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Mandalore-class Battlecruiser
Production information

Mandal Hypernautics


Mandalore-class Battlecruiser



Technical specifications

5000 meters


700 meters


1100 meters

  • Turbolaser batteries (100)
  • Turbolasers (100)
  • Ion cannons (100)
  • Tractor beam projectors (20)

200,000 crewmen


2 years

  • Heavy battlecruiser
  • Command ship
  • Heavy starfighter carrier
  • Heavy ground transport
Mandalore-class battlecruisers

Mandalore - Conspirator - Exenterator - Devitalizer -Termagant

The Mandalore-class Battlecruiser, also unoffically known as the Mandalorian battlecruiser, was the heaviest warship in the Zann Consortium, being built as an approximate analog to the Galactic Empire's Executor-class Super Star Destroyers. It was built under the reign of Mandalore the Victorious, not under that of Tyber Zann.

Although the Mandalore classification was built from the Star Destroyers of the Galactic Empire, and could easily be classified as a Super Star Destroyer from its length and general design, with accordance to the stiff Mandalorian rule of pride, it was classified as a battlecruiser. However, the majority of the rest of the galaxy referred to these warships as a classification of Super Star Destroyers.


Weapons Systems



Because of its role as a heavy carrier and a heavy ground transport, in line with its role of planetary subjugation, the Mandalore-class battlecruiser lacked in significant weaponry, although it could simultaneously engage over Imperial I-class Star Destroyers and be victorious. The battlecruiser had no less than three hundred weapons emplacements, a third of which were powerful turbolaser batteries, and could ravage enemy warships at long range. However, it did not entirely require its wide arsenal of guns to attack targets. Its lethal, swordlike intimidatory form, combined with its sleek, long keel, struck fear into enemy commanders. The profusion of storming light from its guns also discouraged enemy fighters and capital ships to attack.

Orbital Bombardment

The Mandalore-class battlecruiser was built with ground operations in mind, and its batteries were specially focused to lose minimal cohesiveness while firing through the atmosphere. With these special focuser devices, it was far more effecient than Galactic Empire warships in performing an Aleph Null - the Mandalorian form of the Empire's dreaded Base Delta Zero command.

Fighter Compliment

In addition, it possessed four full starfighter wings (288 starfighters): three wings of heavy StarViper-class starfighters and a wing of Skipray gunships, highly capable two-pilot gunboats that were equally effective in decimating enemy fighter ranks as using concussion missiles to destroy enemy capital ships. The Mandalore-class battlecruiser had three cavernous launch bays to house its compliment of fighters. Its primary launch bay was at the fore of the warship, and possessed two wings. To either side of the spire-like command terraces, starboard and portside, were secondary launch bays with one fighter wing each. All three bays were internally interconnected, so if enemy fire or technical failure brought down a launch bay, the trapped fighters could easily deploy from a second hangar. Especially intimidating was the Alpha Strike manuever for the fighters of the battlecruiser, where they would deploy simultaneously. This show of force was enough to cow many enemy fighter commanders from attacking the massive battlecruiser.

Ground Compliment

It also boasted a sizeable ground compliment. While it was just slightly greater than that of the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, the Mandalore-class Battlecruiser, with its superior number of dropships (200+), it could deploy them all much faster across an enemy planet. Its soldiers could also be supported by closely coordinated dive-bombing StarVipers or Skiprays launched from the battlecruiser.


The Mandalore-class battlecruiser was unlike many other Mandalorian designs in that it favored velocity and manueverability as well as brutish firepower. In consistency with its classification of a battlecruiser, it had a long cruising range.

This battlecruiser also had many modular components similar to other Mandalorian starships, allowing for a relatively fast construction and also an easier time when repairing the warship, as many different types of class-specific unique parts were not needed.

However, the battlecruiser's design also firmly stressed on deflector shielding. As with an increasing number of newer starship designs, a unique unified shield generator equation was solved based on the set of hull coeffecients for the warship, amongst other factors, and its practical application gave the Mandalore-class battlecruiser an unusually high protective power.

Known Battlecruisers

  • CB-001: Mandalore - destroyed (sabotaged before construction over Mandalore)
  • CB-002: Conspirator - destroyed (destroyed over Malachor V)
  • CB-003: Exenterator - operational
  • CB-004: Devitalizer - operational
  • CB-005: Termagant
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Mandalore-class battlecruiser

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