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Martin Platt
Occupation Nurse
Born 2nd June 1968
Residence Liverpool
Father Barry Platt
Mother Barbara Platt
Spouse(s) Gail Tilsley (1991)
Children David Platt (1990)
Caitlin Platt (2006)
First appearance 28th January 1985
Last appearance 9th November 2005
Duration 1985-2005
Played by Sean Wilson

Martin Platt was played by Sean Wilson from 1985 until the character's axing in 2005


Character Biography


Early Years

Martin Platt arrived as a school leaver who worked in Jim's cafe. He had two GCEs and was studying at Salford Technical college.

Relationship with Gail Platt

Martin began conforting Gail after her husband Brian Tilsley was stabbed in 1989. To everyones surprise, they fell in love with each other. Gail fell pregnant and didn't think it was fair for someone young like Martin to become a dad, so planned to have it aborted. However, Martin found out and managed to stop her. On Christmas 1990, they had a baby boy and called him David Platt. They got married in 1991 and Martin adopted Gail's two children Nick and Sarah, from her previous marriage to Bill.

Affiar with Rebecca Hopkins

In 1999, he had an affair with nurse Rebecca Hopkins who had then left him. They couldn't patch up their relationship, so later divorced. Gail went on to marry Richard Hillman, who turned out to be a serial killer who killed Maxine Peacock, his wife Patrica and then attempted to kill Gail and the kids. However Martin saved them along with Kevin Webster and Tommy Harris.

Even though they where divorced, Gail and Martin still remained good friends afterwards and Martin would normally come round for tea with Gail and the kids and Sarah's daughter Bethany.

Relationship with Kate Harris

In 2003, Martin fell in love with sixteen-year-old Katy Harris. Katy's father, Tommy, who had previously been Martin's friend, disapproved, and attacked Martin physically, whilst Katy's brother, Craig, attempted to kill Martin by interfering with the brakes on his car. Katy's parents were even more unhappy when she left school and got pregnant. Sally Webster (one of Martin's ex-girlfriends) was having an affair with work colleague Ian, and her friendship with Martin, who was working particularly late hours, made Tommy and Angela Harris believe they were having an affair. They told Katy, who moved out of Martin's flat and had an abortion. When Gail told them the truth, Katy was devastated. She confronted Tommy in a rage, and attacked him with a wrench, killing him. Because of the bad blood between Martin and Tommy, Martin was at first arrested for the murder. Even though Angela only witnessed the murder of Tommy, she confessed to doing it. Martin was released, and Angela arrested. Katy was hysterical, and as a diabetic, decided to commit suicide by forgoing her insulin injections and eating sugar. Martin, Sarah and Sarah's then boyfriend Scooter managed to get her to hospital, but she later died.


There where plans for the character Martin to have a relationship with an underage girl, but Sean Wilson didnt like the idea, also because he had a family of his own, so he quit after 20 years.

Martin's exit to Liverpool

He left Coronation Street with new girlfriend Robyn in November 2005. David was devestated by this and didn't talk to Martin for some time, but they reconciled before he left.

Baby Caitlin

In January 2006, David returned after visiting Martin and revealed that Martin and his girlfriend are expecting a baby.

In 2007 when Sarah was to get married to Jason Grimshaw, it was revealed that Martin couldn't come as his young daughter was too ill, which upset David.

In March 2009 David got fed up with Gail and Joe so he packed and left to go and visit Martin. He returned a couple of weeks later and revealed to Tina that he has an adorable little sister, but Martin wasn't happy to see him. Tina however pointed out that the whole world doesnt surround him and other people have to get on with their lives.

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