuse to negotiate with us!"
"Can you blame them? You killed the crown prince."
―Gelba and Tandar

Around the time following the New Sith Wars, the Royal House of Doan came into conflict with the planet's lower-class mining caste. Gelba, a leader of the miners, ordered the capture of the Doan Prince, Gerran. However, when the miners tried to force Gerran's airspeeder into an emergency landing, they accidentally destroyed the vehicle, killing him and sending his wife, Princess Serra, into a depression. Lucia—Serra's bodyguard and a member of the Doan Royal Guard—hoped to remedy Serra of this depression by getting revenge on those who had caused Gerran's death. She traveled to the space station Paradise, where she found the Iktotchi assassin known as the Huntress and hired her to assassinate Gelba.[1]


Tandar's mission

"What is being done to your people is wrong. I will do what I can to convince the king to stop his persecution of your people. But I cannot promise anything."
―Medd Tandar

Meanwhile, however, the miners contacted the Jedi Order on Coruscant and convinced them to dispatch a Jedi Knight to help mediate the situation on Doan. After the Jedi received permission from Doan's King to send a Knight to meet with the miners, Cerean Jedi Knight Medd Tandar was dispatched to discuss negotiations between the Royal House and the mining caste. However, Tandar's main objective was to recover several Sith artifacts that had recently been excavated by the miners on Doan.[1]

Tandar met with Gelba and five other miners—two of Gelba's bodyguards and three of her top lieutenants—at a mining facility on Doan. There, Gelba began to read off a list of demands that the mining caste had accumulated. Tandar attempted to explain that the Jedi Council did not have the power to grant the miners their demands, revealing that—without the Senate's authority—he could only attempt to negotiate with the Royal Family. Gelba, in turn, revealed that the nobles refused to negotiate with the miners, but Tandar pointed out that the miners had killed Gerran. Gelba then accused him of defending the Royal Family, despite the fact that the nobles imprisoned the miners without trial, tortured them, and even executed them if they resisted. When Tandar reinforced his point that he could do nothing but attempt to negotiate, Gelba asked why he had come at all, prompting him to reveal that he had traveled to Doan mainly to acquire the Sith artifacts. Gelba became indignant, claiming that anything the miners had excavated was rightfully theirs, and stating that the Jedi cared more for artifacts than the suffering of living beings.[1]

The massacre

"If you surrender, I will promise you a fair trial."
"There will be no trial."
―Tandar and the Huntress
The Huntress

Tandar began to reassure Gelba that he would try to help but suddenly broke off; sensing a disturbance in the Force, he announced that someone was coming. The Huntress suddenly arrived and shot Gelba in the chest, killing her instantly. The other five miners scattered, but the Iktotchi assassin quickly shot and killed two more. Tandar drew his lightsaber, but as he reached out with the Force it felt strange and cold to him, like a blow to the gut; causing him to stagger back. The Huntress fired on him, and Tandar quickly crawled behind a nearby rock formation.[1]

The surviving miners began to return fire on the Huntress from behind their cover, but she quickly dispatched them. As Tandar tried once more to draw on the Force, he realized that it had been tainted with the dark side. He stepped out and ordered that the assassin show herself, however, the Iktotchi just fired a shot at him from the shadows, which he barely managed to deflect. Tandar again tried to envelope himself in the Force, but the Huntress used her own power to interfere with his ability to touch the Force. He ordered that she leave the miners alone and requested once more that she show herself. Finally, the Iktotchi assassin stepped out of the shadows and revealed to Tandar that she had already killed the rest of the miners. She then fired on Tandar again, and the Jedi was barely able to dodge her shots.[1]

Scolding himself for his clumsiness, Tandar managed to call the assassin's blasters to him with the Force. To Tandar's surprise, the Iktotchi remained calm, and he offered her a fair trial if she surrendered. The Huntress, however, retorted that there would be no trial, and quickly retreated; Tandar realized his mistake too late as he saw that she had tricked him and overloaded the weapons' power cells. As they exploded, he made an attempt to protect himself with a Force shield, but the dark side continued to interfere with his powers and the Jedi Knight was killed.[1]


"This will all work out. Gelba is dead. My husband is avenged. A quick meeting with one of the Jedi Masters and this whole incident will be behind us."

This massacre caused the King of Doan to fear that the Jedi would believe that the Royal House had ordered Tandar's assassination. As such, the day after the incident, he met with Serra and agreed for her to travel to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to ensure the Jedi Order that the Royal Family was not behind the attack. Lucia later revelead to Serra that she had hired the Huntress, but Serra decided not to report her bodyguard's action.[1]

At the Jedi Temple, Serra learned that her father, Caleb, had been killed ten years previously by a Sith Lord. This caused her to have Lucia contact the Huntress again, this time to hunt down and capture Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Bane, whom she mistakenly believed to be her father's killer.[1]

Meanwhile, on Ciutric IV, Bane became aware of the death of Tandar and decided to send his apprentice, Darth Zannah, to investigate, as he believed that anyone who was powerful enough to kill a Jedi was worthy of their attention. However, he also used this as a means to get her out of his way so that he could go on his own secret mission to find the holocron of Darth Andeddu, which was rumored to hold the secret to immortality.[1]

Meanwhile, Draado, the miner on Doan who had dug up the Sith artifacts, became corrupted by the talismans he wore. The artifacts, coupled with Gelba's assassination, caused him to call for war with the Royal Family. However, he was killed soon after by the Dark Jedi Set Harth, who had also traveled to Doan in search of the artifacts.[1]

Behind the scenes

This massacre first appeared in Drew Karpyshyn's 2009 novel, Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil, the third and final installment in the Darth Bane trilogy.


  • Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil (First appearance)

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