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The Marvel Universe is an alternate set of existing populated universes which has its own series of superpowered beings.

Some denizens of the DC Universe have encountered beings from, or have traveled to, these Marvel universes.[1] The Justice League met The Avengers from the Marvel universe during an adventure involving Krona.

The primary Marvel universe is sometimes designated as the Earth-616 universe by its own natives. During one instance, the primary Marvel universe was combined briefly with New Earth to form the Amalgam Universe, in which superpowered beings from each universe were merged into beings with characteristics from both (e.g., Super-Soldier, a merger of Superman's cells and Captain America).[2]

History: The following is a bulleted list of historical events that took place between the Marvel Universe and the DC Universe.

  • The Brothers enter into a conflict with one another, using the respective Universe's Earth's superheroes as proxies.
  • The Amalgam Universe fights to preserve itself from destruction.
  • The JLA and The Avengers fight to win a cosmic game between Krona and The Grandmaster. The cosmic egg created at the end would be encountered again by the JLA.

Points of Interest

Differences with the Marvel Earth

  • The Marvel Earth is slightly smaller than the Earth native to the DC reality. [3]
  • The Marvel Earth has fewer cities and less urban growth, at least on the east coast of the United States.[3]
  • For various reasons including racial prejudice, mutants are openly persecuted by the human populace in the Marvel Universes where in the DC universes, many mutants are accepted.
  • On this Earth, Hercules did not rape Hippolyta.[3]
  • Superman remarked that there was "something strange about the air pressure -- sunlight feels greasy, acidic --peoples' heartbeats are too fast".[4]



  • There is no recognized analog to Speed Force in the Marvel universes.[5] Hence most speedsters in the Marvel Universe are usually not able to attain lightspeed directly, unless they exist as, or are able to convert into, light particle beings such as the female Captain Marvel.
  • Chaos Magic is much less powerful in the temporarily shared Marvel universe.[3]

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