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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

Character Name: Mark Thomas

Height: 6 foot 3

Weight: 237 Ibs

Home Town: Born in Miami, Florida. Now resides in New York, New York.

Wrestling or Personality Style: A brawler, but uses his athleticism to make an impact on his matches.

Entrance Theme: "Bring 'Em Out" by T.I., "The Godfather Waltz" (with The Mafia)

Entrance Style: Walks out onto the stage wearing a baseball jersey and cap, with a bat over his shoulder. Takes a couple of swings at the top of the ramp, poses, and jogs down to the ring.

Finishers (Up to two): Grand Slam (F-5) Triple Play (Triple powerbomb)

Signature Moves: - Frozen Rope (Springboard moonsault into a reverse DDT) - Lionsault

Background: Mark Thomas had himself quite the career even before he made it to the WCSF. A seven-time All-Star fist baseman for the New York Mets, Thomas showcased power, quickness, and athleticism on the baseball diamond-all attributes which would come in great service when he made it to the WCSF. But wrestling had never really seemed like a big part of Thomas's future, until his hot temper and bad attitude came back to haunt him. Even though Thomas was a great player, frequent fights with ownership, teammates, and umpires had led him to develop quite the bad reputation. So when his Mets contract expired, no team in the league was willing to take on all of Thomas's baggage, putting his baseball career to a rather unceremonious end. As a lifelong wrestling fan, Thomas then turned to the WCSF, ready to become as succesful in wrestling as he was in baseball.

WCSF Accomplishments: 1 Time WCSF Undisputed Tag Team Champion


WCSF Career

Mark Thomas was brought in by Johnny Devine to be his partner against the tag team of Devine's former Mafia tag team partner, Blair Trotter, and a partner of his choice. Trotter chose Nick Foster, ulitmately that would be his downfall, as Foster turned on Trotter, allowing Devine's team to win, Trotter was therefore out of the WCSF. Thomas and Foster would therefore join the Devine, uniting as the new version of the Mafia.

WCSF Tag Team Champion

Thomas and Foster immediately set their sights on tag team gold, winning the belts in january of 2008 from Thunderstorm. Unlike previous years, where the WCSF Tag Team Division was very strong, the team ran roughshod over a weakened tag division. The two would reign until August of 2008, where they were defeated by the makeshift team of hated rivals Mike Maverick and Tristagi. Thomas didn't take kindly to this, blaming Foster for the teams loss, he attacked him after the match, setting out on his own and leaving the Mafia behind.

On His Own

Thomas immediately made it known he was his own man and would be taking orders from nobody anymore. He quickly developed a reputation of being one of the best promo men in the WCSF. Thomas competed in the #1 Contenders Scramble match at Wednesday Night Warzone, putting in an impressive showing, but Blake came out on top. Thomas advanced to the semifinals of the Battlefield tournament, defeating Tomohiro Matsuda to get there, where he lost to a surprise entrant of Rage Mishima. Thomas fell to Tristagi at Nothing to Lose in short order after Mike Mavericks attempted interference backfired. Thomas has since been involved with Johnny Briggs, Tomohiro Matsuda, and Mike Maverick as they will all be competing in the Gold Rush ladder match at Revolution IV.

On the July 12th edition of Mayhem, Thomas, along with Maverick, and Matsuda, were challenged to battle their weaknesses by Johnny Briggs. Thomas therefore was scheduled to try and get a "signature" win which had eluded him ever since he split from the Mafia. Briggs had lined up a WCSF Legend to face Thomas, who ended up being David Logan. After an intense match, Thomas managed to hit the Triple Play and pin the legend Logan to get that trademark victory.

Gold Rush Winner

At Revolution IV, Thomas outlasted three other men, Tomohiro Matsuda, Johnny Briggs & Mike Maverick to win the Gold Rush briefcase in the biggest victory of his career to date. He will therefore get a WCSF World Championship shot anytime in the next year. Thomas then entered into a war of words with the past years Gold Rush winner, Riko Suave. Also entering the picture was manager Dan Morrison, who was looking for his first new client, and was interested in both men, but Suave turned him down. Thomas however, was swayed, and at Meltdown, after winning his match with Suave, on orders from Morrison, he brutally attacked Suave, injuring him. Morrison then became Thomas' full time manager.

Recentely, newcomer Max Gamble challenged Thomas to a match at Hacked. And even goaded him into putting either his Gold Rush contract or Morrison's serviceson the line. Although Gamble offered up something of his own, saying he would become Morrison's personal assistant, if that option won the vote.


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