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Maple logs

Maple logs are logs obtained from cutting maple trees, which give 100 Woodcutting experience per log (members wearing a Seers' headband 2 receive 110). Members can fletch them into maple shortbows, maple longbows, or maple stocks, and members and free players alike can burn them for 135 firemaking experience and 3645 firemaking experience per inventory. Maples can be burned using Barbarian Firemaking (Members Only) but you need at least 65 Firemaking to do this. By doing this it has the same Firemaking experience as burning the Maple with a Tinderbox. Although maple trees can only be found on member servers, members can bring them over to free worlds and trade, light, or sell them to free players who can also trade. There are maple trees located north and south of the Seers' Village bank.

Prior to the release of the Grand Exchange, maple logs had a street price of about 100 coins each. When the Grand Exchange was introduced, there was an influx of hundreds of thousands of maple logs obtained from Miscellania that were all thrust into the market at once. This massive oversupply caused maple logs to drop to the low price they sit at today.

With the 2 September, 2009 personalised shop update, minimum price limits on many items including the maple longbow (u) were removed. Before, players would buy maples at around 36 - 42 coins each and fletch them into maple longbows (u). They would then be widely traded as junk with other players. The longbows (u) were worth 144 coins each, but after the shop update, they fell to 64 coins each. The logs in turn suffered a fall to 29 coins.

Junk trading was a technique for evading the trade limit: a seller wishing to sell an item at a much higher price than its GE value would add "junk" to make his side of the trade equal to the amount the buyer was paying. The "junk" items were often items that, because of a lack of demand, had bottomed out at their minimum price limits on the G.E. and could therefore be counted on to retain the same value from trade to trade - in essence, an alternative "coin". The removal of the minimum price limits caused these items to plummet in value.)

Because of their low price and the moderate experience they provide, maple logs are commonly used for training Firemaking, where one can spend about 3 million coins to get from level 45 to 99 Firemaking, using about 95,000 logs. Their frequent use has made them one of the top five most traded items.



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