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Mako-class Corvette
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The Mako-class Corvette was a starship classification and known variant in the UNSC Navy [1][2][3].



The Mako-class was also renowned for being the smallest ship in the UNSC fleet mounted with a liable, usable Slipspace drive. However this particular Corvette was discharged from the UNSC arsenal due to the high maintenance level required so that the ship would stay operational. These Corvettes were comprised of many highly sensitive components which ultimately compromised its effectiveness. Since they are Corvettes, they most likely carry lighter ship-to-ship weapons and/or troops, and unlikely to deploy its own fighter support.

It is said that Corvettes have a modest hangar bay and only one SKT-13 (basically a larger version of the Bumblebee Lifeboat used to ferry UNSC material and personnel to and from various locations or ships) can fit inside.

Operational Service

Several of such corvettes were at the rebel asteroid base over Eridanus Secundus, used by the rebels as part of their improvised fleet. Others were at the disastrous Battle of Reach and the ongoing Battle of Earth.

Ships of the Line


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