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Marilith, also known as Marilis or Kary, is a recurring creature in the Final Fantasy series. Always snake-like, female, Fire-elemental, and usually sword-wielding, Marilith first appeared as a prominent boss in the original game and has since returned as a boss in others.



Final Fantasy

Main article: Marilith (Final Fantasy)

Originally translated as Kary, Marilith was one of the Four Fiends of Chaos. After the rampages of Tiamat and Kraken, Marilith made her abode in Mount Gulg, threatening the nearby town of Crescent Lake.

Final Fantasy IV

Main article: Lesser Marilith (Final Fantasy IV)

The Lesser Marilith is an enemy encountered in the Sealed Cave. Curiously, despite the name, there is no "greater" Marilith.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

See also: Lesser Marilith (The After Years) and Marilith (The After Years).

The Lesser Marilith from Final Fantasy IV returns in The After Years, and Marilith from Final Fantasy also appears along with the rest of the original Four Fiends. It is a powerful boss, but is still weak to Ice-elemental spells. It drops the Rising Sun upon defeat.

Final Fantasy IX

Main article: Maliris

Final Fantasy IX pays homage to many previous games in the series, and so the Four Fiends reappear as the guardians of the planet Terra. Marilis defends the Fire Shrine and is later battled in Memoria. Crystallized versions of her appear in the Crystal World.

Final Fantasy XII

Main article: Marilith (Final Fantasy XII)

Marilith appears as a mark in Final Fantasy XII, playing less of a role than in the previous two games. It is entirely serpentine in this game, and does not brandish any swords.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Main article: Marilith (Summon)

Marilith's summoned incarnation is her artwork from the original Final Fantasy. A portrait of her also hangs in the Chaos Temple stage.

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