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"By the Force! I thought a lightsaber could cut through anything. The walls are barely scratched. The only thing that can resist a lightsaber is... Mandalorian iron!"
Exar Kun, regarding Freedon Nadd's tomb(audio)Listen (file info)

Mandalorian iron, known as beskar in Mando'a, was a nearly-indestructible metal alloy first used by the Mandalorians.



While the material was nearly indestructible even to lightsabers, it was surprisingly light. This was due not only to the natural properties of the metal, but also to Mandalorian metallurgy. It was commonly folded multiple times to gain even greater strength. Though it was nearly indestructible, there are instances where repeated strikes in the same area have been able to penetrate the armor. Creating an alloy of Mandalorian iron was exceedingly difficult and was a skill known to few non-Mandalorians. Beskar can have different luster and colors, depending on where it was mined and refined. It can be nearly any color or luster from bronze to gun-metal gray. Boba Fett was known not to use Mandalorian iron in his armor until 40 ABY, in which a new suit of armor with Mandalorian ore was made for him.

Sith Lord Darth Rivan used Mandalorian iron both in a chest to keep his most valued treasures (Sith tomes) and in his Almas Sith fortress, including at least the door of his ritual chamber and the floor of his lightsaber practice room - This is the most extensive known use of Mandalorian iron in a single place.

It was believed all the valuable ore had been strip-mined by the Empire during its reign, though the Empire proved incapable of working it as the Mandalorians did, making it all but useless to them. In 40 ABY, a rich new vein of Mandalorian iron was found 100 kilometers north of Enceri, revealed only because of the enormous craters left behind from the Yuuzhan Vong attack on Mandalore. This find gave the planet's economy a strong base upon which to build once more.




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