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Malinza Thanas
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14 ABY[1]

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Left green, right gray

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Freedom resistance movement

Malinza Thanas was the daughter of Gaeriel Captison, Prime Minister of Bakura, and Pter Thanas, Commander of the Bakuran Defense Fleet.



When she was three years old, Malinza's father died of Knowt's Disease; by that time, her mother had neglected her reelection campaign and subsequently retired from politics in order to spend more time with little Malinza.

A year after her father's death, her mother departed Bakura to serve as the Bakuran Senate's representative in the fleet dispatched, at Luke Skywalker's request, to aid the New Republic in the Corellian Crisis; Gaeriel was killed in the subsequent Battle of Centerpoint Station.

The orphaned Malinza was adopted by wealthy Bakuran woman named Laera, and was occasionally visited by Skywalker, who had taken a liking to her. Malinza became an accomplished musician, to the point of achieving a spot in the Bakuran National Symphony.

But her mother's death had also built into young Malinza a distrust of the New Republic. She felt no anger toward Luke Skywalker over her mother's death (she even considered him the closest thing to family she had left) but she felt the New Republic abused the debt that Bakura had. She helped organize a group known as the Freedom resistance movement, which tried to get the New Republic off Bakura—nonviolently, for she would not cross that line. She received help from Blaine Harris, the Deputy Prime Minister, in trying to keep Prime Minister Molierre Cundertol's government honest. However, when Cundertol was kidnapped, Malinza was accused of orchestrating the event. She was arrested, but escaped with Jaina Solo. However, she had been planted with a homing device, which led Bakuran Security to Freedom's base. Malinza managed to escape, but Harris had intended to kill off Cundertol and Malinza with a bomb during the consecration of Bakura by the Keeramak. Jaina managed to warn Leia Organa Solo through the Force, but there were still fatalities. Malinza was not one of them, and she also survived the subsequent re-invasion attempt by the Ssi-Ruuk.

Behind the scenes

Force Heretic II: Refugee states that Malinza's eyes (left green, right gray) are the same as her mother's; but The Truce at Bakura has Gaeriel's eyes as being right green, left gray.



Notes and references

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