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Final Fantasy

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Manticore, also known as Manticor, may refer to:


Manticores are mythological creatures based on the Egyptian Sphinx, having the body of a lion, the head of a human, and the tail of a scorpion. In English, the name means "Man Eater".

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The Manticore is a security protocol of the AI Melissa. It survived the Forerunner explosion that blew the different parts of Melissa apart. Along with the Manticore, another fragment of Melissa called the Sleeping Princess was blown back in time to 2004. Her and more fragments of Melissa crash landed on the server. It was here that the Sleeping Princess communicated the widow's story through corrupted image files that were taken and pieced together to create the narrative of The Widow's Journey.

In the following excerpt from The Widow's Journey, The Sleeping Princess talks in a fairy tale type fashion and refers to real life characters by fairy tale names:

  • The Queen: Refers to The Operator a fragment of Melissa.
  • The Widow: Refers to SPDR.
  • Manticore: A security process with no known literal name that was destroyed by SPDR.

The Widow's Journey Excerpt


At the gates of the Inner Keep all the guards were dead but one, who when the palace was blasted by enchantment had not died, but had been witched into the form of a hideous Manticore.

The Widow said, "I am the servant of your Queen, and I have walked up out of Hell to prepare this Keep for her return. Let me pass." But the Manticore did not know her, and still he barred the way.

So the Widow drew her knife and slew the Manticore and the way was open.

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Marvel Database

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Manticore (Earth-616)
Real Name
Current Alias


Brand Corporation Agent



4' 1" (normal); 7'5" (Manticore)

89 lbs (40 kg) (normal); 750 lbs (Manticore)





First appearance

Ghost Rider Vol 2 #27
(December, 1977)



History of character is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills


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Discover and Discuss

  1. All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update #1

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This article is about the Star Destroyer. You may be looking for the nonexistent animal.
Production information

Kuat Drive Yards


Imperial I-class Star Destroyer


1,600 meters


TIE/ln starfighters


New Republic era


11 ABY

Present for battles/events

Second Battle of Dac



Manticore was one of four Imperial I-class Star Destroyer stationed at the Maw Installation under the command of Captain Brusc as part of Admiral Daala's squadron.


After the escape of the Sun Crusher and the destruction of one of her Star Destroyers, the Hydra, Daala led her remaining three vessels on a guerilla campaign against the New Republic. The Manticore participated in combat actions against a New Republic colony on Dantooine and at the assault on the Mon Calamari homeworld of Dac. During that particular attack, Admiral Ackbar remotely piloted the battlecruiser Startide—with assistance from attacking B-wing starfighters—into a collision with the Manticore, destroying it. All hands, including Brusc, were lost.

The Manticore was most likely named in reference to the mythological beast.



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Star Wars Fanon

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Production information

Mon Calamari Shipyards


Olympus-class Star Destroyer


Star Destroyer

Technical specifications

1800 meters



  • Flagship
  • Command Ship

Great Empire of the Sith, Darth Sinity

Manticore was the flagship of Darth Sinity during his reign over the Great Empire of the Sith. It participated in many battles. It was the first, and only at the time, Olympus-class Star Destroyer ever built. Manticore was destroyed during the First Battle of Pantolomin. During the battle, a Jedi Knight managed to infiltrate the ship, and make his way up to the bridge where Sinity was commanding the ship. The Jedi attempted to subdue Sinity, but seconds before Sinity delivered him the final blow, the Jedi set off a thermal detonator, destroying the bridge. Sinity managed to survive by the hands of Darth Keizer, but was thrown into a coma that lasted 10 years.

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City of Heroes

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From City of Heroes Wiki

Real Name Justin Sinclair
Gender Male
Archetype Defender
Affiliation Freedom Phalanx
Age Unknown
Romantic Associations Sister Psyche
Known Family Sister Psyche (wife)
Primary Powers Trick Arrow
Secondary Powers Archery
Zone Locations Brickstown
This article is about the signature character. For the developer Sean "Manticore" Fish, see Manticore (Developer).



Manticore is a Hero, a Task Force organizer in Brickstown, and a member of the Freedom Phalanx.

Heroes find him as an ally during the Mender Silos Task Force.

Villains face him as a signature hero in Recluse's Victory as well as in the following missions:



Justin Sinclair was raised in a huge mansion in the outskirts of Paragon City by his English nanny, Virginia Bowman. The sole beneficiary of a huge trust fund, Manticore received training in all manner of mental and physical pursuits, but excelled in archery. When he turned 18, Miss Bowman revealed to him his true heritage. Manticore's father had once been a costumed vigilante in England, until he and his wife died at the hands of a German villain called Protean. Deeply affected by the story, Manticore took up his father's mantle and vowed to bring the 5th Column down.


Manticore's parents were murdered by the arch-villain, Protean right in front of Justin when he was a boy. Justin's father was the original Manticore super hero and Protean was exacting revenge on him for interference with his plans. While growing up, Justin was angry at the world, often getting into trouble. Eventually, Michael White, aka Back Alley Brawler was called in to help shape up Justin and helped train him to be a super hero. Michael White was the only person that Justin respected and that respect came from the fact that Michael had killed Protean.

Manticore is a billionaire, the sole beneficiary of a huge trust fund. He has received training in all manner of mental and physical pursuits, but excelled at archery. At some point, he took up his father's title of the Manticore super hero. He is currently a member of the Freedom Phalanx and the secret founder and funder of Wyvern.

Manticore is one of the Surviving Eight, dedicated to helping Paragon City rebuild after the Rikti War.

Manticore's sidekick is Swan although she has become a full-fledged hero in her own right as a member of the Vindicators. She is helping him battle the 5th Column in the search for her parents.


Character Stats

Secret Identity: Justin Sinclair
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Defender
Primary Powers: Trick Arrow
Secondary Powers: Archery
Other Powers: Maneuvers, Stealth, Teleport Arrow

Manticore's signature power, Teleport Arrow, does not require a line of sight to attack, and is auto-hit.

Task Force

See Manticore Task Force


Comic Book

Manticore first appeared in Top Cow's City of Heroes #1. He has been featured prominently since Top Cow took over the comic. Manticore has a natural origin, but it is revealed in the comic that he gained the teleport arrow ability from Prometheus.


The Freedom Phalanx

Manticore appears in The Freedom Phalanx by Robin Laws.

Engagement and Wedding

In Issue 20 of the Top Cow imprint of the City of Heroes comic book, Manticore proposed to Sister Psyche, and on Valentines Day 2008, the pair were wed in Ouroboros. After the vows, Lord Recluse and his minions arrived and the villains attempted to crash the wedding, but failed.


  • Manticore's Praetorian Earth counterpart is Chimera.
  • Manticore teleports by tapping into Paragon City's emergency medical teleportation grid.
  • Manticore was created by Sean Michael Fish who also uses the Manticore name on the official forums.
  • Previously, the backstory of Manticore said that a villain named Doppleganger killed his parents rather than Protean. Manticore was unaware of this until he turned 18 when his nanny revealed his heritage to him. Manticore also used to be classified as a blaster rather than a defender.


Image:Badge defeatmanticore.png Dead-eye

You have helped defeat Manticore in Recluse's Victory.

External Links

  • Manticore at Red Tomax's Guide to City of Heroes

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