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This page contains a listing of all notable quotes by or about Mary Jane Watson (Earth-616).

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Image:Quote1.png Face it just hit the jackpot! Image:Quote2.png
--Mary Jane Watson (Earth-616)
Image:Quote1.png Three living, breathing males to one gal, eh? Where has this place been all my life? Image:Quote2.png
--Mary Jane Watson (Earth-616)
Image:Quote1.png Face it just hit the Jackpot Image:Quote2.png
--Mary Jane Watson (Earth-616)
Image:Quote1.png Like wow! Just dig that craaaazy keyhole, Tiger! I've heard of air-conditioning... but this is ridiculous! Image:Quote2.png
--Mary Jane Watson (Earth-616)
Image:Quote1.png Eat your heart out, Gwendolyn! This time little Mary Jane's in the spotlight! Image:Quote2.png
--Mary Jane Watson (Earth-616)
Image:Quote1.png 64 channels and still nothing on, Mr. Parker Image:Quote2.png
--Mary Jane Watson (Earth-616)
Image:Quote1.png Face it, tiger, you just hit the jackpot. Image:Quote2.png
--Mary Jane Watson (Earth-616)

"Face it, Tiger... you just hit the jackpot!"—her first words to Peter Parker, initially appearing in Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #42 (November 1966), are by far her most famous words, and indeed, one of the most famous quotations in the Marvel Universe, duplicated in nearly every continuity in which Mary Jane appears. A non-exhaustive list of comic books the quotation appears in:

  • Amazing Spider-Man: Parallel Lives (January 1990)
  • Deadpool #6 (June 1997) — Typhoid Mary parodies the quotation
  • Spider-Man: Blue #2 (August 2002)
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #13 (November 2001)
  • Spider-Girl #1: delivered by MJ's and Peter's daughter May (aka Spider-Girl) in the alternate MC2 universe

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