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race: Human, Caucasian
affiliation: herself
role: Moonshiner
location: Marguerite's Shack
appearances: Fallout 3 (add-on Point Lookout)
quests: A Spoonful of Whiskey
actor: Bari Biern
base id: xx003f6e
ref id: xx003f6f

Marguerite is one of the inhabitants of Point Lookout in the year 2277.



She is the descendant of a family of moonshiners. Like Haley, the locals do not bother her because she was born in Point Lookout.

Interactions with the player character

Main article: A Spoonful of Whiskey

When first encountered, Marguerite pretends to be sick in an attempt to get the player to gather materials to cure her "Orange Fever". If your Medicine is high enough(over 70), she will drop the pretense and ask you to gather items to make Moonshine.

If you have a high enough repair skill (minimum 44), you can also volunteer to fix Marguerite's Still for 100 caps (200 caps if you pass a speech check).


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Merc Veteran Outfit
Head Wrap
Sawed-Off Shotgun - -


Marguerite appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.

Point Lookout (add-on)

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