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Maris Brood
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Rise of the Empire era[1]

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"She hasn't been corrupted. Not yet. She's just afraid. May the Force be with you, Maris Brood."
Shaak Ti(audio)Listen (file info)

Maris Brood was a female Zabrak Jedi Padawan, who survived the initial stages of the Great Jedi Purge. She spent many years in hiding with Jedi Master Shaak Ti on the planet Felucia. After her master's death, she was absorbed by the dark side of the Force, darkening the whole planet. After she captured Senator Bail Prestor Organa, she was hunted down by Galen Marek, who defeated her in combat and spared her life, leaving her to escape the darkness of the planet.



"Maris, we are among the last of the Jedi. While we live, the Order survives. I cannot allow you to be captured or killed by the Empire."
―Master Shaak Ti to her apprentice. — (audio)Listen (file info)
Maris Brood, Shaak Ti and a native Felucian.

Maris Brood was found as an infant by the Jedi Order, and taken into training. Trained by her master on the starship Gray Pilgrim, she was distanced from the rest of the order during the Clone Wars. Due to their isolation, Maris and her master did not fall victim to the execution of Order 66. Still, the effects of the killings were felt even in seclusion; sensing the near-simultaneous deaths of so many Jedi, Brood's master set out to recover evidence of their fate.[1]

Her master disappeared, but he was still able to warn Maris of the destruction of the Jedi and Darth Vader's role in their deaths. Bent on revenge, Maris set out to hunt down and destroy Darth Vader. Intercepted by surviving Jedi Master Shaak Ti, Maris was persuaded away from the dark side of the Force and went into hiding in the forests of Felucia with her new master. When Galen Marek, Vader's secret apprentice, visited the planet for the first time, hunting Shaak Ti, Ti denied Brood the right to confront him alongside her. Ti instead sent her to the rancor graveyard, despite Brood's protestations that she was strong enough to stand alongside her master. After Ti was defeated and killed by Marek, Brood was left without a master once more, stranded and alone on Felucia. When Marek visited the planet for a second time, in a mission to rescue Senator Bail Organa, he discovered Brood waiting for him.[1]

Maris Brood asks Starkiller to spare her life after their duel.

When Organa had come to Felucia in search of Shaak Ti, unaware of her death, hoping she would rescue his adopted daughter, Brood had taken him captive. Ti's death, however, had plunged Maris deeper into darkness.[1] She captured the senator and kept him as her prisoner, planning to offer him to Vader, should he ever find her, in exchange for her freedom. When Marek arrived in search of Organa, Brood confronted him with her pet bull rancor.[1]

Marek killed the rancor and defeated Maris, severely injuring Brood with Force lightning. Begging for her life with the claim that if he let her live she would turn her back on the dark side, she convinced Marek to let her go. Organa protested, recalling Vader's fall to the dark side. Marek defended his mercy by saying that Maris was not truly free; and that she would carry the memories of what she had done with her forever.[1]

Personality and traits

"Oh, we're not crazy. We've just embraced the power of the Dark side."
―Maris Brood to Starkiller. — (audio)Listen (file info)

As the Empire's rule spread across the galaxy, Brood and her new master lived a life of hiding on the distant, inhospitable Felucia. Maris herself was keen to bring the fight to the enemy, though this impulse was held back by Shaak Ti. It seemed that Maris was more open to giving into the baser urges and more primal emotions that could lead down the path of the dark side, though Ti believed that it was because she was merely afraid.[1]

After Ti's death, Maris' sense of abandonment and betrayal at having been left alone on Felucia resulted in her falling to the dark side of the Force, though she would later claim that this was because of the dark nature of the planet itself.[1] She seemed to have become willing to place her survival above all else, taking hostages and potentially trading them to the Empire in exchange for her life, such as she was planning to do with the captive Bail Organa.[1]

Powers and abilities

Maris Brood was born a Force-sensitive, who was helped towards realizing her potential first by her Master and, later, Shaak Ti. Both undertook to train her in the use of the Force and the ways of the Jedi. Trained on both her first Master's ship, the Gray Pilgrim, and on the planet of Felucia by Shaak Ti, Maris Brood wasn't considered strong enough by Shaak Ti to face Galen Marek when he arrived on the planet to kill Ti. Brood utilized twin red guard shotos in combat (their crystal color before her corruption to the dark side was not revealed).[4] She used Force throw in combat as well as fighting at close range using melee attacks. Maris also showed an affinity for Beast Control, befriending the mythical Bull Rancor, which was thought to be untamable by the native Felucians. In an attempt to defeat the secret apprentice on Felucia, Maris Brood showed an ability in Force Cloak, hiding from Marek before launching withering attacks upon him.[1]

Behind the scenes

Maris Brood, voiced by Adrienne Wilkinson.

Leaked Hasbro toy catalogues were the first sources to reveal Maris's name. Her name was later confirmed by the March 2008 issue of Game Informer.[5]

Early images of the Force Unleashed figures in both the 2"[6] and 3.75" scales[7] showed Maris wielding twin green-bladed lightsabers with tonfa-shaped hilts. However, in later promotional artwork and in Hasbro's figure, Maris Brood is depicted with pink-bladed sabers. The handles on the final production figure are in the wrong place, forcing Maris to hold them near the blade rather than at the far end.[8]

Maris Brood was voiced and portrayed by actress Adrienne Wilkinson.

Maris can be selected as a playable skin in The Force Unleashed video game through the cheat code MARISBROOD. When selected, however, cutscenes are disabled.[1]


  • The Force Unleashed novel (First appearance)
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed comic (Appears in flashback(s))
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game


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Maris Brood
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Maris Brood was a female Zabrak Jedi Padawan.


As an infant, Maris Brood was found by the Jedi Order in the remote planet of Iridonia, and taken into training to Kamparas, and later to Coruscant. Trained as a Jedi for a time by the master Voolvif monn, but later she was sent into the outer rims with another master on the starship Gray Pilgrim, she was distanced from the rest of the order during the Clone Wars. Due to their isolation, Maris and her master did not experience the execution of Order 66 first hand. Feeling the death of many Jedi, including Voolvif Monn and Ki-Adi Mundi (her master's close friend) Brood's master set out to recover evidence of their fate.

He was able to inform Maris of the destruction of the Jedi and Darth Vader's role in their deaths before going missing. Bent on revenge, she set out to hunt and destroy Darth Vader. She received the call for the Conclave of Kessel, but when she arrived, it was too late, Vader had left the planet, and the Jedi were killed. Being intercepted by surviving Jedi Master Shaak Ti, Maris was persuaded away from the dark side of the Force, and went into hiding in the forests of Felucia. She was found there by an apprentice of Vader.

As a Padawan, she used a normal green lightsaber, but after her master's abscence, she took a dead Jedi's twin red lightsabers with tonfa shaped hilts. While on Felucia, she took to using a pair of guard shotos, which she wielded against Vader's apprentice. After the Emperor's demise she started working with clones again. She and her apprentice,Jayl Nu Von went on a lot of missions but her last mission was the most deadly. She was on felucia with her apprentice but they didnt know that the Emperor was reborn so he exacuted order 66 again so the clones started shooting at maris brood but she killed the clones but then she was stabbed in the back by her apprentice.

After her death, her apprentice had a meeting with the Emperor about the deal they made of killing Maris Brood. The Emperor said that all Jedi like her were traitors, so he forced the apprentice out of the building. Later, the Empire stated that Maris Brood was executed for killing native felucians, and her apprentice committed suicide.

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