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DC Comics

Up to date as of February 01, 2010
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From DC Database

Images containing one or more mapped locations illustrating areas of interest chronicled by DC comics.

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Up to date as of February 01, 2010
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From The Vault

Raven Rock Oasis MDPL-05 Power Station SatCom Array NW-05a Fort Constantine SatCom Array NN-03d MDPL-21 Power Station Clifftop Shacks Vault 92 Old Olney The Republic of Dave Montgomery County Reservoir Broadcast Tower LP8 Chaste Acres Dairy Farm MDPL-16 Power Station SatCom Array NW-07c Broadcast Tower KB5 Deathclaw Sanctuary Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel Mason Dixon Salvage Reclining Groves Resort Homes Greener Pastures Disposal Site Grisly Diner Relay Tower KX-B8-11 Mount Mabel Camp Ground WKML Broadcast Station The Silver Lining Drive-In Drowned Devil's Crossing MDPL-13 Power Station Abandoned Car Fort Faded Pomp Estates Roosevelt Academy Paradise Falls Germantown Police HQ Minefield Temple of the Union Shalebridge Five Axles Rest Stop MDPL Mass Relay Station Regulator HQ AntAgonizer Lair Canterbury Commons Broadcast Tower KT8 Rockbreaker's Last Gas Arefu Northwest Seneca Station Hamilton's Hideaway Hallowed Moors Cemetary Meresti Trainyard Agatha's House Scrapyard Wheaton Armory Robot Repair Center Vault 87 Everglow National Campground Fordham Flash Memorial Field Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema Big Town Corvega Factory Vault 108 Little Lamplight Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal VAPL-58 Power Station Kaelyn's Bed & Breakfast Vault 106 Bethesda Ruins Fort Bannister Springvale School Chryslus Building Rock Creek Caverns Yao Guai Tunnels Charnel House Jury Street Metro Station Vault 101 Springvale Super-Duper Mart Farragut West Metro Station Dupont Northeast Chevy Chase North GNR Building Plaza Friendship Heights Chevy Chase East Vernon Square Station Vernon Square North Vernon Square East Vault-Tec Headquarters National Guard Depot Takoma Park Takoma Industrial Smith Casey's Garage Evergreen Mills Megaton Sewer Waystation Wilhelm's Wharf Arlington Cemetery North Arlington/Wasteland Metro Anchorage Memorial Dupont West Dupont Station Georgetown West Tepid Sewers Dupont East Georgetown North White House Georgetown East Penn. Ave Northwest Our Lady of Hope Hospital Penn. Ave North Penn. Ave South The Statesman Hotel Metro Central Penn. Ave East Girdershade Grayditch Marigold Station Arlington Cemetery South Mama Dolce's Dukov's Place Lincoln Memorial Georgetown South Mall Northwest Mall Southwest Museum of History The Washington Monument The Mall Northeast The National Archives Museum of Technology The Capitol Building Seward Sq. Northwest Seward Sq. North Metro Ranger Compound VAPL-66 Power Station Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop VAPL-84 Power Station Fort Independence Fairfax Ruins Falls Church Metro Falls Church North Falls Church East The Citadel L'Enfant Plaza Irradiated Metro L'Enfant South Seward Sq. Southeast F. Scott Key Trail & Compound Dunwich Building Warrington Trainyard Tenpenny Tower RobCo Facility Cliffside Cavern Andale Red Racer Factory Alexandria Arms Hubris Comics Mason District South Anacostia Crossing Rivet City Warrington Station The Overlook Drive-In Nuka-Cola Plant Flooded Metro Arlington Library Jefferson Memorial Alien Crash Site/Alien Homing Beacon (MZ) Sniper Shack The Raid Shack Rockopolis Bailey's Crossroads (OA) Outcast Outpost (OA) Train Tunnel (TP) Radio Tower (TP) Holy Light Monastery (BS) White House Plaza (BS) Museum Authority Building (BS) Rockland Car Tunnel (BS) Riverboat Landing (PL)
Click on a location to go to the respective article.
Black = Vaults
Blue = Major settlements
Green = Metro stations
Orange = Unmarked locations
Purple = Locations added by add-ons

List of locations

Number Name Horizontal Coordinate Vertical Coordinate
A1 Raven Rock 1 1
A2 Oasis 10 1
A3 MDPL-05 Power Station 2 2
A4 SatCom Array NW-05a 3 2
A5 Fort Constantine 5 2
A6 SatCom Array NN-03d 6 2
A7 MDPL-21 Power Station 7 2
A8 Clifftop Shacks 11 2
A9 Vault 92 13 2
B1 Old Olney 14 2
B2 The Republic of Dave 17 2
B3 Montgomery County Reservoir 9 3
B4 Broadcast Tower LP8 9 3
B5 Chaste Acres Dairy Farm 16 3
B6 MDPL-16 Power Station 17 3
B7 SatCom Array NW-07c 1 4
B8 Broadcast Tower KB5 3 4
B9 Deathclaw Sanctuary 3 4
C1 Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel 4 4
C2 Mason Dixon Salvage 6 4
C3 Reclining Groves Resort Homes 10 4
C4 Greener Pastures Disposal Site 13 4
C5 Grisly Diner 15 4
C6 Relay Tower KX-B8-11 16 4
C7 Mount Mabel Camp Ground 4 5
C8 WKML Broadcast Station 5 5
C9 The Silver Lining Drive-In 6 5
D1 Drowned Devil's Crossing 6 5
D2 MDPL-13 Power Station 12 5
D3 Abandoned Car Fort 3 6
D4 Faded Pomp Estates 5 6
D5 Roosevelt Academy 5 6
D6 Paradise Falls 8 6
D7 Germantown Police HQ 10 6
D8 Minefield 12 6
D9 Temple of the Union 15 6
E1 Shalebridge 2 7
E2 Five Axles Rest Stop 4 7
E3 MDPL Mass Relay Station 5 7
E4 Regulator HQ 13 7
E5 AntAgonizer Lair 16 7
E6 Canterbury Commons 16 7
E7 Broadcast Tower KT8 2 8
E8 Rockbreaker's Last Gas 4 8
E9 Arefu 7 8
F1 Northwest Seneca Station 7 8
F2 Hamilton's Hideaway 8 8
F3 Hallowed Moors Cemetery 9 8
F4 Meresti Trainyard 10 8
F5 Agatha's House 11 8
F6 Scrapyard 12 8
F7 Wheaton Armory 14 8
F8 Robot Repair Center 16 8
F9 Vault 87 1 9
G1 Everglow National Campground 3 9
G2 Fordham Flash Memorial Field 8 9
G3 Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema 8 9
G4 Big Town 9 9
G5 Corvega Factory 16 9
G6 Vault 108 17 9
G7 Little Lamplight 2 10
G8 Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal 4 10
G9 VAPL-58 Power Station 6 10
H1 Kaelyn's Bed & Breakfast 8 10
H2 Vault 106 8 10
H3 Bethesda Ruins 12 10
H4 Fort Bannister 5 11
H5 Springvale School 10 11
H6 Chryslus Building 13 11
H7 Rock Creek Caverns 16 11
H8 Yao Guai Tunnels 1 12
H9 Charnel House 4 12
I1 Jury Street Metro Station 7 12
I2 Vault 101 9 12
I3 Springvale 10 12
I4 Super-Duper Mart 12 12
I5 Farragut West Metro Station 13 12
I6 Dupont Northeast 15 12
I7 Chevy Chase North 15 12
I8 GNR Building Plaza 15 12
I9 Friendship Heights 15 12
J1 Chevy Chase East 15 12
J2 Vernon Square Station 16 12
J3 Vernon Square North 16 12
J4 Vernon Square East 16 12
J5 Vault-Tec Headquarters 16 13
J6 National Guard Depot 17 12
J7 Takoma Park 17 12
J8 Takoma Industrial 17 12
J9 Smith Casey's Garage 3 13
K1 Evergreen Mills 5 13
K2 Megaton 10 13
K3 Sewer Waystation 12 13
K4 Wilhelm's Wharf 13 13
K5 Arlington Cemetery North 13 13
K6 Arlington/Wasteland Metro 13 13
K7 Anchorage Memorial 14 13
K8 Dupont West 14 13
K9 Dupont Station 14 13
L1 Georgetown West 14 13
L2 Tepid Sewers 14 13
L3 Dupont East 15 13
L4 Georgetown North 15 13
L5 White House 15 13
L6 Georgetown East 15 13
L7 Penn. Ave Northwest 15 13
L8 Our Lady of Hope Hospital 16 13
L9 Penn. Ave North 16 13
M1 Penn. Ave South 16 13
M2 The Statesman Hotel 16 13
M3 Metro Central 16 13
M4 Penn. Ave East 16 13
M5 Girdershade 2 14
M6 Grayditch 12 14
M7 Marigold Station 12 14
M8 Arlington Cemetery South 13 14
M9 Mama Dolce's 13 14
N1 Dukov's Place 14 14
N2 Lincoln Memorial 15 14
N3 Georgetown South 15 14
N4 Mall Northwest 15 14
N5 Mall Southwest 15 14
N6 Museum of History 15 14
N7 The Washington Monument 15 14
N8 The Mall Northeast 16 14
N9 The National Archives 16 14
O1 Museum of Technology 16 14
O2 The Capitol Building 16 14
O3 Seward Sq. Northwest 17 14
O4 Seward Sq. North Metro 17 14
O5 Ranger Compound 17 14
O6 VAPL-66 Power Station 3 15
O7 Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop 3 15
O8 VAPL-84 Power Station 6 15
O9 Fort Independence 8 15
P1 Fairfax Ruins 9 15
P2 Falls Church Metro 12 15
P3 Falls Church North 13 15
P4 Falls Church East 13 15
P5 The Citadel 14 15
P6 L'Enfant Plaza 15 15
P7 Irradiated Metro 15 15
P8 L'Enfant South 16 15
P9 Seward Sq. Southeast 17 15
R1 F. Scott Key Trail & Compound 2 16
R2 Dunwich Building 2 16
R3 Warrington Trainyard 4 16
R4 Tenpenny Tower 5 16
R5 RobCo Facility 6 16
R6 Cliffside Cavern 7 16
R7 Andale 9 16
R8 Red Racer Factory 11 16
R9 Alexandria Arms 13 16
S1 Hubris Comics 13 16
S2 Mason District South 13 16
S3 Anacostia Crossing 17 16
S4 Rivet City 17 16
S5 Warrington Station 5 17
S6 The Overlook Drive-In 8 17
S7 Nuka-Cola Plant 10 17
S8 Flooded Metro 12 17
S9 Arlington Library 13 17
T1 Jefferson Memorial 15 17
U1 Alien Crash Site
Alien Homing Beacon (Mothership Zeta)
12 3
U2 Sniper Shack 3 8
U3 The Raid Shack 13 10
U4 Rockopolis 2 13
V1 Outcast Outpost (Operation: Anchorage) 12 16
V2 Bailey's Crossroads (Operation: Anchorage) 12 16
V3 Train Tunnel (The Pitt) 4 1
V4 Radio Tower (The Pitt) 6 1
V5 Holy Light Monastery (Broken Steel) 10 12
V6 White House Plaza (Broken Steel) 15 13
V7 Museum Authority Building (Broken Steel) 15 14
V8 Rockland Car Tunnel (Broken Steel) 1 17
V9 Riverboat Landing (Point Lookout) 14 17

See also

  • Downtown district/metro map

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Satellite image showing the realism of the Capital Wasteland
  • NMA -
  • Gamespy -
  • Interactive google-wasteland map
  • Fallout 3 Interactive World Map -

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Guild Wars

Up to date as of February 01, 2010

From GuildWiki

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A map (PvP) is a location where players may attack other players.


The term map can refer to:

  • World Map, the fullscreen map of a continent with outposts and area names, can be zoomed out to view the entire continent.
  • Mission Map, a windowed map without location names, can be zoomed in.
  • Compass, the small interface element that shows the immediate vicinity with the locations of characters, NPCs, and foes indicated.
  • Area Map, an interactive object that will display information about the current dungeon level on the Mission Map.
  • Dungeon Map, an inventory item that performs the same function as the Area Map.
  • Map Piece, one of the 4 quest items for Koris Deeprunner.

When used as a verb, mapping refers to:

You may have also been looking for:

  • Maps, a listing of player-created maps of the world of Guild Wars.
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From Halopedia, the Halo Wiki

Levels in the Halo series of Games


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E cont.




















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Up to date as of February 07, 2010

From Lostpedia

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Map may refer to:

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Up to date as of February 07, 2010

From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

Map may refer to:

Player maps

Game maps

Quest maps

Maps obtained and used as part of a quest include:

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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

From TibiaWiki

This Object is in the Wall Hangings class.
Object Class: Wall Hangings
Attributes: none.
Walking Time: Not walkable.
Location: Nargor Library.
Notes: What would a pirate base be without a good map?
See also: Objects.
Add historical information about this object.

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City of Heroes

Up to date as of January 31, 2010

From City of Heroes Wiki

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< The Players' Guide to the Cities | User Interface

Map Window

The Map Window may be opened either by clicking on "Map" on the outer edge of the Nav Window or selecting "Map" from the Menu Window.

At the top of this window are two tabs labeled "City" and "Zone" or "Mission". Clicking on the "City" tab will display a map of Paragon City for heroes, or a map of the Rogue Isles for villains. Selecting the "Zone" or "Mission" tab will display a map of the zone or mission you are currently located in.

In zone maps, the name of the zone will appear in the lower left corner of the map. In the lower right corner is a dropdown options menu. You may click on this menu to turn the different icons and names on your map on or off.

On the right side of the window is a slider that allows you to zoom in or out on the map. Sliding the marker up will zoom out, while sliding the marker down will zoom in. If you zoom in far enough that the entire map no longer fits in the Map Window, you may drag the map around inside the window to view other areas on the map. If you move, the map will automatically reposition in the window with you in the center.

Fog of War

Until you have visited a location on your map, it will not appear with full clarity. This is referred to as "fog of war." Areas you have not visited on zone maps will be grayed-out, while mission maps are completely dark except for the areas you have explored. On mission maps, if any team member visits an area on the map, it becomes visible on the map for everyone on the team. On zone maps, only the areas you have visited will become clear on your map.

Map Icons

There are several common map icons you should be familiar with. Most of these icons can be seen even if their location is covered by "fog of war."

Icon Represents
Image:Map Arrow You.png Your Character Image:Map Arrow Teammate.png Your Teammates
Image:Map Train.png Monorail Station Image:Map Ferry.png Ferry
Image:Map Neighborhood.png Neighborhood (Approximate Center of a Neighborhood) Image:Map Hospital.png Hospital
Image:Map Arena.png Arena Image:Map Contact.png Contact
Image:Map Trainer.png Trainer Image:Map Notoriety.png Hero Corps Field Analyst or Fortunata Fateweaver
Image:Map Store.png Store Image:Map University.png University
Image:Map Wentworth.png Wentworth's Fine Consignments Image:Map Black Market.png Black Market Truck
Image:Map Port.png Super Group Base Portal Image:Map Vanguard Teleport.png Vanguard Depot
Image:Map Safe.png City Zone Entrance Image:Map Hazard.png Level Restricted or Hazard or Trial Zone Entrance
Image:Map Pushpin.png Thumbtack Image:Map Sewer.png Sewer Entrance
Image:Map Mission Unselected.png Mission Entrance Image:Map Mission Selected.png Mission Entrance - Selected as Team Task (On Zone Map)
Mission Objective Location (On Misson Map)
Image:Map Mission Destination.png Hostage Escort Destination Image:Map Rocket.png Rocket
Image:Map Launch Code A.png Rocket Launch Code
Biological Payload
Image:Map Launch Code B.png Rocket Launch Code
Nuclear Payload
Image:Map Launch Code C.png Rocket Launch Code
Chemical Payload
Image:Map Neutral Pillbox.png Pillbox - Neutral
Image:Map Hero Pillbox.png Pillbox - Hero Controlled Image:Map Villain Pillbox.png Pillbox - Villian Controlled

possibly unused/obsolete

Image:Map Team Leader.png Team Leader
Image:Map Wall Safe.png Safe Zone Barrier
Image:Map Wall Hazard.png Hazard Zone Barrier
Image:Map Wall PvP.png PvP Zone Barrier
Image:Map Helipad.png Helipad

Waypoints and Thumbtacks

You can click on any icon on the map (except for the one that represents you) to make it a waypoint. When you have set a waypoint, it acquires an animated highlight on your map, and the icon appears on your compass in the Nav Window. When you are facing toward a waypoint, the distance to it will be displayed in either yards or miles. Basically, if you know where you want to go, making that spot a waypoint will make it much easier to get there. Naturally, if you set a waypoint on a mobile icon (i.e. a teammate), the direction and distance to your waypoint will change as the waypoint moves around. You may only select one waypoint at a time.

Sometimes, during missions, the game will set a waypoint for you, pointing the way toward your next mission objective. These game-set waypoints appear in red, and it is possible to have more than one of these waypoints active at the same time. It is also possible to have a player-set waypoint active at the same time as a game-set waypoint.

A thumbtack is a sort of portable waypoint. You can right click anywhere on a zone or mission map to set a thumbtack at that location. You may even set a thumbtack in an area covered by fog of war. You may only have one thumbtack visible at any time. If you right click on another part of the map, your thumbtack will move to that new location. If you right click on the thumbtack itself, it will be removed from the map.

Once you have a thumbtack set, you can use it like any other map icon, including using it as a waypoint if you wish. Note that if you log off, the thumbtack will be gone when you return to the game.

< The Players' Guide to the Cities | User Interface

This article uses material from the "The Players' Guide to the Cities/User Interface/Map Window" article on the City of Heroes wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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