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Martha Longhurst
Occupation Cleaner
Born 2nd September 1899
Residence Number 7 Mawdsley Street (1919 - 1941)

Number 13 Coronation Street (1941) Number 7 Mawdsley Street (1942 - 1964)

Died 13th May 1964
Father Jack Hartley
Mother Mary Hartley
Spouse(s) Percy Longhurst (1919)
Children Lily Haddon
Harold Longhurst
First appearance 14th December 1960
Last appearance 13th May 1964
Duration 1960-1964
Played by Lynne Carol

Martha Longhurst (née Hartley) was a Coronation Street resident, and a close friend of Ena Sharples and Minnie Caldwell until she died of a heart attack in the snug of the Rovers Return on 13th May 1964.




Early life

In her youth, Martha had enjoyed a flirtation with Handel Gartside, which was cut short by his emigration to Canada as a result of the depression. She was also involved with Ted Ashley before he left to make his fortune in Australia.

Martha instead married Percy Longhurst on 18th May 1919, and went on to have a daughter, Lily, and a son, Harold. Martha was proud of her daughter Lily and her son-in-law Wilf. Constantly referring to the conspicuous success of her son-in-law, Martha was cut down to size when Ena said Wilf earned so much by working nights.

Martha was a fellow denizen of the snug along with Ena Sharples and Minnie Caldwell. She lived at 7 Mawdsley Street and was employed as cleaner at the Rovers Return Inn, and also briefly as caretaker of the Mission of Glad Tidings. More likely to speak her mind openly to Ena than Minnie, she was often criticised for her continuous references to Lily.

During the Blitz, Martha's home was bombed. Percy and Ena feared she was dead. The panic was destroyed when Martha walked over and in her usual tone questioned.. "What, you cryin', where's me house?". Martha and Percy moved into 13 Coronation Street until the house was rebuilt.

Later years

Martha fell out with her friend Ena, when in late 1960 she was asked to temporarily take over Ena's job as care-taker at the Glad Tidings Mission Hall. Ena thought that Martha was taking the opportunity provided by Ena's hospitalisation to steal her job. Her friendship with Ena was often fractious, and when Ena moved in with Martha after being sacked from the mission and subsequently evicted from her home in the Vestry, Martha was driven to write to an Agony Aunt seeking advice. Discussing the situation with Minnie she was shocked to find that Minnie had deliberately let Martha take Ena in so that Minnie wouldn't have to cope with her twenty-four hours a day.

Martha was critical of the ways of the younger generation and was responsible for Len Fairclough getting the sack from his job at Birtwistles. She had complained about him spending too much time with Elsie Tanner, despite him being a married man.

Martha has a heart attack in the snug

Martha collected the pensions of Ena and Minnie for them on a regular basis and this was to lead to trouble when, in 1963, she lost Ena's pension book. In 1963 she became cleaner of the Rovers Return, and also worked in a similar capacity at the Viaduct Street Social Club.

In 1964, romance entered Martha's life when Ted Ashley returned from Australia for the first time in fifty years. Hoping to continue the romance of her youth, Martha followed Ted to London, hoping that he would propose. She returned to Weatherfield disappointed.

Martha spent her last days daydreaming of a holiday in the sun. She had been invited to go on holiday abroad to help look after her grandchildren. Martha bought her first passport and proudly showed it off to anyone who showed the slightest interest. It was during a singsong at a party in the Rovers thrown by Frank Barlow that she became ill, un-noticed by anyone else. Dying of a heart attack alone in the snug, she was eventually spotted by Myra Booth who thought she had fallen asleep.

In 1969, when many Street residents went on a coach trip to the Lakes, Minnie wept as she told Ena how much Martha would have loved to have been there.

In 1970 Handel Gartside returned to Weatherfield and was saddened to discover that Martha had passed away.

In 1975, the Rovers was assumed to be haunted when Betty Turpin believed to see Martha's ghost. Leading up to that the voice of Martha had been heard in snug and her glasses appeared on the table that she died at.

In 1998 Betty Turpin paid a visit to Hilda Ogden in her new home in Derbyshire. They reminisced about the past and even though neither of the women had ever met Martha, they had a discussion about her, Ena and Minnie.


"Evening. Have you got a packet of crisps?" (First line, to Annie Walker)
"Can I have a large sherry?" (Final line, to Concepta Hewitt)

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