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From Dofus

You can form a marriage with one other character of the gender of your choice. Being married allows you to teleport to your spouse, as well as showing a special spouse part when opening the friends list.

Previously, same gender marriages were only available by exploiting a bug, a bannable offence. Nowadays, any character can become married to a character of either gender, without fear of being banned.


Dressing up (Optional Step)

These items, with the exception of the rings, are obtained at the church at (6,3). The rings are obtained inside at (0,2).

Step by step

Marrying without wearing the "required" items
  • Meet at the church (6,3).
  • Walk onto the male/female tiles. You will turn and face each other.(If properly dressed)

Note: If you are not wearing the clothes/rings you will need to follow the diagram to the right in order to stand on the tiles. Stand where the avatar(character) is, and click on the orange-outlined tile(See Diagram), you will end up on the tile in front of the tile you clicked, this should be the one appropriate for your sex. Note: For same sex marriages, one character must walk onto the tile appropriate to their sex. They will turn to face the open marriage tile. Place the other character in the row of squares that the first is facing. Click on the marriage tile the first player is occupying.(Same way as if you are not dressed properly, See diagram)

  • Either character may open a conversation with the Priest and ask to begin.
  • You will each receive a prompt to accept the marriage.
  • If you now open your friends menu you will see a panel with "spouse" information. A new button "join" will teleport you to their location.

You can get a divorce from the Priest in the Amakna church, see the Divorce section below.


It is possible for a F2P player to marry a P2P player , but it is not possible for a F2P player to marry a F2P player. You have to step on one square away from the 2 squares (linear) and then click on the spouses square. This will put you on your square. And then have the P2P talk to the Priest.

Notes on "Join"

You can only join your spouse in "normal" locations. In special locations, such as Wabbit Island, it doesn't work (even if you both have access to the location). However, you can use "Join" when your spouse is in battle. It takes you onto the same screen, but doesn't actually put you in the battle (also known as "Spectator Mode").

The join command will only work if you're within 15 rooms of your spouse. It will also not work if either spouse is a ghost.


In order to divorce, you must go to the Church (6,3) and talk to the Priest. Once you click "I want a divorce," he will ask why. This isn't a trick question, all the answers are correct so pick any you like. After that, your options are to either "donate" 50,000 kamas to get a divorce or refuse "donating" the money and not get a divorce. You have to pay no matter, even if your soon to be ex spouse has been deleted.

Further Reading (Links)

Red-Orchid's (Slighly Cynical) Guide to Marriage (Impsvillage)

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From The Vault

A Nice Day for a Right Wedding

The marriage of Angela Staley and Diego
location: Rivet City
given by: Angela Staley
reward: Positive Karma if you attend the wedding

A Nice Day for a Right Wedding is an unmarked Fallout 3 quest.



Angela Staley is in love with Diego, however Diego is an acolyte and cannot return her affection. After chatting with Angela, the Lone Wanderer learns that she wants some Ant Queen Pheromones, so that she can seduce Diego. The player can also ship the couple by lying to the priest, or wreck the couple by convincing Diego to abandon the girl in favor of the church.


  • Giving Angela the Ant Queen Pheromones and waiting a few days will result in Angela 'seducing' Diego, and him deciding the honorable thing to do is to leave the church and marry her. The pheromones can either be acquired from Cindy Cantelli in Rivet City Marketplace's A Quick Fix or by killing an Ant Queen, such as the one in the quest Those!.
  • If you tell the Priest of the Church that Diego is sleeping with Angela (a lie), he will expell Diego from the church and the two lovers will get married.
  • If you press Diego about the situation, he will tell Angela not to speak to him again, and the quest will end
  • If you kill Diego, Angela will talk as though he's there. (ps3 confirmed)

It is possible to watch the marriage. After providing Angela with the Ant pheromone or lying to the father, speak to Angela after a few days. She says to get a seat at the church by 3pm the next day. You may also speak to Diego to find out about the wedding location and time. Alternatively, Rivet City's resident gossip maven Vera Weatherly can give you this information as well. Angela's father can also inform you by asking him if Angela is still mooning over Deigo, this can also be asked after the wedding, to which he replies you're behind times, and that they're married. Go there at 3 and they perform the ceremony. Most of the citizens of Rivet city attend and at the end of the ceremony you gain Karma. To start the wedding simply take a seat and the church fills up with residents. This may take some time.

If you kill Father Clifford before the wedding (while he is in the church "preparing" for the ceremony) Angela and Diego will never show up.

It should be noted that, after a successful wedding, Angela and Diego get their own room. Leave the Church, turn right and open the first room left. Before the wedding the room is a bad place, after the wedding there is a little furniture in the room together with a double-bed.

It is also possible to witness Angela's "seduction" of Diego. The following conversation seems to take place the first time the couple meet after giving her the pheromones -- it has been observed both on the bench near the baseball diamond on the flight deck (Diego goes up there around 9:00pm, though Angela may not always join him) and as the couple return to the Mid-ship deck around 10:30:

Angela: I have I something special for you, but I can only give it to you in private.
Diego: We’re not alone, so it’ll have to wait. Maybe later today.

Diego: Angela, I'm not sure you should spend so much time around me? I am to be married to God soon.
Angela: Wouldn't you rather be with a real girl? Maybe you should try it, before you decide.
Diego: Lord, give me strength.

Angela: Diego, do you think I’m sexy? I mean if you weren’t a priest and everything, would you be turned on by me?
Diego: Well, I... uh, that is... sure. You are incredibly sexy - not that I'd noticed. I am going to be a priest. And they don't, um... well, you know.
  • The second two exchanges happen randomly as "chatter" between the two beforehand as well, and if overheard add the "Angela and Diego" note into your Pip Boy. Also, sometimes (at least after giving Angela the pheromones), Diego responds to her "do you think I'm sexy" question by objecting that "we're not alone... maybe later today."

This seems to be the culmination of their affair, as after this they each go to bed in their own rooms (or alternately, Angela will eventually go to bed and Diego will, after waiting for hours outside her room, go for his morning walk on the flight deck). Either way, in next morning he breakfasts with Father Clifford at the Weatherly, where he apparently confesses the affair and gives the Father his resignation from the church. (They normally arrive at breakfast around 7:00am, and if you talk to any of the relevant characters after 7:00 they will tell you about the wedding -- even Angela, if you wake her up in her bedroom!)

Another scene between Angela and Diego takes place the night before the wedding, on a bench near the baseball diamond on the flight deck, at about 9:25PM.

<random conversation topic first.. then:>

A: Are you nervous about getting married?
D:A little. Aren't you? We don't have a place to live, and your father is going to have to support us.
A: Don't worry, Diego, I'll take care of you. I even found a room below decks for us. Our love will sustain us.

If you are playing as an evil or very evil character (or if you have either a grudge against Rivet City, the couple's marriage, or just want a severe change of karma), this wedding is the easiest time in which to kill the inhabitants of Rivet City. Although they can all be killed within the church, some players have found it fashionable to set mines periodically along the hall outside (to finish off fleeing NPCs) and then open fire on the guests and participants. Long live the happy couple.


Diego might not appear at the wedding but it will continue on as if he were there shortly after Father Clifford asks him if he takes Angela as his wife.. (PS3, PC, and Xbox360 Confirmed)

The marriage might be bugged occasionally causing Angela, Diego, and Father Clifford to be stuck in the church and will not move unless one of them is killed. (PS3 & PC confirmed)

Also as everyone sits in the church, if you talk to Angela sometimes she will pull out a pencil and paper to take your order at Gary's. She then starts her normal walk protocol in the market.

Similar to the above bug, all people will be in attendance, but nothing will happen. No dialogue takes place and the wedding is not completed. At 6, when the wedding was supposed to be over, everybody gets up and acts as if nothing happened. They resume their normal dialogue as if they were meeting eachother in the hall. The next day the same thing happens. Everybody gathers but the wedding is not completed properly, and it repeats every day to no avail. No known fix, maybe attempt to load a previous save even before giving Angela the pheromones.

Sometimes if you talk to Angela before starting the unmarked quest,she will continue to talk about the ant pheromones but even if you have them she will not take them. (PC confirmed)

Sometimes when choosing the path of lying to Father Clifford about Diego, both lovers will talk about getting married but never invite you to the actual ceremony, which never takes place. (PC confirmed, 360)

When encountering a bug preventing Father Clifford from starting the ceremony, using the console, targetting him, and typing "Say RCPriest" will correct the problem. Furthermore, if the marriage invitation never occurs, this can also be a fix of sorts; though you won't see the wedding, it'll allow the game to believe it has occured, correcting the dialogs of the two lovers afterwards, and enabling anything relying on the marriage as trigger to happen normally. (PC only)

If a bug happens when everybody at the wedding is not doing anything but sitting down or standing, one way to get rid of it is to punch one of the children (not shoot) and then start to run out of rivert city to somewhere else but there. After a few days past by if you go visit everything will be back to normal with angela and diego married. (PS3 Confirmed)

Behind the scenes

  • The title of this quest is a reference to the song "White Wedding" by Billy Idol.
Rivet City

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From Lostpedia

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Wedding may refer to:

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ST Expanded

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Marriage is the institution in which two or more individuals are bonded, for various reasons, but the most common being religion or reproduction. The ceremony in which marriage begins is called a wedding ceremony.

Many cultures had provisions to terminate a legal marriage through a divorce.

Customs and traditions

Romulan marriages were sometimes arranged, especially among people of senatorial classes. The ceremony was called the so'rdaz and Romulans were expected to be fully loyal in marriage, even if it often led to unhappy marriages. People who committed adultery were considered capable of treason. (Last Unicorn Games RPG: The Way of D'Era: The Romulans)

Simpsons regarded marriage as a predominantly financial act, as many poor Simpsons get married to pay less taxes. Nevertheless, Simpsons of all social classes got married. (RIS Bouteina: "Marriage and Honeymoon")

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Luke and Mara just prior to their wedding on Coruscant.
"Compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is essential to a Jedi's life. So you might say, that we are encouraged to love."
Anakin Skywalker

Marriage was a ceremony whereby two individuals were married.



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From TibiaWiki


In real life, marriage is a binding contract between two people to unite to kinship. Similarly, Tibia has a marriage system. The Tibia marriage system is alike in some respects, but contrasting in others. For example, marriage is similar in that a character may not have multiple spouses at one time (the law forbids this in most countries), however, other laws governing marriages do not exist in Tibia. This means that same-sex marriage is permitted in Tibia.


To get married, you will first need to prepare items such as wedding rings and outfits. The full list is:

And anything else which the party wish, to add formality to the wedding, such as roses, decor and the like. Note that weddings are not private, and uninvited players may crash weddings, so a party may prefer to hold a privately held wedding before or after.

A couple marries by requesting to be wed by priests. Both persons must engage in a conversation with a priest (may or may not be the same priest) simultaneously. There are priests with the right to marry in Thais (Lynda), Ab'Dendriel (Llathriel) and Kazordoon (Ferus). There are no level requirements to be met in order to marry, nor do you require a Premium Account.

After the couple get married, their wedding rings will be engraved with "player 1 and player 2 forever - married on date.". They will also receive Newly Wed Outfits. For their honeymoon, they will be allowed access to Meluna for a day. Players may remain on Meluna after their honeymoon day, but should they ever leave from thereon, they cannot return (unless they remarry).


Player 1: hi
Lynda: Welcome in the name of the gods, pilgrim (Brides name)!
Player 1: marriage
Lynda: You want me to initiate a marriage ceremony?
Player 1: yes
Lynda: In the Name of the Gods of good, I ask thee, if both of you are prepared and ready!
Player 1: yes
Lynda: Silence please! I hereby invoke the attention of the eternal powers looking over our souls and lives. May the gods bless us!
Player 1: may the gods bless us
Lynda: I ask thee, (Brides name), will you honor your groom and stay at his side even in the darkest hours life could bring upon you?
Player 1: yes
Lynda: So by the powers of the gods your soul is now bound to your groom. Groom, step forward and tell me to whom your heart belongs!

Now have your groom speak to her, saying the following:

Player 2: My heart belongs to <bride's name>
Lynda: I ask thee, <groom's name>, will you honor your bride and stay at her side even in the darkest hours life could bring upon you?
Player 2: yes
Lynda: So by the powers of the gods your souls are now bound together for eternity. May the gods watch with grace over your further life as a married couple. Go now and celebrate your marriage!


As in real life, a player can file for divorce. In Tibia one would request it from a priest. However, not all priests will grant this. Lynda, for example, is against divorcing and suggests that only a drunken priest would support such a proposal. In order to get divorced, one must travel to Port Hope and request it from the drunken priest, Brewster or ask Lugri north of Thais. Brewster will charge 5,000 gold for the divorce, Lugri will charge 10,000 gold, but in the event your marriage is voided, both players will have their Engraved Wedding Rings broken. You will also lose your Newly Wed Outfits, which can be attained again by remarrying. Unlike marrying players, divorcing only takes one of the players' permissions to get a divorce.


Lynda, Thais

Player: Hi
Lynda: Welcome in the name of the Gods, pilgrim Player.
Player: Divorce
Lynda: Oh, what a shameful thought! Marriage is meant to be for eternity! Only the most unscrupulous or drunken priests would carry out a divorce.

Note: Lynda will not grant you a divorce.

Brewster, Port Hope

Player: Hi
Brewster: G...greetings <hicks>.
Player: Divorce
Brewster: <hicks> What, a divorce? Do you yearn for the joys of singledom? <hicks> I know it well, my marriage was a battleground... but less of that. Are you unhappily married?
Player: yes
Brewster: There's no justice in the world when a pretty lady like yourself is treated badly. <hicks> Not that I have a special connection to the Gods or anything <hicks> - but I can arrange your d... divorce, if that is what you wish. <hicks> Do you?
Player: yes
Brewster: Hm. You see, uh... I would do it for free, but <hicks> I could in fact use some cash. Do me a favour and 'donate' 5000 gold coins so I can buy some, uhm... bibles. Then I'll do the rest. <hicks> What do you say?
Player: yes

Note: He will only grant you a divorce if you have 5,000 gold.

If you do not have 5,000 gold pieces Brewster will say:
Brewster: Damn, I bet <hicks> your cheating spouse took all of your money <hicks> from you. You're as poor as a church mouse. <hicks>


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