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"...His ultimate goal was for the Church to be the supreme power in Ivalice - greater even than the Crown itself..."
—High Confessor Marcel Funebris' Personae

High Confessor Marcel Funebris (マリッジ・フューネラル, Marijji Fyūneraru), also known as High Priest Marge Funeral, is the leader of the Church of Glabados in Final Fantasy Tactics. He is 80 years old, and a Capricorn.


Funebris has a plan to make the church more powerful, involving using the division between Duke Larg and Duke Goltanna to cause a war. After both sides are weak, he plans to have the church mediate the conflict and use the Zodiac Stones to create a new group of Zodiac Braves to restore confidence in the church.

Funebris is unaware, however, that even as he manipulates Larg and Goltanna, he himself is being manipulated by Folmarv Tengille, leader of the Knights Templar. Folmarv is part of the Lucavi plot to revive Ultima, which initially is aligned with the Glabados goals. Ultimately however, these goals diverge, and when they do, Folmarv decides that Funebris is no longer useful. Fellow Knight Templars Loffrey Wodring and Cletienne Duroi join Folmarv at St. Mullonde Temple, the stronghold of the church, where they betray Funebris.

Wounded, Funebris begs for mercy. Folmarv demands the location of the portal to the Necrohol of Mullonde, the only place where Ultima can be resurrected. Funebris informs Folmarv that it is at Orbonne Monastery, and that the way to open the portal is contained within the Scriptures of Germonique, which are in Ramza Beoulve's possession. Funebris again pleads for mercy, but his pleas fall on deaf ears: all three Knight Templars are demon-possessed. As Folmarv and Cletienne leave the room, Loffrey mortally wounds Funebris. Funebris manages to survive long enough for Ramza to arrive. Funebris realizes that the so-called heretic is the only one who can stop Folmarv and uses the last of his strength to mutter the word Orbonne, alerting Ramza to Folmarv's next destination. He then expires, as Ramza makes haste to stop the Lucavi plot.


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