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From The Vault

race: Super Mutant
affiliation: Broken Hills
Chosen One
role: Sheriff
location: Broken Hills
appearances: Fallout 2
quests: Find the missing people for Marcus
dialogue file: HcMARCUS.msg
actor: Michael Dorn

Marcus is the elderly super mutant sheriff of Broken Hills. A survivor of the Master's army, his once fervent dedication to the Master's cause has since softened into a more tolerant attitude.

After the Master's defeat, Marcus wandered aimlessly until in the Summer of 2185, at high noon, he encountered a Brotherhood of Steel knight in Power Armor named Jacob who had pledged himself to the extermination of all mutants. Marcus and Jacob fought for a day or two, but they soon realized the futility of their battle and became friends (though Marcus always thought that Jacob would have been improved by a dip in the FEV vats, while Jacob disagreed, which was always a bone of contention between the two). As they wandered through the wastes, they attracted a following of other refugees from the war, who believed that the combined might of the pair gave them the closest thing available to safety. Eventually, Marcus and Jacob lead the refugees to settling in Broken Hills to exploit the uranium mine there.

After the Chosen One helped him to settle some problems in Broken Hills, he joined him on his quest to find the Garden of Eden Creation Kit, and eventually to save the people of Arroyo (and the rest of the world) from the Enclave. When the Enclave was destroyed, Marcus followed the example set by the Chosen One and traveled across the great mountains to the east, to search for other refugees from the Master's army. It is unknown what happened to him after that.

Appearances in games

Marcus appears only in Fallout 2. He is a talking head voiced by Michael Dorn and a joinable NPC. He can join you after the mine purifier has been fixed. He is skilled with big guns and large energy weapons. However, sometimes his use of burst weapons are as devastating to the Chosen One and his/her party as to enemies. Also, because of his size, he is incapable of wearing armor, which leaves him somewhat vulnerable. Marcus has innate armor statistics that increase as he gains in abilities. At his highest level, he has the equivalent of a suit of combat armor. Also, the ammunition for his big guns can be hard to come by and expensive to purchase.

Having Marcus in your party will generally cause you to be denied entry into Vault City (though not its southern courtyard). If not, you could always leave him outside to pick him up again. However, if you become Captain of the Guard, the Vault City guards will let you take Marcus into the city. Various other locations such as bars will not allow Marcus entry, though this can be solved by making him wait.


While Marcus says that he is no longer sterile, Chris Avellone, who wrote that dialogue, confirmed that Marcus was only joking and that super mutants remain entirely sterile.

During Combat, if Marcus is hit by an enemy weapon, he may occasionally cry out: "I am NOT a merry Mutant!" This is an obvious nod to Michael Dorn's role as the Klingon, Worf on Star Trek: The Next Generation as his character said a very similiar line.


Most of the information in this article comes from the game itself, except for Marcus's eventual fate, which comes from Fallout Bible #6.

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