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Maple Tree
Maple Tree
Members only? Yes (No for the logs)
Woodcutting level 45
Woodcutting experience 100, or 0.1 on Miscellania
Farming level 45
Farming experience 3404
Examine I bet this makes good syrup!

Maple trees are an orange coloured tree found only in members-only areas. They can be cut down with level 45 Woodcutting giving the member 100 experience per maple log. On Miscellania, however, cutting maple trees raises popularity and only gives 0.1 experience. Although there isn't a high demand for maple logs, members often cut normal maple trees down as they give a lot of experience, considering the unpopularity of maple logs (therefore, there are less people in clusters when cutting them down).

Many members cut maple trees in order to reach level 60, when they can cut yew trees. Free players cannot cut maples; however, they can burn maple logs obtained through trade or the Grand Exchange.



A player chopping a Maple tree.
A maple tree in RuneScape Classic

Seers' Village is a popular location for cutting these trees because they are behind and in front of the bank, making for a quick trip to store the logs obtained from woodcutting. A player gets a 100 experience per maple log. Also, player can get 110 woodcutting experience per log if they have a Seers' headband 2 equipped, but you get the most xp from sacred clay hatchet. You should start woodcutting these trees at woodcutting level 50.


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A "garden complex" with a maple tree in the background.

A Maple tree can be built in the garden of a player-owned house. It requires 1 bagged maple tree, a watering can, and level 45 Construction. When built, the player earns 122 Construction experience.


  • Although there are no maple trees in free worlds, maple logs can be used by free users.
  • When a player chops down a Maple Tree in Runescape HD, the tree stump appears similar to its low detail counterpart.
  • Players near 60 Woodcutting often train on these to be able to cut Yew trees.
  • The examine text is a reference to the sap obtained from Maple trees to make syrup, in real life.
  • Despite this tree's name and examine info, you cannot obtain a Bucket of sap or make Maple Syrup from a Maple Tree.
  • In the past, Maple trees looked like Yew trees, but with red-orange leaves.
  • As of 9 November 2009 a textural problem with maple tree stumps was fixed.
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