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The MJOLNIR Security Variant.

The Mark V(m) MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor, also known as the Security Armor, is a variation of the UNSC MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor Mark V.[1]


Development and History

The MJOLNIR V(m) variant was manufactured in the Misriah Armory Facility on Mars in 2543, a year after the Mark V entered production in 2542. Like the Mark V, it has been upgraded to be compatible with all current generation MJOLNIR variants.[1]



Helmet Characteristics

Unlock: Get a total of approximately 1000 gamerscore in Halo 3/Halo 3: ODST
The helmet's most noticeable feature is the larger, more prominent "figure-eight" shaped visor which looks almost bug-eyed. It bears resemblance to that of a modern day fighter jet pilot helmet. This helmet is inspired by the protagonist of Marathon, although the mouth is covered. The helmet is large with a small raised section on the forehead in the form of the Marathon logo. Wearing the helmet will also add a small antenna and dial to the right shoulder.

Shoulder Characteristics

Unlock: Officially, the Security shoulders unlock when the player has attained at least 750 Gamerscore points from Halo 3. However, the shoulders are renowned and well-known bugged items.
The shoulder pieces are quite largely rounded, with a section with an upper center, trapezium-shaped arm guard going out the bottom and a rounded section above that. It should be noted that this shoulder permutation is prone to a glitch that may cause you to not unlock them until you have 1000 gamerscore; however, another glitch has occurred that unlocks the Security shoulders before reaching 750 gamerscore points in Halo 3.

Chest Characteristics

The Security Armor does not have a chest plate, although wearing the helmet will give the player a distinct "antenna and dial" on the right side of the back plate. This may be a reference to the antenna Master Chief had in the pre-Halo: Combat Evolved at the Mac World Trailer. The fact that the Security armor predates the standard Mark V armor may support this. Although there is no Security chest piece, the Katana variant chest armor is mostly used with the Security helmet.


An image of the Cyborg, which Security is based on.
  • This armor permutation is based off, and named after one of the main characters and protagonist in the Marathon Computer Game series, known as the "Cyborg" or "The Marine". Besides the helmet looking identical to that of Marathon's protagonist, it should be noted that the player in the Marathon series assumed the role of a Security officer, giving Security armor its name.
  • Achieving the Marathon Man achievement will sometimes unlock the security shoulders, however, if another achievement is unlocked the shoulders will relock themselves and can be retrieved by getting the rest of the offline achievements.


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