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Maranda's Inn.

Maranda (マランダ Maranda) is a town in the game Final Fantasy VI. It is a small town in the southwest. Lola lives there.


World of Balance

Maranda on the WOB map.

Maranda, a town on the Southern Continent, was the target of a particularly brutal assault by the Empire. General Celes Chere personally torched the city, forcing all residents to begin rebuilding. The Empire then drafted all the men in town into the army, and garrisoned a small Imperial force there. These soldiers can usually be found in the center of town, gambling on dog fights.

Eventually, Maranda was liberated after the Returners' banquet with Emperor Gestahl.



Maranda's weapon shop in the World of Balance.
Weapon Price
Epee 3,000 Gil
Mithril Pike 800 Gil
Trident 1,700 Gil
Poison Claw 2,500 Gil
Boomerang 4,500 Gil
Maranda's armor shop in the World of Balance.
Armor Price
Mithril Helm 2,000 Gil
Bard's Hat 3,000 Gil
Green Beret 3,000 Gil
Mithril Vest 1,200 Gil
Mithril Mail 3,500 Gil

World of Ruin

Maranda on the WOR map.

Immediately after obtaining the Falcon, Celes sees a carrier pigeon. She asks Setzer to follow it to Maranda, where the party sees it delivering letters to Lola. Knowing that Lola's boyfriend died, they follow the pigeon again to Zozo and to the top of Mt. Zozo, where they find Cyan sending the letters in her boyfriend's stead. Cyan returns to Maranda and apologizes to Lola.

The desert outside Maranda is also home to the legendary Cactuars, who give 10000 GP and 10 Magic Points per battle.


Weapon Price
SwordBreaker 16,000 Gil
Falchion 17,000 Gil
Gravity Rod 13,000 Gil
Inviz Edge 200 Gil
Shadow Edge 400 Gil
Fire Skean 500 Gil
Water Edge 500 Gil
Bolt Edge 500 Gil
Armor Price
Crystal Shield 7,000 Gil
Oath Veil 9,000 Gil
Crystal Helm 10,000 Gil
Dark Gear 13,000 Gil
Tao Robe 13,000 Gil
Crystal Mail 17,000 Gil

Enemy formations

Outside: Plains (WOB)

Outside: Desert (WOB)

Outside: Forest (WOB)

Outside: Barrens (WOR)

Outside: Forest (WOR)

Outside: Desert (WOR)


"Under Martial Law" from Final Fantasy VI
Image:FFVI - Under Martial Law.ogg
Trouble with the audio sample?

"Under Martial Law" is Maranda's World of Balance background theme, while "From that Day On..." is Maranda's World of Ruin the background theme.

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