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The Makonoid seen in Final Fantasy VII.

Makonoids are humans mutated by extremely high levels of Mako energy and Jenova cells. Makonoids first appeared in Final Fantasy VII as Mako mutants being held in containment units inside of the Nibelheim Reactor, but none are encountered at any other point in the game, as an enemy or otherwise. They are, however, encountered in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- as part of the Genesis army, likely using the same methods that were used to create the ones in Nibelheim on the Genesis Copies. In battle, Makonoids are strong, fast, unpredictable, and an all around deadly opponent to go up against.


Concept art of a Makonoid.

Makonoids appear in battle during the Hojo's Monsters mission where Hojo has released them. Another of Hojo's experiments, another Makonoid titled Experiment No. 121 has to be fought by the user in the mission of the same name.

The most common Makonoid enemies fought in the game are the results of Project G. They are fought in the Banora Underground at Lake Oblivion and in various missions.


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