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Final Fantasy

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Man-Eater as seen in Final Fantasy V.

Man-Eater is a recurring weapon in the series, not to be confused with the Man Eater ability from Final Fantasy IX. It is often a dagger that inflicts critical damage to humanoid targets, and is usually gotten late in the game, making it a somewhat powerful weapon if used correctly.




Final Fantasy V

The Man-Eater is a high-ranked knife that can only be found in the Interdimensional Rift or by stealing them from Alchymia. It has an Attack of 86 and Hit Rate of 89, and also grants +2 Strength, Speed, Stamina, and Magic.

Final Fantasy VI

The Man-Eater is a high-ranked dagger that can only be used by anyone that can equip a dagger. It inflicts double damage to human targets, and grants 146 Attack and +10 Magic Evade. It can either be found in Darill's Tomb, or bought in Jidoor and Thamasa in the World of Ruin.

Final Fantasy XI

The Maneater in Final Fantasy XI is an axe rather than a dagger. It is a very powerful high level axe that has increased damage output at low TP, making it quite popular among Warriors. It can only be obtained through the Like the Wind and Totentanz ENM events.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Maneater is a Strength-raising artifact that increases Strength by 1.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

Maneater is a level 30 Dagger that provides +36 Attack and is bought for 264 Gil.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Man-Eater is a level 36 dagger that provides +26 Attack and fills your EX bar by +15% at the start of a battle.

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Malcolm Murphy (Earth-616)
Real Name
Malcolm Gregory "Greg" Murphy
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Silver Sable #8
(January, 1993)


History of character is unknown.


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