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Structure Deck Marik is a Structure Deck based around cards used by Yami Marik, but features some of Strings' Slime cards and the corresponding support cards as well. It also contains a few "Gravekeeper's" monsters and supports, representing Marik Ishtar's personal history.

Deck Specifications
  • English Set Name: Structure Deck: Marik
  • OCG Set Prefix: SDM

Structure Deck: Marik OCG Gallery

Deck Rarities

Ultra Rares

Super Rares

Card List


SDM-001 Humanoid Slime

SDM-002 Makyura the Destructor

SDM-003 Revival Jam

SDM-004 Guardian Sphinx

SDM-005 Dark Jeroid

SDM-006 Newdoria

SDM-007 Helpoemer

SDM-008 Gravekeeper's Curse

SDM-009 Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier

SDM-010 Gravekeeper's Chief

SDM-011 A Cat of Ill Omen

SDM-012 An Owl of Luck

SDM-013 Cobra Jar

SDM-014 Lava Golem

SDM-015 Byser Shock

SDM-016 Drillago

SDM-017 Lekunga

SDM-018 Bowganian

SDM-019 Granadora

SDM-020 Viser Des

SDM-021 Magical Stone Excavation

SDM-022 Mystical Space Typhoon

SDM-023 Monster Reborn

SDM-024 Jam Breeding Machine

SDM-025 Card of Safe Return

SDM-026 Creature Swap

SDM-027 Dark Room of Nightmare

SDM-028 Stumbling

SDM-029 Nightmare's Steelcage

SDM-030 Spell of Pain

SDM-031 Malevolent Catastrophe

SDM-032 Jam Defender

SDM-033 Mirror Force

SDM-034 Reckless Greed

SDM-035 Coffin Seller

SDM-036 Rite of Spirit

SDM-037 Rope of Life

SDM-038 Nightmare Wheel

SDM-039 Acid Trap Hole

SDM-040 Widespread Ruin

SDM-041 Worm Drake

SDM-042 Giga Gagagigo

SDM-043 Mother Grizzly

SDM-044 Wandering Mummy

SDM-045 Swarm of Scarabs

SDM-046 Swarm of Locusts

SDM-047 Lord Poison

SDM-048 Rush Recklessly

SDM-049 Infinite Cards

SDM-050 Pyramid Energy

SDM-051 Non-Spellcasting Area

SDM-052 Bottomless Shifting Sand

SDM-053 Curse of Royal

SDM-054 Staunch Defender

SDM-055 Compulsory Evacuation Device

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English Set Names Structure Deck: Marik  +
OCG Set Prefixes SDM  +
Set Release OCG  +
Set Type Structure Deck  +

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