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Final Fantasy Enemy
Manticore PSP
Japanese マンティコア
Romaji Mantikoa
NES Name Manticor
PS Name Manticore
GBA Name Manticore
PSP Name Manticore

The Manticore, also known as Manticor, is a somewhat rare enemy from the original Final Fantasy that appears in the Flying Fortress and in the Overworld vicinity of Onrac. They appear in groups of up to four, and they may pose a little threat if the party is under leveled. They are immune to Quake. They resemble a lion body with bat wings, a human head, and a scorpion tail, being some kind of Chimera.

If you encounter Manticores, Quake is obviously not an option, as they are immune to it. They may attack with Poison Darts, which will Poison all the party members, be aware of that. They don't have any weaknesses or resistances, so you should kill them with your strongest physicals. Do not use powerful spells, as you'll want to use them against Tiamat later on.

Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano.

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