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The Mandalorians Wars was a devastating conflict that nearly crippled the Galactic Republic. The Mandalorians fought the Republic and the Jedi who refused to heed the Council's warnings almost to the death. Luckily, with the help of major Jedi generals such as Revan, Jesi Cordek, Crisan Asle, and Ennyl Imsan, the Republic was able to force the Mandalorians back to where they came from. But, in the end, it proved to be a double-edged sword for the Republic, when the Jedi who had once fought for them, came back as Sith and brought about another war.

Behind the Scenes

This story focuses mainly on characters created by my friend and I, but expect appearances by such notables as Atton Rand, Cassus Fett, Revan, Malak, and Forn Dodonna to appear as well.

As of right now, only one of the "novels" that goes along with this had a name and that is the last: Malachor. My friend and I will be working on new ones as soon as possible. The six besides Malachor are subject to change and are just fillers for now.

This is also not going to go the way the canonical version appears, as this was planned and debated a couple months before things like the KOTOR comics came and "ruined" the plotline for us.


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