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Mandalore the Insurmountable
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Grand Alliance, Mandalorian Empire

Mandalore the Insurmountable, born Kessam Prun, was given the title of Mandalore after the death of Rikenn Tarbann. He had been in the infamous regiment, the Way of Mandalore and friends with Bage Nylos and Rikenn Tarbann. Kessam was also the investigator behind the assassinations of Rikenn Tarbann and Dess. Kessam served in the Second Mandalorian Wars and the Galactic Sith Purge.




Early life

Kessam grew up during a time period of rebuilding. He was born a bastard to a Mandalorian father and a farmer mother on the planet of Dantooine. His father had traveled there in search of work. After three years, Azkul came and offered him work. Several months later, they attacked the government outpost of Khoonda. The Jedi Exile helped defeat the mercenaries and their leader. Though most were killed in fighting, the reinforcements had surivived and Kessam's father and many other Mandalorians were amongst them.

Shortly after the battle, Mandalore came with the Exile and killed Esok, the leader of the Mandalorians on Dantooine. Kessam watched from the afar as Esok was killed by Mandalore, the Exile, another companion of the Exile. Mandalore about three dozen other Mandalorians in the clan to go Dxun. They were soon packed onto a ship and transported to Dxun. There, Kessam grew up to be an honorable soldier under the best trainers.

Mandalorian Training

Training with Xarga and the Battle Circle

For ten years, he trained under Xarga (Jaster Mereel had Mandalore at this time). Once the training was complete and Kessam defeated Xarga in a battle, he went onto the Battle Circle. The circle's champion was a Mandalorian by the name of Rikenn Tarbann. He had defeated Bage Nylos -- who defeated the previous champion, Bralor -- to gain the honor. It took Kessam months but he had finally defeated the soon-to-be Mandalore in the Battle Circle. From then on, Kessam Prun and Rikenn Tarbann become good friends; the relationship was almost as close as Rikenn's and Bage's.

Training with Bage Nylos

Kessam trained under Bage Nylos, also. Bage was one of the greatest Mandalorian soldiers ever to grace the Mandalorian army and the best in the army at that time. He still had much training to do but in his free time, he trained others. The one with the greatest potential was a young Sergeant by the name of Kessam Prun. Bage worked night and day with Kessam. His training ceased with Bage when he beat Bage's former assumed apprentice Rikenn Tarbann.

Training with Mandalore

When Kessam beat Rikenn in the Battle Circle, he gained the interest of Mandalore Jaster Mereel. Kessam began his training under Mandalore two months prior to the Second Mandalorian Wars at the age of 19. He had progressed very well under the other two, but Mandalore trained differently. He trained harder and more aggressively and the stress was high. He had, fortunatly, completed the training three days before the start of the war. Kessam was immediately assigned under Bage Nylos in the Way of Mandalore.

The Second Mandalorian Wars

Kessam served in many of the great battles of the Second Mandalorian Wars. They included the First Battle of Coruscant, the Battle of Eos, the Battle of Mustafar, the First Battle of Utapau, the Second Battle of Utapau, the Battle of Onderon, and many more. The commanding officer of his battalion was a Staff Sergeant Rikenn Tarbann. Kessam co-commanded the battalion as he was the same rank. The leader of the Way of Mandalore was Lieutenant Bage Nylos.

Kessam killed and tortured many Republic soldiers and Jedi during his time served. He never lossed a duel to a Jedi. Kessam was a great assest to the Mandalorians, aiding greatly during the Second Battle of Utapau by taking command of two battalions and defeating a group of soldiers twice his size. Kessam was awarded the rank of 2nd Lieutenant after that battle and he soon rose to Lieutenant at the end of the war.

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