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The Mara
Also known as:
Race: Mara
Home Planet: Manussa
Home Era: Sumaran Era
Actor: Barry Smith (puppeteer)

The Mara was an entity which tempted and bullied beings into allowing it to possess them. The Mara has at different times been refered to as an it, he, and they, so it is uncertain whether the Mara is a being or species/hive mind or something else. In physical form, it manifested as a snake-shaped mark on the arm or a giant snake.



The Mara was a being which fed on the suffering and madness of others. It tempted individuals into letting it control them and would create havoc and chaos to pleasure itself. Something the Kinda were able to understand is that life and death are a turning wheel, and it was the Mara who turned the wheel. In this thinking, wars would help the Mara as they created death and the true way to be free of the Mara was to find peace.


Early history

The Mara was an entity created from the evil in the minds of the people of the planet Manussa in the Scrampus system. It and given independent life via the Great Crystal, which the Manussans created in a zero gravity environment. The Mara then founded the Sumaran Empire. (DW: Snakedance) It existed in the minds of its victims and can transfer itself in the form of a tattoo-like mark, to those who yielded to it. It was so evil that it cannot bear the sight of its own reflection. (DW: Kinda)

On Manussa, the Mara was defeated and driven out by an ancestor of the future Federator and cast into the "dark places of the inside". (DW: Snakedance)

Later history

It was on the planet Deva Loka that the the Doctor, Tegan and Adric encountered the Mara. (Nyssa, meanwhile, rested in the TARDIS.) Tegan fell asleep listening to wind chimes and mentally entered the Dark Places of the Inside. The Mara manifested to her as the elderly game-playing couple Anatta and Anicca, who insisted she could not possibly exist, and then as Dukkha, who tempted and tormented her until she agreed to let Mara take over her body. The Mara used her body to find and possess Aris, one of the peaceful Kinda tribe, leaving Tegan. Kinda tradition did not allow men (other than "idiots") to speak. Aris called himself "Aris, He Who Has Voice" and began to rally them against Human colonists led by Hindle. The Doctor was able to prevent the humans detonating a bomb and managed to trap the Mara in a circle of mirrors and face itself, therefore, driving it back into the Dark Places of the Inside. (DW: Kinda) Tegan remained very shaken by the experience, as she confided to Nyssa afterward. (DW: The Visitation) Unknown to all, the Mara still had influence over Tegan. (DW: Snakedance)

Late, the Mara guided Tegan to take the Doctor's TARDIS to Manussa, the birthplace of the Mara, where a ceremony was to be held to mark the 500th anniversary of its banishment. The Mara used Tegan, the showman Dugdale, and the son of the Federator, Lon, to obtain the Great Crystal to restore itself to physical itself. The Doctor was guided by an old mystic named Dojjen who showed him how to find the "still point". When the Mara tried to make its return at the ceremony, the Doctor concentrated his thoughts with a small replica of the Great Crystal, and by finding the still point was able to repel the Mara. Then by grabbing the Great Crystal, the Doctor broke the Mara's hold over its controlled Manussans, and destroyed its new snake body. This time, the Mara had apparently been completely destroyed for good. (DW: Snakedance)

Minor references

Whether this indicates a connection remains unknown.

Behind the Scenes


Mythology & Fiction

  • Writer Christopher Bailey derived the Mara from a demon of the same name in Buddhist mythology which, as in Doctor Who, symbolizes temptation rather then evil(at least, in the sense of "sinfulness"). In Kinda, Dukkha, Panna, Karuna, Anatta and Anicca's names and functions all derive from Buddhism as well. Dukkha is suffering, and in Snakedance, Tanha is restlessness. The Mara is also apparently aware of its grotesque hideous features, which may account for the circle of mirrors.
  • In addition, the parallels to the Book of Genesis in Kinda, namely a serpent representing temptation in a forested paradise, complete with apples, should be obvious.
  • The "Mara" mentioned in the Torchwood episode Small Worlds (quite possibly a deliberate reference to the Doctor Who Mara) come from Northern European mythology. The word "nightmare" comes from folklore about these Mara.
  • The creation of the Mara as described in Snakedance has similarities to the origins of the Monster from the Id from the 1956 film Forbidden Planet. (Forbidden Planet also influenced the Doctor Who story Planet of Evil.)


According to interviews with Bailey in Doctor Who: The Unfolding Text, the Mara in Kinda used temptation to behave in culturally disapproved-of ways. In Tegan's case, sensuality (or even sexuality), in Aris's case, aggression, which the Kinda regarded as abhorrent, especially when enacted by a male. Bailey did not welcome the addition of not-so-subtle indications of possession by the Mara, indicated by special effects, feeling instead that the acting of Janet Fielding, who played Tegan, and others, put the point across more than adequately. He particularly disliked the imagery of glowing red eyes which, he said, seemed to hark back to the Christian notion of the Devil.

Though the Mara stories have a great deal of respect among fans, Mara's appearance as a very unrealistic giant snake (especially in Kinda) has often been cited as an example of Doctor Who's budget letting it down.

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Mara was a Klingon female who lived in the 23rd century. She was the wife of Captain Kang, and also served side-by-side with him, both as science officer (TOS episode: "Day of the Dove") and later as first officer. (TOS eBook: The Blood-Dimmed Tide)

While Kang often acted impulsively, Mara took it upon herself to be a calming influence, forcing him to pause and think through his actions.

In 2291, when Kang needed to extract information from renegade Klingon Captain Klaa, Mara proposed that Spock, who had been charged to investigate overtures of cooperation between the Federation and the Klingons, engage in a mind meld with him.

That same year, Mara became pregnant with her and Kang's first child. She later gave birth to a son, who was named DaqS, son of Kang. A few years later, DaqS was murdered by the Albino.(DS9 episode: "Blood Oath", TOS eBook: The Blood-Dimmed Tide, and TLE novel: Forged in Fire).

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The Fotonovel (#10) by Mandala Productions strangely obscures the features of Mara (played by Susan Howard) in all scenes where she is depicted.

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other resources
EQ2Map Zone
EverQuest II Zone Information
Introduced Fallen Dynasty Shin
Level Range 50-70
Adjacent Zones Nektulos Forest, Thundering Steppes, Mystic Lake, Meditation Chamber
Instance Public
Timelines none
Quests NPCs Monsters Named Monsters
Drops Instances POIs Discos

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Map of Village of Shin
  • To access this zone, use the bell labled Isle of Mara in Nektulos Forest or the Thundering Steppes.
  • This is the starting zone for the Fallen Dynasty adventure pack. It is a city zone with almost no combat encounters, but many quests.
  • The outpost nearest the dock is operated by the Far Seas Company, and provides basic city services including brokers and a banker.
  • The Village of Shin itself is across the river, and is a source of quests. You will need to complete some initial quests to earn the trust of the villagers. See the Fallen Dynasty Timeline for details.

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Guild Wars

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This article is about Mara, a quest NPC in Guild Wars Factions. For information on Mara, the Expert Ranger of Guild Wars Nightfall, see Mara (Expert Ranger).


Mara was the nanny taking care of Nei, the son of Paomu. Mara stole Paomu's Coin Purse in order to place a bet on "drake races". When approached, Paomu will ask the player to help her retrieve her money.

Near Teipoa Island in Haiju Lagoon, the player will find some Bleached Bones and a Ravenous Drake. The drake drops Paomu's purse when killed. It appears that Mara may have been eaten by the drake.

Quests Involved In

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This article is about the Old Republic Jedi Master. You may be looking for Mara Jade Skywalker.

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Biographical information

3,951 BBY, M4-78

Physical description


Chronological and political information

Old Republic era


Jedi Order

Known apprentices


Mara was a Jedi Master who was killed by droids on M4-78. She was the Master of the Jedi Tourath.

Behind the scenes

Mara was one of the original characters of M4-78 before the planet was cut from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.

Mara and Tourath may have been early versions of Lonna Vash and Kaah Ohtok, respectively.


  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (Cut content)

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