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Dr Who

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Also known as: John Crichton
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: 1970s
Appearances: DW: Invasion of the Dinosaurs
Actor: Terence Wilton

Mark, formerly known as John Crichton, was a British athlete who jumped 2.6362 meters in one of the Olympic Games. He was one of the people selected by Sir Charles Grover to colonize New Earth. Sarah Jane Smith convinced them that they were not aboard a spacecraft at all. (DW: Invasion of the Dinosaurs)

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From The Vault

Mentioned-only character
race: Human
affiliation: Richard Grey's expedition
mentioned in: Fallout

Mark was one of the members of Richard Grey's expedition to the Mariposa Military Base, along with Grey, Harold and Francine. While Francine was killed by one of the base's security robots, Mark was wounded and Harold sent him to the surface. It is not known what happened to him afterwards[1].


  1. Harold's dialogue in Fallout

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Final Fantasy

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This article is about the Final Fantasy XII side-quests known as "Hunts". For the Hunt skill from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, please go here, and for the according skill in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, see here.

Hunts are a series of optional side-quests, in which the player hunts down particularly strong monsters, which are usually causing trouble to the general public of a town or tribe, or sometimes a single person. The monsters being hunted are referred to as "Marks" and in some instances, "Elite Marks".



Example of a bill (this one is for the Gil Snapper)

The procedure is quite simple. Once the player obtains information of a Mark through a bill, or an Elite Mark from Montblanc, the player must then find the petitioner and speak with him or her to officially accept the Hunt. If the player does not do so, but defeats the Mark before officially accepting the hunt, the player forfeits the reward. After having spoken with the petitioner and choosing to accept the Hunt, the player must locate the Mark, according to hints or directions from the petitioner, and defeat it. There are some hunts which require the player to complete additional tasks, such as giving acquired items to specific recipients. Upon completing the hunt, the player must report back to the petitioner, from whom he will receive a reward. Every hunt has a specific reward, though it is not revealed to the player until hunt completion.


For the Sage Knowledge on Marks, go to Sage Knowledge 1-26

Information on regular Marks are found on boards all through Ivalice. Each board has the same bills, so the player can see if any new bills have been posted from any board in the world. Marks can be difficult to deal with and their difficulty increases exponentially at each new rank. A Rank II mark requires the characters to be leveled up at least 3-5 levels higher than a Rank I mark. The top Rank marks at level VIII can only be beaten by character levels above 40. Marks usually excel in maybe one attribute, e.g. defense, and usually have only one, rarely two, special skills, which can be somewhat devastating if simply ignored. For example, the Croakadile is able to restore about 50% of its HP, dragging out the battle.

Elite Marks

As the name suggests, Elite Marks are more dangerous than regular Marks. The bills for Elite Marks can be obtained only by speaking with Montblanc, after becoming a member of Clan Centurio. Even though Montblanc tells the player about the Elite Mark, he only acts as a mediator, so the player still has to talk to the actual petitioner in order to accept the Hunt. In a sense, Montblanc's function is the same as that of a petition board. Elite Marks usually have several high attributes and special skills, making them extremely dangerous. For example, the Rocktoise can double its current level multiple times at any time during battle and the Trickster, an oversized pure-white chocobo, is able to turn invisible (though the player can still see its outlines when close enough) making the characters unable to target it until it turns visible again. Its high running speed also makes it too fast to catch up to and run away from.

Hunt order


Elite Marks

Unofficial Hunt

Taken up in the Tchita Uplands to defeat an unknown Mark. Does not appear in the Clan Primer:

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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

An account mark is an administrative "mark" placed on an account by a game master to tag the account for "lapses in behavior" (infractions), especially breaches of the Rules of Conduct. Such a mark is meant as a warning and results in a temporary blocking of the account. The period of account suspension will rise with each subsequent mark against the player's account. Eventually the suspension will be a permanent ban.

The disciplinary process is described in detail on the official Guild Wars website. Please see the external links section at the bottom of this article and read the complete official documentation, as the information on GuildWiki is only a summary and may not be up to date!

Infraction Types

There are two kinds of infractions (misbehavior):

  1. Naming infractions:
    • Offensive or otherwise unacceptable character names
    • Offensive or otherwise unacceptable guild names.
  2. In-game infractions:
    • Inappropriate in-game behavior – such as obscene talk or behavior, abuse of another player, or harassment
    • Repeating in-game chat ("flooding")
    • In-game linking to inappropriate websites
    • Taking advantage of another player ("scamming") in order to take his/her items or account
    • Abusing game exploits
    • Advertising cheats, hacks, and exploits
    • Using, developing, releasing or promoting a "bot" program

For naming infractions a player may submit an "appeal" to the GMs if he feels that a block is unjustified. For in game infractions no appeal will be accepted.

External Links

  • Guild Wars: User Agreement - latest version from the official website
    • [1] - copy on the European website - sometimes more up-to-date
  • Rules of Conduct - latest version from the official website
    • [2] - copy on the European website - sometimes more up-to-date
  • Conduct Breaches and Outcomes - from the official website
    • [3] - copy on the European website - sometimes more up-to-date

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From Halopedia, the Halo Wiki

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Biographical information
Birth date Between 2537 and 2540 [1]
Physical description
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation United Nations Space Command
Rank Petty Officer Third Class
Specialty Sharpshooter
Battles Battle of Onyx
Class S-III Gamma Company : 2551

Petty Officer Third Class Mark is a Spartan-III of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Group. He was assigned to Team Saber of Gamma Company, and later Blue Team [2].



Nicknamed "The Mark" by his fellow Spartans due to his marksmanship abilities, Petty Officer Third Class Mark is proficient with numerous Sniper Rifles, including the SRS99C-S2 AM. He is also skilled with an MA5-series Assault Rifle. He was present when the Onyx Sentinels attacked Gamma Company. Mark also fought in the Battle of Onyx [3], which he survived because Lieutenant Commander Kurt Ambrose ordered him through the Slipspace portal which lead to the Dyson Sphere [4].



Mark was conscripted into the SPARTAN-III program, developed by Colonel James Ackerson around 2546. Conscripts were between the ages of 5 and 7 when he, along with other orphans volunteered to become Spartans and avenge his family, home planet, or just because he wanted to be like the man in green (Kurt in his MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor).

Once on Onyx, he and the other spartan candidates were trained by LCMDR Kurt Ambrose, SCPO Franklin Mendez, as well as the surviving Beta Company members, PO2 Lucy-B091 and PO2 Tom-B292.

Battle of Onyx

Zone 67

Mark was assigned to Team Saber, under the command of Private Ash-G099. When Onyx came under attack by Sentinels, the teams were still vying for top honors. Team Saber went dangerously close to Zone 67 to avoid the other teams. The team spied what they assumed at the time to be a new kind of Covenant drone due to its energy shields. They decided to investigate and the Sentinels engaged. Mark remained with the team as they tried to figure out the weak spots of the drones. He and the rest of the team hurled rocks at the drones and to their surprise, the drone's shields did not activate. The Sentinel chased Ash into a hole and Mark and the rest of the team pummeled the drone with huge rocks, destroying it.

A general decision was made and the Team moved to the armory to get heavier armaments. Team Saber met up with Commander Ambrose, Chief Mendez, as well as PO2 Tom and Lucy; and proceeded to play life and death games of cat and mouse with the sentinels.

Mark and the team later met up with PO2 Kelly-087 and Dr. Catherine Halsey and were subsequently engaged by a pair of Sentinels. After the skirmish, Mark and the rest of the Spartans took Dr. Halsey and Kelly to a bombed out bunker where Halsey revealed the origin of the Sentinels and what to do next.

Team Katana

After the team destroyed the two Sentinels and the overwatch position at Camp Currahee, they moved back to Zone 67. Once there, they discovered the map room and the location of Team Katana. First, Dr. Halsey proposed that they go to the Sentinel factory and make sure no more Sentinels were produced. Later, they moved out to discover Team Katana and found them in some sort of Slipspace cryotubes.

At the map room, Dr. Halsey discovers the meaning of the Shield World and also that the Covenant Separatists knew the location of the two teams and was advancing towards their position with four legions of Sangheili, Mgalekgolo, and other soldiers and Armored vehicles.

End of the Battle

Surrounded, Mark and the other Spartans formed a loose half-circle "killzone" around the entrance to the Shield World and picked off targets at close and long range. They managed to defend the entrance to the shield, although, it had come at some serious losses.

PO2 William-043, PO3 Dante-G188, and PO3 Holly-G003 had already been killed by the advancing Covenant Separatist Army. Due to little time left, Commander Ambrose ordered Team Saber through the portal before it closed. Soon after, Dr. Halsey and the surviving Spartans entered the portal. Mark awaited Kurt's arrival, but he never came, instead Kurt gave his life by detonating a FENRIS Nuclear Warhead. The blast killed Fleet Master Voro Nar 'Mantakree and all of his forces, as well as any surviving UNSC or Sentinel forces on the planet.

Shield World

"Welcome to Blue, Spartans...We're going to make a great team."
PO2 Kelly-087

Once Mark, Dr. Halsey, and the other Spartans were safely inside the Dyson Sphere, they made gravestones for LCDR Kurt Ambrose-051, P02 William-043, PO3 Dante-G188, and PO3 Holly-G003 [5].

After the ceremony, Mark and the other SPARTAN-III's were reassigned to SPARTAN-II Blue Team by Lieutenant Frederic-104 and Petty Officer Second Class Kelly-087 [6]. At most recent knowledge Mark is active inside the shield world.


  • Mark could be considered the "Linda" of Gamma Company, due to his skill with a Sniper Rifle.

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  2. Halo: Ghosts of Onyx, page 383
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Beta Company Adam-B004Lucy-B091Min-B174Tom-B292SPARTAN-B170
Gamma Company Holly-G003Ash-G099Dante-G188MarkOlivia
Headhunters JonahRoland
Noble Team Emile-A239Carter-A259Jun-A266Catherine-B320SPARTAN-B312Thom-293

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Mark may refer to:


Character names:

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Marc may refer to:

Marco may refer to:

  • Marco Fumarola, Italian language voice actor
  • Marco De Risi, Italian language voice actor
  • Marco Kröger, German language voice actor
  • Marco Baroni, Italian language voice actor

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From Yu-Gi-Oh!

For the Tag Force character, see: Mark Freedom.




Appears in

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Stardust Accelerator



WC09 Deck(s)

Gravekeeper Set

Mark is a character appearing in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Stardust Accelerator.


Mark uses a "Gravekeeper's" Deck, titled "Gravekeeper Set".

Facts about MarkRDF feed
Gender Male  +

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From Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker Wiki

English: Mark
Attribute: DARK Image:Dark.png
Types: Spellcaster/Effect
Level: 8 Image:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.png
ATK/DEF: 0/0
Card Lore: When this card is on the field all monster cards on your side of the field gain half there ATK placed on to their original ATK(EXAMPLE: 2000 ATK becomes 3000ATK). This card is immune to normal attacks as long as there is another monster card on your side of the field with it.
Card Limit: Limited
Other Card Information: Gallery - Rulings
Tips - Errata - Trivia
Lores - Artworks - Names
Facts about MarkRDF feed
Level 8  +

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