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Sephiroth's Masamune in Final Fantasy VII

The Masamune (正宗 Masamune, マサムネ Masamune) is a weapon that has appeared in every title in the Final Fantasy series except Final Fantasy XI. It is usually one of the most powerful katanas or swords of the game in which it appears and is often found late in the game.




Final Fantasy

A Light Warrior wielding the Masamune

The Masamune is the mightiest sword in the original version of the game, and it is the only weapon that can be used by all classes. It is found on the air floor of the last dungeon.

Final Fantasy II

The Masamume in FFII

The Masamune is the most powerful non-character-specific sword in the game and, until the 20th Anniversary Edition, the most powerful sword in the game overall. It can be obtained either in a treasure chest in a secret room in Pandaemonium, or as the top prize of the Toad-enhanced character portrait-matching minigame available while on board the Snowcraft.

Final Fantasy III

The Masamune can be found in Eureka, wherein it was the strongest regular dark-elemental sword. Kunoichi must be defeated in order to obtain this sword.

Final Fantasy IV

The Masamune in the DS remake.
The Masamune in Final Fantasy IV

The Masamune is Edge's ultimate weapon in this game. It is acquired by defeating the Ogopogo in the Lunar Subterrane. It has a sister sword named the Murasame. However, in the Game Boy Advance port, stronger swords can be obtained.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Masamune is still Edge's ultimate katana, with the Mutsonokami nearly equaling it in power.

Final Fantasy V

The Masamune is one of the legendary Sealed Weapons that is acquired in the Sealed Castle. It is the sealed katana, and its user always goes first in battle.

Final Fantasy VI

Due to the creative translations of Ted Woolsey, the Masamune was renamed the Aura in this game until the release of the Advance version. Although it is used by Cyan Garamonde, it is not his ultimate weapon, and several Masamunes can be obtained. It is automatically equipped on him after defeating Wrexsoul in Cyan's Soul.

Final Fantasy VII

File:1177973262 ing-aerith.jpg
Sephiroth stabbing Aerith in the back with the Masamune

The Final Fantasy VII Masamune is an iconic symbol of the game, like the Buster Sword. Sephiroth wields the weapon, and he is the only person who can use it with proficiency. Sephiroth uses this sword to murder Aerith at the Forgotten Capital by impaling her through the back. The Masamune cannot be equipped by the player in this game. Its Final Fantasy VII design is seen with Sephiroth in every game and movie that he appears in, even appearing spontaneously when Sephiroth is reborn in Advent Children, suggesting that Sephiroth's Masamune is more of an extension of his power than a weapon he takes power from. This Masamune is easily recognizable due to its massive length, but thin width, resembling an Odachi, though with a hilt much smaller.

The design of the Tsuba (guard) and Tsuka (hilt) is not consistent throughout Sephiroth's appearances.

A fake Masamune can be acquired as an item in the Speed Square of the Gold Saucer, although it is simply an item, and does nothing.

Final Fantasy VIII


The Masamune cannot be equipped in this game. It is one of the weapons used by Gilgamesh when he is summoned into battle.

Masamune in Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX

The Masamune is a Thief Sword that can be equipped by Zidane. It is Synthesized in the Black Mage Village after returning from Terra. However, it is not his ultimate weapon. In this version, it appears as two katana connected at the hilt.

Tetra Master

  • Card 073
  • Location: Treno, Card Stadium

Final Fantasy X

Auron's Masamune

The Masamune is Auron's Celestial Weapon. It is found in Mushroom Rock, and requires the Mars Crest and Mars Sigil to activate. Unlike other versions, it resembles a Western sword far more than a Japanese blade.

Final Fantasy X-2

Auron's Celestial Weapon reappears in FFX-2 as the weapon wielded by Rikku when she is wearing the Dark Knight Dressphere.

Masamune in Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII

The Masamune is the ultimate Katana. It is found by defeating Gilgamesh, then talking to Montblanc. He'll give you the Masamune as a reward. However, to equip it, a character must have obtained the "Masamune" license.

The Masamune will also be available for purchase in the Bazaar, where it is known as the "Master-Crafted Blade". It is obtained by selling two Gemsteels, three Orichalcums, and two Mallets, and is purchased for 350,000 gil.

While its attack power is seemingly lesser than Zodiac Spear and Tournesol, the Masamune can be a devastating weapon when equipped with Genji Gauntlets, this is due to the Masamune holding a high combo rate of 40%, of which the Genji Gauntlets enhances the rate of attack combo to 70%.

Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System

The Masamune is found in Lhusu Mines in the area where Gilgamesh is encountered for the second time; it is possible to acquire it while still fighting him. It is not available in the Bazaar.

The Masamune has a slightly stronger version called Masamune I ( マサムネ I ) that is identical to the Masamune in appearance but is a 1H sword instead of a katana. The Masamune I will be available for purchase in the Bazaar by selling two Gemsteels, three Orichalcums, and two Mallets.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Masamune is an ability that can be used by the summoning Gilgamesh.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Masamune is once again wielded by one of the game's antagonists. In Tactics, the owner is Marquis Messam Elmdore and must be stolen from him. It may also be thrown by high-level Ninjas. In the remake, Elmdore has the Safeguard ability, preventing his equipment from being stolen. However, the sword can still be stolen from a Samurai working for Celebrant Bremondt Freitberg, and is thrown by high-level Ninjas.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The Masamune is a standard weapon wielded by Ninjas and Assassins. It teaches Oblivion to both classes. A more powerful version of the Masamune called a Masamune 100 is available after completion of the storyline. It does not teach any skill.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

The Masamune is a weapon wielded by Ninjas, Parivirs, Assassins, Chocobo Knights, and the Heritor. It teaches Oblivion to both Ninjas and Assassins. The Masamune 100 returns as Hyakushiki-Masamune, which teaches Adelle's Heritor class the skill Elpe.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

The Masamune is an artifact that boosts the Strength stat of its possessor by 5, making it one of the most powerful Strength-boosting artifacts. It can be obtained by defeating the Iron Giant at Mount Kilanda, cycle 3 or later.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

The Masamune is one of the strongest weapons for Clavats. It raises the players ATK by 160. The description for the sword reads "Marvelous sword born of a skilled swordsman, eerily reminiscent of a rich, faroff history." The scroll used to make this is called Foreign Weapon.

Final Fantasy Legend II (SaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu)

The Masamune is a MAGI. When used in battle, it hits for roughly 500 damage and ignores Defense.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Masamune appears in this game as Sephiroth's weapon of choice, seen in Final Fantasy VII. The Masamune Blade and the Masamune also appear as equippable weapons exclusive to him. Sephiroth does have a more powerful exclusive weapon though, the One Winged Angel. Both weapons give the following stats:

  • Masamune Blade
    • ATK +38, EX Force Absorption Range +2m, EX Gauge +5% at the start of battle. Must be at Level 50 to equip it. (JP Version)
    • ATK +37, Damage +5%. Must be at Level 53 to equip it. (US Version)
  • Masamune
    • ATK +65, EX Force Absorption Range +3m, EX Gauge +10% at the start of battle. Must be at Level 95 to equip it. (JP Version)
    • ATK +64, Damage +10%. Must be at Level 95 to equip it. (US Version)

Non-Final Fantasy Appearances

Chrono series

Although the Masamune is a weapon in the Final Fantasy series, it is arguably more notable as a broadsword in the Chrono series, in which it contributes a major part to the story. Oddly enough, the Masamune in Chrono Trigger was not intended to be the Masamune, and was called the Grandleon in the Japanese version.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

In Chrono Trigger, the Masamune is a sword used by Frog, and it is said to be a legendary weapon capable of defeating Magus. It was forged in 12,000 BC by the swordsmith Melchior out of Dreamstone, and was dubbed the Ruby Knife. However, after the Ocean Palace disaster, it was transformed into the Masamune, and was named after its caretakers, Masa and Mune. However, the sword was broken. Crono, Marle, and Lucca came across the broken sword, and had it repaired. Frog wielded it and used it to defeat Magus. The sword's power grew more powerful after Frog visited his mentor, Cyrus' grave.

The Masamune as seen in Chrono Cross

In Chrono Cross, set after the events in Chrono Trigger, the sword was stolen and became possessed by an evil spirit. Those who wielded it became possessed as well. Radius used the sword to kill his friend Garai, and Karsh had to finish off Dario who was possessed by it. It was later seen at the entrance to the Dead Sea. Only the Einlanzer could break its seal temporarily, but only when a new master, Serge, overpowered it could it be free of evil forever. It was reborn as the Mastermune, and became a weapon for Serge. The Mastermune has the unique attribute of dealing critical hits with nearly every blow, making it arguably the most powerful weapon in the game despite it not having the highest attack stat.

Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 2)

The Masamune is the Level Six incarnation of the Mana Sword.

Kingdom Hearts series

In Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, two keyblades, the One Winged Angel and the Guardian Soul, are modelled after Sephiroth and Auron's respective versions of the Masamune.


The Masamune is named after Masamune Okazaki, the legendary Japanese blacksmith, considered the greatest in history. It is often compared to the Muramasa, though always the better of the two. According to legend, Masamunes are marks of an internal peaceful and calm warrior, the exact opposite of Muramasas.

A replica of Sephiroth's sword, also named the Masamune, was made. It was revealed to be nearly sixteen feet in length.

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