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Marche Radiuju
Sprite(s) Marche's in-game St. Ivalice portrait Marche's in-game soldier portrait Marche's in-game sprite in St. Ivalice Marche's in-game sprite as a Soldier in Ivalice
Japanese マーシュ・ラディウユ
Romaji Māshu Radiuyu
Age About 12-14
Race Human
Job class New Kid/Soldier
Voice Actor
(Radio Drama)
Yuka Imai
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Character
"I am who I am, I am what I have done."

Marche Radiuju is the protagonist of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. A young child who has just moved into a new town, Marche finds it hard to fit in until he makes two new friends: the shy Mewt Randell and the more upcoming Ritz Malheur. After the trio discover a magical tome with Marche's brother Doned, they are transported to the magical world of Ivalice. Marche then vows to return him and his friends back to their true reality.


Appearance and Personality

Marche's hairstyle is similar to Ramza Beoulve, blond hair with a strand of hair popping out. In St. Ivalice, Marche wears a white scarf and a blue sweater, with brown shorts. When the town was transformed into Ivalice, Marche wears a blue shirt with a hood. He also has silver shoulder and elbow blades that have carvings on them. His brown gloves are fingerless and his shorts have two belts that cross each other. Hanging on the blades are a bag of flat objects which might be speculated as Law Cards. He also has brown high-stockings with a blade on one side of each of them.

Headstrong and with a strong sense of justice, Marche can sometimes get so dedicated to one train of thought that he will not see things from anyone else's point of view, which often gets him in trouble with those who happen to share those opposite views. Because of this lack of empathy, Marche can in some ways be considered the "villain" of the game, as his actions seek to force his will upon those he encounters, up to the destruction of an entire world.


"The game begins soon after Marche moves to St. Ivalice, the country town where his mother was born. The reason for the move was twofold: Marche's parent's divorce became final after many years of separation, and they had to leave the home where Marche grew up. In addition, Marche's little brother Doned found that his illness was getting worse, and the family figured a move to the countryside might be good for him. But when all of Ivalice changes, Marche's adventure begins. Will he be able to restore the world to the way it was before?"
—Online Description
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Marche and Doned at home.

Marche and his sick brother Doned moved into St. Ivalice, following their mother who believed that a change in environment would be good for Doned's health. The Radiuju family had lived in a hot place where it practically never snowed.

At school, Marche automatically receives the nickname "New Kid" by the bullies Lyle, Colin, and Guinness, and is even teased at for being so quiet like "a little girl", only for Marche to merely ignore them. Eventually he befriends Mewt Randell, and Ritz Malheur, the Class Head.

After school, Marche and his new friends agree to meet at his house to look at Mewt's new book on monsters and magic. While reading it with Doned, the kids think it would be great if a game world like "Final Fantasy" becomes the real world. As the kids slept, St. Ivalice slowly transforms into a dream Ivalice; the snowy landscape changed into a hot climate filled with fantasy creatures.

When Marche wakes up later, he finds himself stranded in a strange land. Unintentionally offending a Bangaa, Marche receives Montblanc's help. Montblanc becomes his guide in the country called Ivalice, and even joined Montblanc's clan, Clan Nutsy. Marche then made it his mission to return the world to normal and to find his friends.

At first, Marche just does the odd mission, but while on the mission Twisted Flow, Marche is transported into a strange dimension where a Crystal is found. Before he could approach it, a being known as Famfrit appears, proclaiming himself a Totema, a defender of the crystal. Marche engaged the Totema in battle and was victorious. After Famfrit joined Marche's cause, the crystal shattered and an image of Mewt in pain appeared. A voice then told Marche that what he just destroyed was one of the world threads, and that if all are destroyed a new world would be born. Taking this as a hint on how to get his own world back, Marche resolves to destroy all the world threads.

After returning from the strange incident, Marche's next mission introduced him to the famous Ezel Berbier, who was under attack from several warriors aligned with the Judges. After helping Ezel, Marche is shown first hand the power of the Anti-Law cards. From then on, Ezel considered Marche a close friend and valuable customer.

It is not until the mission Hot Awakening that Marche finds the next world thread. While at Roda Volcano, a violent earthquake opens up the portal to the crystal, which Marche blindly leaps in to. Inside he is confronted by the next Totema, or at least one of its forms, the Ultima Crystals. Upon defeating Ultima and shattering the crystal, another image of Mewt appears, this time demanding to know who is trying to destroy his dream world. When Marche returns to Ivalice, he starts to have second thoughts about going about destroying his friend's world.

During the mission Pale Company, Marche is ordered to find a ghost. Entering the Nargai Cave, Marche does indeed find some kind of spirit, but is completely unafraid of it. While following it, he is suddenly pulled into another portal and into a crystal chamber. The ghost is here too, but is suddenly absorbed by the next Totema, Adrammelech. Adrammelech claims that only his master may approach the crystal, so Marche decides to engage him in battle. After defeating him and shattering the crystal, Marche finds himself back in the cave where Babus Swain is waiting for him. Before Babus can really do anything, another image of Mewt appears and appears to be in pain. Babus asks Marche that even if the world is fake, is it really worth causing Mewt so much pain to revert it?

Later at Muscadet, Marche finds Judges taking away people for questioning, as they look for the people trying to destroy the world. When Marche sees a Moogle being mistreated he runs in and claims he is who they are looking for. The Judge questions this and sends in some units to see if he truly is who they want. After defeating the units, Judgemaster Cid appears and concludes that he is indeed the boy they are looking for. He then takes Marche in for questioning.

While Cid questions Marche, wanting to know why he is destroying the world threads, another portal just happens to open, taking in Marche, Cid, and Babus. Inside the chamber Marche is able to conclude that this Totema is severely weakened as the Exodus Fruit can do nothing at all. However, Babus claims that he will not allow anyone to destroy the crystal and tries to defend Exodus. Upon destroying all the fruit and Babus, the crystal shatters, and Marche and Cid are exposed to a scene from their past, causing Cid to regain all his memories. Now realizing that what Marche is doing is right, Cid allows Marche to leave.

On the mission Desert Patrol, Marche finally finds his brother, Doned. Not only is he still alive, he's also regained the use of his legs. However, instead of being equally happy to see his older brother, Doned runs to the nearest clan group and turns Marche in. Dumbfounded, Marche fights off the group and wonders what is wrong with Doned.

Marche can't stop thinking about what just happened, but during the mission Quiet Sands he encounters his biggest threat yet, the mysterious Llednar Twem. Llednar tells Marche to leave the Delia Dunes, and before he can ask why, his question is answered as they are pulled into another crystal chamber. Inside Llednar tries to kill Marche with his ultimate technique, Omega. Just before he can use it though, Cid appears and uses an Anti-Law to disable it. The two engage each other in battle, but Marche is no match for him. It is only when Llednar breaks a law that Cid red cards him and sends him away.

Proceeding to the crystal chamber, Marche is confronted by the final Totema, Mateus. Mateus tries to trick Marche out of his will to fight, but he has none of it, and engages her in battle. When Mateus is defeated, the crystal shatters, but the world doesn't change back. A voice, that of Queen Remedi, then proclaims that even without the crystals, the world will remain as long as someone wants it to remain. Realizing that his friends want this world to stay, Marche sets out to convince them to revert the world back.

Knowing that the palace is having an audience day, the clan sets out to get a gift, some Materite. In the Materiwoods, the clan is ambushed by a group of Viera bandits who knew that Marche would be there. Upon defeating the bandits, Marche realizes that it must have been Doned who told them where to find him. Surely enough, Doned appears before his brother and claims that he doesn't want to go back since he has nothing and Marche has everything, shattering the Materite the clan had come to claim. Doned then runs off, causing Marche to exclaim that Doned did have something he'd always wanted.

They still manage to make a gift in time to present to Mewt. However, inside the palace they are ambushed in the waiting room by the castle guards. After dealing with the initial batch, Babus appears to help them, wanting to know more about the other world. Taking them to the throne room, Marche approaches an angry Mewt and tries to reason with him, but is cut short by Queen Remedi, who teleports Mewt away. Before they can do anything they are confronted by Llednar, who is invincible to anything they throw at him. Cid eventually arrives on the scene, causing Llednar to run away. Babus and Cid then promise to find where Mewt has gotten to.

While they looked for Mewt, Marche goes looking for his brother. He goes to a mythril vein and starts digging, which surely enough gets the attention of Doned. After disposing of his goons, Marche tells Doned that he was always jealous of all the attention he got and that he wishes he was as loved as him. Hearing these words makes Doned realize that it is wrong to be so selfish and agrees to help Marche revert the world.

After finding out that Mewt is hiding in Ambervale, Marche starts his trek there. However on the mountain path there he is confronted by his other friend, Ritz. She too wants the world to stay like this and attacks. Upon her defeat, she accepts her fate and allows Marche's clan through.

At Ambervale, Marche has one final engagement with Llednar, and using Ezel's ultimate Anti-Law, is able to dispel his protection, allowing him to defeat Mewt's evil side once and for all. Inside Marche confronts Queen Remedi, and manages to knock her out. While she is down and out, Marche begins to convince Mewt that this world is not good for him and that they should go home. However, before Mewt can be fully convinced, Queen Remedi reveals her true form, the Li-Grim, the final world thread and the collection of all the world's wishes. Marche fights and defeats her, allowing him to convince Mewt to return them all home. Mewt summons the Gran Grimoire and takes them all home. Back in St. Ivalice, snow is falling once again, and they learn to appreciate their own lives, outside the realm of fantasy.

After the Corrupt Judge are defeted (which all 300 missions should be completed first), Judgemaster Cid Randell will say that he would give him the Judge Sword.


Marche Radiuju in battle.


Marche is the only character in the game whose name can be decided solely by the player and can be whatever the player wants, and not from the pool of names programmed into the game. The player may change the name, if they wish, at the beginning of the game when the opportunity is given.


Marche starts out as a Soldier having already mastered the Combat Combo. After the first mission, Lizard Men!?, the player can change his job class to Thief, Archer, Black Mage, or White Mage, and then proceed to level up in whichever class becomes available.


During Snowball Fight

Level Max HP Max MP Move Jump Evade Weapon Attack Weapon Magic Magic Power Magic Resist Speed
2 15 10 3 2 50 26 32 0 9 108

During Mission "Lizard Men!?"

(The stats that are changed will be in bold text. Decreased stats will be in red)

Level Max HP Max MP Move Jump Evade Weapon Attack Weapon Magic Magic Power Magic Resist Speed
3 59 16 4 2 54 138 140 75 94 106

Musical Theme

Marche's main theme is Marche and at Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: Original Soundtrack, it is number 19 at Disk One and number 14 at Disk Two. It was used for Fulfilled Dream Segment and Ritz. There was a remix for White: Melodies of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance called Marche (Love for Humanity Version). It was arranged by Akira Sasaki. It contains a soft feeling at first, while at a few seconds later the music builds up and a more cheerful music is played, which could picture a light of hope for Marche. Despite that this is a song for the main protagonist, it was a short piece of music, being only 58 seconds.


  • When the game starts with the snowball fight, the player can access the stats of every character in the screen, except for Mr. Leslaie because he plays the role of a judge. The Job Class of Marche is "New Kid". He, along with Mewt and Ritz, are the only combatants who have any Magic Defense score in that battle.
  • Marche resembles Ramza Beoulve, protagonist of Final Fantasy Tactics. Also, both Ramza and Marche refuse to take the stands others have taken — they stand against manipulation and living in a false reality, respectively.
  • Marche's large rounded sword at the artwork had appeared in the Bishop's Prayer Judge, while Cid also has the same large rounded sword at his artwork. This may imply that Marche's artwork sword is indeed the Judge Sword. Regardless, the player cannot obtain it for personal use.
  • The large rounded sword is also seen in the hands of Luso Clemens, the hero of Final Fantasy Tactics A2.
  • On Marche's artwork it is visible that he possesses a necklace, which is the same necklace Montblanc has in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. It is revealed that this is the Gigas Pendant.


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