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Marasiah Fel
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Brown, with white streaks[1]

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Legacy era[1]

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Elke Vetter[4]

"That's the former Princess Marasiah Fel—snarky attitude and all!"
Deliah Blue

Marasiah Fel, affectionately known as Sia, was the only child of Emperor Roan Fel and the great-granddaughter of Jagged Fel, founder of the Fel dynasty.



Marasiah Fel

Some Moffs made no secret of their doubts about a woman being in line to take the throne, but like her father, Princess Marasiah was trained as an Imperial Knight, although she had not received a formal knighting when Darth Krayt and Grand Admiral Morlish Veed began their machinations to seize control of the Empire. By the time of the Attack on Emperor Fel, Marasiah was already secreted away on Bastion.

Marasiah acted as an emissary between her father and Imperial systems, often infiltrating planets in secret in order to determine the loyalty of the officers governing there. She was fluent in many languages, including Basic, Bocce, High Galactic and Huttese.[5]


On the run

"I will not allow you to kill another who has risen in my defense! I felt you kill Elke Vetter. That was enough."
―Marasiah Fel to Darth Talon

In 137 ABY, Sia, her bodyguard Imperial Knight Elke Vetter and her guide Astraal Vao were attacked while at the Imperial Mission on Socorro by Darth Talon, acting as Hand for Darth Krayt. Beating Vetter in one-on-one lightsaber combat, Talon tortured the Imperial Knight before finally killing her with Force lightning. Princess Marasiah felt the death of her instructor and friend through the Force and was torn between seeking revenge for Elke's death and escaping to continue on with her mission.

Strong-willed and independent, Sia was conflicted in doing "what duty requires," to use the words of her father, while others sacrificed and died around her, little realizing that she was actually of little importance to the Sith hunting her, except as a way to find her father.

A wanted poster for Marasiah.

The path of Sia and Astraal's escape led them to the Mynock and Cade Skywalker. She demanded immediate passage and promise of reimbursing at the other end. But the bounty hunter wanted frontal creds, so Sia "ordered" him but it didn't work as he was once a Jedi. But at the sight of the Sith, Cade initiated emergency take-off procedures and blasted off Socorro. The two women hoped to make a rendezvous with Astraal's brother Shado on Vendaxa, but the self-serving Cade had other ideas, specifically the bounty on Marasiah and her father's heads, planning on delivering her to her father and then sell their hideaway to the Sith.

Fight for survival

"I envy you your freedom but I'm not walking away from my responsibilities. The Sith are evil. It's the Empire's—and my father's—shame that we ever allied with them. We must make it right. Eventually, we must all strike back at our fears."
―Marasiah Fel to Cade Skywalker on Vendaxa

Arriving on Vendaxa, Sia and the crew of the Mynock were attacked by an acklay. The timely arrival of Shado Vao and Wolf Sazen stopped the animal, and Sia made arrangements to travel with the two Jedi. And she already guessed that the pirates knew her identity. She was willing to give them creds for transfer into their accounts—once she and the Jedi have left Vendexa and them. But a sudden attack by Darth Talon prevented them from escaping, and Marasiah confronted the Sith before she could kill Wolf Sazen. Her attempt at revenge for the murder of her master, Elke Vetter, was short-lived, as Talon Force-pushed her away easily. Cade Skywalker intervened, throwing Talon into the forest with the Force, and led the party to the Mynock, but the ship had been sabotaged by Talon prior to her attack, stranding them on Vendaxa.

Marasiah saves Cade Skywalker from an attacking Sith on Vendaxa.

While waiting for repairs on the Mynock, it was revealed to her that Cade was a Skywalker. She approached him about the subject and told him how she wished she could just disappear from her destiny too. But she also told him that she would not run away from her responsibilities. When Imperial Knights arrived they were shot down, but survived the crash. Marasiah joined the other knights in the fight along with Cade. Marasiah condemned Antares Draco during their fight with the Sith for coming, knowing that her father would never send a rescue mission. When Draco confessed his love for her she told him, "I know."

She saved Cade's life when he was in a daze and failed to notice a Sith approaching him. Marasiah cut down the Sith, but not without injury. When Cade, holding her injured form in his arms, asked her why she did it, she said, "Told you... had to make it right... even if it's only... one... life..." She then fell silent. Cade called her lightsaber to him using the Force. Igniting it, he proclaimed "I have had enough."

Marasiah just barely survived the encounter, and afterwards the Imperial Knights and the Jedi brought her board the Mynock at Cade's request, Cade used his power to revive people from the dead on her, bringing her back from the brink of death. She was then escorted back to Bastion onboard the Mynock.

Imperial Knight

"I know the feelings you have for me—as well as your sense of duty. And thus, you're conflicted. I am not. I have no intention of letting my father run my personal life."
―Marasiah Fel to Antares Draco
Marasiah kissing Antares Draco.

Sometime after this, Marasiah completed her training and was formally knighted as an Imperial Knight. After being charged with a mission by her father, Sia met with Antares at the Pellaeon Gardens. Antares had been distancing himself from her ever since they returned to Bastion, and Marasiah knew her father had ordered him to do so. She told Antares that she would not allow her father to run her personal life, and showed him that she reciprocated his love by kissing him. Antares sadly said he wasn't sure if they could be together, but Sia confidently said they could.

The Knights were sent to find Skywalker before he fell into the Sith's clutches again. They were contacted by a fellow Knight, Azlyn Rae, who was once a Jedi, relaying information about the Jedi Order's Hidden Temple. Sia personally knew Azlyn and was confident her loyalty would be to the Empire rather than to the Jedi. If not, the Imperial Knights would be able to weed out traitors.

Fel, along with Draco and Krieg, would later be present in the Hidden Temple as Cade Skywalker met the Jedi High Council. She and the other knights were treated with distrust by the Jedi, due to Roan Fel's involvement in the Sith-Imperial War. Marasiah then told the Jedi High Council that it was in fact the Sith who had orchestrated the aforementioned events, including tampering with the Ossus Project. After this statement, Marasiah asked the Jedi High Council to join their forces with the Empire's. The Jedi then told her that they would consider her offer. She then conversed with the other Imperial Knights about Skywalker's plan to assassinate Krayt. She figured they could convince him to join them with bribery.

Later, Marasiah had a discussion with Azlyn, who was torn between her past as a Jedi and her duty as a Knight. Sia reminded her of her of the oaths she swore for life as well as warning her of the fate of the only Imperial Knight who broke his vows.

The next day, Sia and the others were witness via hologram to the Council's decision; they wished to pursue negotiations with her father but rejected Cade Skywalker's proposal of assassination. Sia stayed behind to continue diplomacies while she sent her fellow Knights to accompany Skywalker.

Behind the scenes

On page 19 of Legacy 7, it was intended that Deliah Blue and Cade spend the night together. However, a coloring mistake in the issue showed Marasiah in place of Deliah. A corrected version of the page was published in Legacy 9, and it was also corrected in the Broken trade paperback.

In a post on the Jedi Council Forums, Jan Duursema wrote that she considers Marasiah to be "about 18". This would mean she was born around 119 ABY.[6]


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