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Outer Rim Territories


Rolion sector


Maridun system

Grid coordinates


Primary terrain
  • Sparse rainforests
  • Savannahs
Native species
Immigrated species
Primary language(s)



Maridun was the grassy and forested homeworld of the Amanin species. Maridun went unnoticed for many years, and so was considered a haven by those who knew of of its existence. The planet would serve as a haven for the Lurmen who sought to escape the Clone Wars, and was home to a battle when Confederate General Lok Durd arrived on the planet to test an experimental weapon.

The planet was officially discovered by the Galactic Empire around 11 BBY after the Amanin made contact with them. The Empire created several mining colonies on the planet. When the Empire had reduced its presence following the Battle of Maridun, the Hutt Empire moved in and enslaved much of the planet.




Clone Wars

A Lurmen village

A group of Lurmen under Tee Watt Kaa settled on the planet during the Clone Wars to escape the destruction of the war. A strongly pacifist society, Kaa had a strong belief in nonviolence and neutrality in the war. Nevertheless, the war would be brought to them when a Galactic Republic cruiser carrying Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Aayla Secura and a squad of clone troopers crash-landed on the planet after a hyperdrive malfunction.

At the same time, a separatist force led by General Lok Durd landed on the planet claiming to be at their aid. Maridun was, in fact, a prime location to test fire the Defoliator weapon the Confederacy had just constructed.

Kaa nearly accepted the Lurmen "destiny" to be destroyed by this weapon, but the Jedi went against his orders to leave the planet and set up a shield defense around the village and disable the Defoliator, capturing Durd.

Galactic Empire

The Galactic Empire began mining operations around 11 BBY. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, those colonies fell under attack by local Amani tribes, resulting in heavy casualties. Janek Sunber, who had taken over the Imperial forces following the death of Ziering, would soon discover the Amani concept of takital- and that they were an intelligent species capable of negotiating.

A tribe of Amani on Maridun.

Following the Battle of Maridun, the Imperials made a deal with an Amanin lorekeeper in which his tribe would help slave traders capture Amanin from other tribes as slaves.

This battle would later be something of a legend amongst Imperial infantry, the Imperial propaganda machine having made the battle into a heroic struggle for survival—and of course, a success—from the display of officer ineptitude it had in fact been.

After the Empire moved its attention towards other systems, smaller private interests, especially those associated with criminals like the Hutts, began to take control of the slave trade. After only a few years of Imperial and private slave trading, Amanin were spread through much of the galaxy. Some of these Amanin returned to Maridun with blasters and other advanced technology, taking control of local tribes.


Wildlife native to Maridun included birds, herd animals, a dangerous predatory animals called charnoq, mastif phalones, carrier butterflies, fwits, and enormous lumbering corinathoths.


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