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Battle of Caamas[1]


Attack on Emperor Fel[2]

Massacre at Ossus

Sith-Imperial War,[2] Third Jedi Purge[2]


130 ABY (165)[2]



  • Many Sith and a large number of Stormtroopers[2]
  • Many Jedi including Kol Skywalker[2]
  • A large number of Yuuzhan Vong[5]
"I know the Jedi from old. They could never share my vision. Two days ago the Jedi Temple on Coruscant fell. Today, at their academy on Ossus, the last of the Jedi will die."
―Darth Krayt

The Massacre at Ossus was a conflict that occurred in 130 ABY, two days after the fall of Coruscant. With the capture of the galactic capital world, the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances was forced to surrender to the forces of the Fel Empire. With this action, it appeared that once again the galaxy was under the control of a single organized government. Nonetheless, Darth Krayt influenced events, staging a coup d'etat in order to take over the Empire and institute himself as Emperor of the galaxy. Krayt believed that in order for his coup to be successful, he should first eliminate any potential threats to his takeover—thus, he reasoned, the Jedi Order had to be destroyed. Once he became Emperor the Jedi would be the only opposition he would have to face, since the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances had already surrendered.

The attack on Ossus was originally supposed to be a simple diplomatic meeting between the Jedi and Fel's Empire in order to fix ties and maybe even form an alliance. However Darth Krayt pulled his strings by having the Imperial forces attack the Jedi, so that it turned into a conflict that would mark the beginning of the Third Jedi Purge. Unfortunately for Darth Krayt's plan, about half of the order remained at large, as they had left for other planets after the fall of Coruscant, and he had not waited for all of them to gather in Ossus.

The Massacre at Ossus witnessed the deaths of countless Jedi at the hands of the Sith who attacked. Darth Krayt was successful at raiding the temple, yet many of the Order was elsewhere in the galaxy, as they had not all gathered there yet. Among those killed was the Jedi Master Kol Skywalker, as he made a defiant last stand against the superior numbers of the Sith forces in order to save Padawans. Master Wolf Sazen assisted Kol and was struck down by Darth Nihl, yet was able to survive thanks to Cade Skywalker. Although many were killed, several Padawans were able to escape in J-1 shuttles. Many Sith and Stormtroopers were also killed during the Massacre. This conflict also witnessed the death of several Yuuzhan Vong warriors and shapers who were present at the time because of their terraforming activities.



"Once, the Empire destroyed the Jedi Order. I will not permit it to do so again. The Jedi will withdraw from the Temple on Coruscant to their academy on Ossus. It is my explicit order that they be allowed to do so."
―Roan Fel

Much of the Galactic Alliance surrender at the end of the Sith-Imperial War and was absorbed into the Empire, but the reigning Emperor, Roan Fel, knew that while the Alliance had surrendered, the Jedi would stay true to the will of the Force and would swear allegiance to no man. The Imperials had strengthened themselves with the Sith's help and Fel knew that the Jedi would, under no circumstances, ally themselves with an Empire that had sided with the users of the dark side of the Force. Still, he appreciated their value and worth, and had no desire to follow the example of previous Imperial rulers.[1]

Roan Fel wanted the Jedi as allies, but his orders were undermined.

As was expected, the Jedi rejected the Emperor's call for surrender and half of them withdrew to the Jedi Academy at Ossus, while the remainder of the Order scattered across the galaxy. Two days later, an Imperial task force under the command of Moff Rulf Yage was dispatched to Ossus. Fel's order and understanding was that this was to be a diplomatic mission, and his hope was to convince the Jedi to ally themselves with the Empire much as the Imperial Knights had. Under no circumstances, he made clear, were Yage's troops to initiate hostilities.[1]

What Fel did not count on was that the Sith would intervene at such a crucial point for the Empire and the Jedi Order. Their leader, Darth Krayt, had known the Jedi from decades previous and knew that even if they agreed to work with Fel, they would never accept the direction that Krayt intended to take the galaxy, as he intended to follow the footsteps of rulers such as Darth Caedus and Darth Sidious, and the Jedi had been the major victims of these Sith. He intended on taking Fel's Empire for himself. The Jedi would never allow a Sith as Emperor after the damage past Sith rulers had done, so if his vision of order was to be fulfilled, the Jedi had to die to the last being. His agent, Darth Maladi, approached Grand Admiral Morlish Veed with direct instructions from him: Yage's forces were to attack and destroy the Ossus academy, and Krayt would be sending agents of his own to assist. Lest he be embarrassed later, Veed agreed to countermand Fel's order and make it look like his own idea.[1]

The massacre

"I am Kol Skywalker, servant of the living Force! None of you will pass!"
―Kol Skywalker

The combined Sith/Imperial attack, commanded by Fist Darth Nihl and Yage respectively, proved devastating to the Jedi Order. Many Jedi were killed, along with numerous Yuuzhan Vong warriors and shapers. The Vong were present at the time of the attack since the Galactic Alliance and the New Jedi Order permitted their Shapers to use a desolate portion of Ossus as a test site for terraforming.[5] Kol Skywalker, understanding that the odds against the Jedi were insurmountable, chose to fight by himself to hold back the joint Sith/Imperial force, giving his son Cade Skywalker and several younglings enough time to escape into hyperspace on various J-1 shuttles. Kol was aided by Cade's Master, Master Wolf Sazen, who dueled Darth Nihl.[2]

Cade fights alongside his father, Kol.

Cade Skywalker, however, could not stand by and watch his father die at the hands of the Sith. Disregarding his father's orders to flee, Cade left the shuttle containing the apprentices and proceeded to fight by his father's side. They were able to hold back some Siths and Stormtroopers. Meanwhile, Master Sazen was overpowered by Darth Nihl, and Nihl had cut Sazen's right arm used the Force to hurl him back behind Kol. Kol reasoned with Cade and was able to convince him to take Master Wolf Sazen. Sazen needed to leave the planet because of his injuries. Obeying his father, Cade boarded the last Jedi shuttle to leave Ossus, not knowing what would soon become of his father.[2]

Meanwhile, Kol made a last stand against the overwhelming numbers of advancing enemy forces, and though he was able to inflict a large number of casualties, he was eventually felled by Darth Nihl in a duel. Cade, however, upon sensing his father's death in the Force, took a X-83 TwinTail starfighter docked on the shuttle he was aboard, and attempted to make his way back to Ossus. The ensuing dogfight with a number of enemy Predator-class fighters witnessed the apparent death of Cade, although he managed to escape by sealing his flight suit and jettisoning just as the ship he was on exploded.[2]


The Sith suffered their own casualties, along with the Imperial forces, but the attack was not the all-destroying blow Krayt had wished, because they had not waited until all the Jedi had gathered at Ossus and more than half of the order was elsewhere during the attack and remained at large. Krayt had not been patient for the rest of the Order to arrive on Ossus. This was a good time, however, as the Imperial forces were on Ossus, and without the Imperial forces the attack might not have favored the Sith as much.[2] The rest of the order would go into hiding throughout the galaxy, with many members taking refuge in the Hidden Temple on Taivas.[6]

The massacre was also the event that forced the Sith to move openly against Emperor Fel. Fel's anger at having his specific orders disobeyed outright moved him to assemble the Moff Council in special session to deal with Veed and his lover and ally, Moff Nyna Calixte. Krayt understood that Fel was no longer of use, so before Fel could act, Krayt launched a daring palace revolution to oust Fel and place himself on the throne, the first Sith Lord to rule the majority of the Galaxy since the reign of Caedus. Some Jedi would later defect to Fel's Empire and become Imperial Knights.[2]

In 137 ABY, Cade Skywalker returned to Ossus and he experienced several visions of his ancestral family members such as Mara Jade Skywalker and Anakin Skywalker brought on by a deathsticks binge. There met Jedi Master K'Kruhk, who cleansed his body of the deathsticks' impurities, as well as his former Master Wolf Sazen and Shado Vao, Kol's Padawan, who had recently returned to Ossus expecting to find him. During a sparring session, Skywalker and Shado discovered a secret floor of the Temple and found Nei Rin and her assistants guarding a lost vault of Jedi artifacts.[7]

Skywalker eventually left the Temple for Coruscant, while the other Jedi and the Vong stayed behind.[8] Since the massacre, Krayt's Empire had conducted periodic searches of the Temple, to catch any stray Jedi that may have returned. Darth Stryfe was dispatched to the world with Stormtroopers to conduct this scan of the area. Joker Squad conducted a search of the surface, nearly catching the Jedi, but Sazen clouded their minds and sent them away. Stryfe felt this use of the Force and ordered the search to continue.[9] Stryfe still sensed a Jedi presence, though, and ordered the destruction of the Temple as a means to eliminate the potential threat. His vessel opened fire, leveling the building. The surviving Jedi at the Hidden Temple would later send a delegation to work with the Galactic Alliance Remnant and the Fel Empire in their war against the Sith.[10]

Behind the scenes

Though the Massacre itself only appears in the first and eighth issue of the Legacy comics, it is often used as a flashback point for Cade, signifying the major impact it had on him and the series, as it is mentioned or shown in flashback nine times. In one of those times it was a flashback of his father's death that made Cade help the Imperial Princess Marasiah Fel.[11] It also garnered an appearance in Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force, in which it is not mentioned as "Massacre at Ossus", but it is described, as well as in the preview issue of Legacy.


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