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Malboro Tentacle, also called M-Tentacle or Malboro Vine, is a recurring item in the Final Fantasy series. It is, as its name implies, typically acquired from the Malboro enemy and has varying uses, mostly associated with Poison.




Final Fantasy VII

Effect Deals Poison elemental damage to all enemies. Same as the spell Bio3.
Buy in N/A
Find in N/A
Steal from Malboro
Won from Malboro, Sneaky Step
Morph from N/A
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy VIII

Effect Required to use the Solomon Ring to get the GF Doomtrain. Teaches Quistis the Bad Breath spell and use to get her ultimate weapon, Save the Queen.
Location N/A
Find N/A
Steal from Malboro
Won from Malboro
Refine From 4 Malboro into 1 Malboro Tentacle (Card Mod)
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy XI

Malboro Vines are dropped from members of the Malboro family, and are used by Alchemists to synthesize goods such as Hi-Potions. A variant is the Ameretat Vine, dropped from the eponymous relatives in the Near East; these vines are used in production of special high-level swords exclusive to Blue Mages.

Final Fantasy XII

The Malboro Vine, along with the Malboro Fruit and Malboro Flower, is a piece of Loot needed to unlock items at the Bazaar. All "Malboro" items can be acquired in various ways from the members of the Malboro genus.


  • Dissidia Final Fantasy makes mention of Malboro tentacles being used in many things in the summon files for the Malboro. Apparently Malboro wine is among the most famous of the products refined from the tentacles.

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