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Biographical information
Spartan Tag SPARTAN-059
Birth date 2511
Death date August 30th, 2552
Physical description
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation UNSC Navy
Rank Petty Officer Second Class
Battles Battle of Sigma Octanus IV, Battle of Reach and numerous others
Class Class I: 2525

Malcolm-059 was one of the SPARTAN-II super soldiers. Not much is known about him.


Malcolm-059 was abducted and conscripted into the SPARTAN-II program by Dr. Catherine Halsey in 2517 when he was just six years old, he was chosen due to his perfect genome. Malcolm was taken to Reach and trained by the educational AI Déjà and Chief Petty Officer Mendez along with the rest of the Spartan children.

He was never mentioned by name until First Strike (Battle of Reach). He was assigned to Red Team, by John-117. When Red Team's Pelican, Bravo 001, was hit by plasma, its pilot, Mitchell, was killed and the ship was rendered unusable. Red team was forced to jump out. Malcolm hit the ground hard, and was killed on impact.

Later, his team leader, Frederic-104, salvaged an unbroken Pressure Seal from Malcolm's MJOLNIR suit. Though he loathed doing this, Frederic-104 decided that "it would dishonor his fallen comrade not to use his gift of the spare part."[1]


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