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Mako (魔晄, Makō, lit. "magic light") appears in Final Fantasy VII. It is the liquid form of the Planet’s Lifestream and the primary source of energy used by most human beings throughout the world (except Wutai and rural areas). The Lifestream can condense into Materia or Mako Stones.

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The Lifestream

Main article: Lifestream

The Lifestream is a river of spiritual energy coursing through the Planet and is considered to be its "blood".

The Lifestream is also considered to be a swell of souls, a river of the dead's memories. The Lifestream is in fact the sum of all living things on the Planet. In the game's universe, each new life (of plants, animals, and human beings) is "blessed" with spiritual energy from the Lifestream prior to birth. Upon the death of an organism, its spiritual energy returns to the Lifestream, taking back with it the memories of its lifetime, and allowing the Lifestream as a whole to grow and the cycle to continue. The Lifestream is extracted and processed by the Shinra Electric Power Company, creating Mako energy for electricity, and also for forming into Materia at times. However, it may also be considered a real-life equivalent for oil, as in the game it is described as being removed from the Planet by Mako reactors, used up, and then ceasing to be, a process that would eventually lead to the death of the Planet.

Mako as an Energy Source

Main article: Mako Reactors

Mako is the most common source of electrical power on the planet, with coal former resources a distant second. The process of power generation via Mako was began by the Shinra Electric Power Company, based in Midgar. Mako extraction and its usage is considered environmentally unfriendly, however, and the rebel group AVALANCHE actively attacks Shinra Mako Reactors in hopes of ultimately stopping the process.

Mako is thought to be similar to radioactive materials in that prolonged exposure can lead to genetic mutation (though this is discovered to be false in the game), poisoning, and ultimately death. People (notably those in SOLDIER) who have had prolonged exposure to Mako are identified by a glow in their eyes, referred to as "Mako Eyes." Besides its electrical uses, the elite Shinra task force, SOLDIER, is made up of operatives that are biologically augmented by Mako. Cloud Strife, Zack Fair, and Sephiroth are examples of people with Mako enhancement.

Members of SOLDIER are not only infused with Mako, however. They are also injected with Jenova cells, an experiment created by Professor Hojo, one of Shinra's scientists. Jenova's cells together with Mako gives them far greater strength and cognitive ability than ordinary people possess, provided they are mentally strong enough to handle the Mako infusion process without suffering from Mako poisoning. When this proceedure is taken too far, the subjects turn into horrible monsters, as seen in the Nibelheim Reactor.

Besides its other uses, Mako, in various forms, is also found in weapons used by Shinra. The Mako Cannon of Junon used a variety of Mako shells, and later, as the Sister Ray, fired a beam of raw Mako energy. As materia, Mako has been employed by some of Shinra's Turk operatives who wielded it in their weapons in Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII and First Class members of SOLDIER were able to synthesize their own custom materia as shown in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. In addition to the energy resource and weaponry allocations of Mako, the Shinra Corporation was also developing mako-powered cars for civilian purposes.

Mako Poisoning

Exposure to Mako in its concentrated form can be dangerous to humans and typically results in a psychological disorder known as "Mako Poisoning" in Final Fantasy VII and "Mako Addiction" in Crisis Core. The best-known case of this occurred when Cloud fell into the Lifestream for an extended period of time, during which his identity and personality were phased through by the millions of souls and their memories coursing through the Lifestream. Though he later washed up near Mideel, alive, his immersion in the Lifestream had reduced him to a near-catatonic state, prompting Tifa to undertake the arduous process of restoring his former personality, memory by memory. The incident also led Cloud to "find himself" by casting away the illusion behind which he had been hiding, an event which is crucial to the story and to Cloud's character development.

The second mention of this phenomena occurs in Crisis Core. During the initial escape from the Shinra Mansion, Zack discovers a set of reports referring to himself and Cloud. These report allude to Cloud's mako poisoning/addiction and also state (though later are clearly proven wrong) that the damage done by the disorder is so severe that it is highly doubted he would ever recover. Later, when Zack is checking on Cloud, he mentions that Cloud's "Mako soaked" clothing may be serving to worsen his condition and changes his clothes so that Cloud can recover. During the final scenes of the game we see hints that Cloud is beginning to overcome the condition, contrary to the reports. During the emotional last moments, it is thought by quite a few fans that Cloud's strong friendship and respect for Zack cause him to rapidly recover while at the expense of truly internalizing Zack's words and memories.

Referring back to Final Fantasy VII's main game, Tifa at one point mentions that when she found Cloud he seemed "out of it". This is most likely due to the fact he had not actually fully recovered from the mako addiction, a second case of his addiction showing. Due to this, and the appearance of someone he cared about but felt as though he'd failed, the Jenova cells in his body absorbed a number of Zack's memories to construct the illusionary persona that Cloud uses for an extended period of time in the game.

The third and final occurrence of this condition is in fact as stated above the "Best-known" case. At the point of his immersion in the Lifestream he has not only suffered psychological trauma, from the recent death of Aerith and the revelation that his memories were wrong, but he also has only still recently (within six months of his first steps to recovery) been affected by the mako addiction. Being so recently "recovered" from it when he drifts through the Lifestream he rapidly reverts back to his state of toxicosis, which, as previously mentioned, is remedied with the help of Tifa.

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This article is about the musician. You may be looking for the smuggler Mako Spince.
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Chronological and political information

Rebellion era

Mako was a professional musician. In 1 ABY he performed with Alitra, Alisia, O'choa Detera and Mestral in the cantina aboard Tansarii Point Station, playing his nalargon.

Behind the scenes

Mako is a NPC in the tutorial of Star Wars: Galaxies.


  • Star Wars: Galaxies

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City of Heroes

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Captain Mako

Arachnos Patron
Zone Grandville
Coordinates (2754, -58.9, 845)
Level Range 40-50
Introduced by Arbiter Rein
Introduces None
Enemy groups Arachnos

Circle of Thorns
Knives of Artemis
Paragon Police Department
Malta Operatives
Rogue Arachnos

Badges Bloodletter

Captain Mako is a City of Villains contact located in the The Tangle neighborhood of Grandville at coordinates (2754, -58.9, 845). His origin is both Mutation and Natural. His level range is 40-44 as well as 45-50.

Captain Mako is also an Archvillain who serves under Lord Recluse in the Arachnos faction. He also awards the patron power Leviathan Mastery to villains who complete his patron arc.

Heroes can face him in Recluse's Victory as one of the signature villains that show up as reinforcements.




Captain Mako was born in Paragon City, where his parents could not cope with his extreme mutation and abandoned him to the city orphanage. The other children tormented him for his freakish appearance. This eventually led to several deaths, and young Mako disappeared. It is unknown what became of him for a time after this, though there had been vague reports of a shark-like creature in Independence Port.

He later appeared as a modern pirate working around the Rogue Isles before Lord Recluse claimed them. He was a member of the crew of a ship called the Black Powder, where he had quickly arose to the position of Captain. Mako and his crew initially fought against Lord Recluse's forces during the take-over, but was either coerced or bought off and joined Arachnos. He's been more than happy to continue working in Lord Recluse's employ since then. Recluse often uses Mako as an assassin and enforcer, sending him to make violent examples out of enemies of Arachnos. Mako's brutal murder of the original Scrapyard on the docks of Sharkhead Isle is a perfect example. Mako is a bloodthirsty predator capable of casual violence, but he still possesses a human intellect and should not be underestimated.

Mako has recently installed himself on Sharkhead Island shortly after he began to associate with the villainess Barracuda.


  • Mako only recently started using the title "Captain." Why is unknown, though Ghost Widow speculated that it was his (weak) attempt to appear more civilized. It may also have to do with his time as the captain of a pirate ship.
  • Captain Mako tends to feud with Black Scorpion a lot.

Character Stats

Secret Identity: Gideon Ray
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Stalker
Primary Powers: Claws
Secondary Powers: Super Reflexes
Other Powers: Super Leap, Leviathan Mastery


Image:Badge defeatmako.png Shark Hunter

You have helped defeat Captain Mako in Recluse's Victory.

Out of Game

Captain Mako

Captain Mako is the nickname of Shane Hensley who is the lead writer for City of Villains. He was initially responsible for creating the zones, backstory, and new villains. Shane is perhaps best known for his roleplaying game Deadlands.

See Also

  • Captain Mako's Arachnos profile for a list of his powers


Contact Introduced By

New Contact(s)


Arachnos Patron

Gideon Ray is a savage Mutant who has evolved into what only can be described as a humanoid shark. His acts are even more terrible than his appearance, and few foes are even identifiable once Mako is through with them. Mako is responsible for the death of Sharkhead Isle's most famous hero, Scrapyard.

Initial Contact

You know who I am. The great Captain Mako, hero of the Rogue Isles! I'm the one Recluse goes to when he's got a problem. Pray that you don't become a problem.

I got some work that needs getting done, and if you help me out, I'll make sure you're well rewarded. Got it? Good.


  • Teir 1 Inspirations
  • Level 40 Mutation Single Origin Enhancements (150% base costs)
  • Level 40 Natural Single Origin Enhancements (150% base costs)
  • Level 45 Mutation Single Origin Enhancements (?% base costs)
  • Level 45 Natural Single Origin Enhancements (?% base costs)
  • Level 50 Mutation Single Origin Enhancements (?% base costs)
  • Level 50 Natural Single Origin Enhancements (?% base costs)

Story Arc

Killer Instinct

Souvenir: Broken Freedom Corp Badge

This is a Broken Freedom Corp, taken from the renowned Longbow Agent McKnight in a story you like to call:

Killer Instinct

It all started when Captain Mako told you to head over to Paragon City to rescue a couple of Arachnos operatives before their compromised Arachnos base became totally overrun. You did what you could to rescue the Arachnos operatives and take out the Longbow raid leader.

Captain Mako wouldn't stand for having one of their Paragon City Arachnos bases compromised, and related that this was the third hidden Arachnos base this week which was uncovered. He sent you to attack the Longbow base where the raid was staged from to find out who was behind these attacks on hidden Arachnos bases. There you found an operations file pointing to a Longbow Agent McKnight.

Mako wanted to find more information on Agent McKnight, and so sent you to get the info from Arbiter Daos. Unforunately, Daos had sent out Arachnos attack squads to imprison you for 'crimes against Arachnos'. Returning to Mako, you learned Agent McKnight had sent falsified Arachnos reports to Arbiter Daos in retaliation for your attack on the Longbow base! Mako became very eager to get hold of McKnight.

Arachnos managed to track McKnight's escape to an offshore underwater Longbow base. Mako authorized you to give chase and clear out the base. In the end, the Longbow agents managed to tie you up enough for McKnight to escape in a mini-sub.

Arachnos tracked the mini-sub to Sharkhead where McKnight attempted to hire protection and book passage to Paragon City. Mako sent you to take down a Family cargo ship meant to smuggle him to the mainland and deal with McKnight's mercenaries. It turned out McKnight hired the Knives of Artemis to protect him from Arachnos!

At the docks, you waited for McKnight's arrival. McKnight showed up to take the ship to the mainland with his Knives of Artemis escort, and you fought through them to get at your prey. There, you fought McKnight in the same spot where Captain Mako took down Scrapyard!

The Perfect Killing Machine

Souvenir: Leviathan's Tooth Chip

This is a chip off one of the enormous teeth of the Leviathan, the gargantuan monster who sleeps underneath Sharkhead Isle. You got it from a tale you like to call:

The Perfect Killing Machine

It all started when Captain Mako started investigations into the legendary creature which slumbered beneath Sharkhead Isle. You invaded some caves belonging to the Circle and interrogated their leaders about the Leviathan. Kalos related how the creature slumbered but would one day awaken to devour all of the Rogue Isles. Trelix related how there was a great war between the Mu and the Coralax in which the Leviathan was summoned by Calystix the Zealot, high priest of the Coralax. Halimos related how the Mu panicked and called upon their goddess Hequat; she encased the Leviathan in rock and millennia later become [sic] known as Sharkhead Isle.

Mako was intrigued by the stories and wanted to know more. He sent you to speak with the Archmage Tarixus on Sharkhead Isle. The sorcerer said the Circle of Thorns might be trying to tap into the primal essence of the Leviathan, a powerful and destructive force. Tarixus related how the Death Mage Raxtos might be the type to pursue such a dangerous path. Tarixus also warned against trusting Mako with such a power, as the shark-man would not share such power easily.

Mako wanted whatever knowledge Raxtos might have regarding the Leviathan. You were sent to invade the Circle temple deep underneath Thorn Isle and interrogate Raxtos. Whenthe Death Mage was found, he said you were too later [sic], for Ghost Widow's operatives had already stolen the Ritual of Z'kron! Captain Mako was not pleased.

Despite possible repercussions from the Arbiters, Mako sent you to invade Ghost Widow's vault to retrieve the Ritual of Z'kron. You found it there, but the language it was written in was incomprehensible to you. Returning it to Mako, he passed it on to a Mu Mystic to decipher.

Mako then had some bad news. It turns out Ghost Widow found out about the raid on her vaults and demanded justice from the Arbiters. Mako sent you to speak with Arbiter Daos, assuring you that he would take care of the problem. Speaking with Arbiter Daos, he told you Mako too often broken the patron truce and attempted to settle matters by sending Daos a sacrificial scapegoat to execute. This time Daos wanted you to work with the Arbiters to punish Mako. When Mako turned on you (and in Daos' mind it was a 'when' and not an 'if'), you would take him down and deliver him to the Arbiters. Doing so would make you a peer to Mako in the eyes of Arachnos!

Meeting with Mako again, he told you what was necessary to enact the Ritual of Z'kron. Entering the caves beneath Sharkhead Isle, you made your way to the Cave of the Shaper to find Calystix the Zealot in the Maw of the Leviathan. With the Charm of Merulina you were able to see the Primal Runes upon one of the teeth. You enacted the Ritual of Z'kron, which brought Mako. True to Tarixus' and Arbiter Daos' warnings, Mako turned on you! Defeating Mako, you earned a new respect in the eyes of Mako and Arachnos.

Iron Fist

Souvenir: Arachnos Armored Gauntlet

This is an Arachnos Armored Gauntlet. It is a reminder of a tale you like to call:

Iron Fist

It all started when Mako called you to help his troops intercept some Longbow agents who were chasing down one of Ghost Widow's spies. They had her trapped on the docks of Sharkhead, and Mako sent you to take down the Longbow leader. You made work of the Longbow agents and returned to Mako.

The Arachnos spy had gotten some information on several researchers into portal technology who would make prime contributiors to Project DESTINY, one of Lord Recluse's pet projects. The first target was a SERAPH scientist in Paragon City. You were called upon to take down a Paragon Police Department blockade who were made aware of Arachnos' plans and were intent on stopping them. You took downt eh PPD Lieutenants, breaking teh blockade and allowing the Arachnos extraction team to get the SERAPH researcher.

Arachnos' next target was a PortalCorp researcher who got lured away by Crey. Again, you managed to cause a distraction by engaging Crey's Paragon Protectors while the main extraction team got the target researcher.

The final target was a Malta researcher. You hit a Malta warehouse, intend on luring away reinforcements from the main Malta base by wrecking their assets. The plan worked like a charm, and the extraction team managed to get the third and final researcher.

Arachnos operatives reported Longbow preparing their forces for a counterattack, so Mako sent you to get a bit of an edge from Operative Grillo. Grillo gave you an Arachnos Combat Radio, allowing to [sic] call upon a standby Arachnos Tarantula when necessary.

Time After Time

Souvenir: Lord Recluse's Helmet

This is Lord Recluse's helmet, taken after you defeated him in a possible future in a tale you like to call:

Time After Time

It all started when Captain Mako volunteered you to help with one of Lord Recluse's pet projects called Project DESTINY. You reported to Operative Grillo, who explained how Arachnos was building a time/space portal known as the Destiny Portal to study and conquer future realities. You entered into the portal to explore a possible future and discovered an earth overrun by Arachnoids. Strangely enough, you discovered a future version of Dr. Aeon fighting against some of the Arachnoids there! Dr. Aeon exclaimed how there was no true future which followed Recluse's vision. Aeon teleported away, and you made your way back to the present. You passed your findings onto Operative Grillo, then made your way back to Mako.

Mako didn't like the fact that Dr. Aeon was showing up in the future trying to mess with Project DESTINY. He sent you to talk with Arbiter Daos to inform him of the situation and seek authorization to carry out an interrogation of Dr. Aeon. Authorization was granted, and you proceeded to find and take down Dr. Aeon. Dr. Aeon swore he had nothing to do with Project DESTINY, but he had been visited by a man called Professor Echo. Professor Echo told him about the future, where your actions cause the end of the world! Since Lord Recluse wants to rule the world in the future, you had to die to make sure the world lived! Mako wasn't sure Dr. Aeon was telling the truth, but was satisfied with the beating you delivered to Dr. Aeon.

Mako wanted to make sure he wasn't included in Lord Recluse's hit list, so told you the location of one of the main bases for Project DESTINY. You went there and downloaded the computer files containing information on the project. Included was a number of 'contingency plans' for dealing with 'potential threats'. The Arachnos patrons were included, but the primary list consisted of certain 'Destined Ones' - you included! There was also information on the time/space coordinates mapped to the future where you destroyed the world, and other coordinates to the future where Lord Recluse achieved his triumph. Mako thought it was time to ensure survivability.

Mako suggested you make sure this possible future reality where you destroy the world actually existed. You took the time/space coordinates to Operative Grillo under the pretense they were authorized by Project DESTINY. Traveling to this future reality, you discovered the Circle of Thorns calling you 'The World Shatterer', Nemesis trying to wrest control of the world from you, and the Council exclaiming how you used Lord Recluse's own Omega Bomb to destroy him and take control of Arachnos! Unfortunately, the Omega Bomb turned the world into a ruin as well.

Mako convinced you it was time to show Recluse you were not going to be his pawn! You took the coordinates to Recluse's triumphant future and got Technician Naylor in the Nerva Archipelago to set the portal so you could travel to that future. There, you defeated the future Lord Recluse and returned his battered helmet to Arbiter Daos, passing on the message that whatever path Lord Recluse chooses to achieve his vision of the future, it better not involve you dying!


Rescue Arachnos operatives


I've been told we got some problems in Paragon City. One of our secret Arachnos bases there has been discovered by Longbow, and they're trying to take down everyone there. Naturally, our operatives are resisting. I'd be happy to test our troop's survival instincts, but apparently there's a number of important Arachnos officers who need to survive this ordeal. That's where you come in. Head over to the Paragon City Arachnos base and get our Arachnos operatives out of there!

It's only a matter of time before Longbow overwhelms the base. You have 75 minutes to complete this mission.

I want the Longbow leader's heart as well - take him out!

Mission Objective(s)

You make your way to the Arachnos base hiden within Paragon City. Get the Arachnos operatives out of the base and take down the Longbow leader!

  • Rescue Arachnos operatives - 1:15:00
    • 2 operatives to rescue
    • Defeat Greer and agents
      You have defeated Agent Greer!

You rescued the Arachnos operatives!

The Arachnos operatives return with you to the Rogue Isles!

Primary Enemies


Notable NPCs


I hope you made that Longbow worm suffer!

Raid Longbow base


Those Longbow scum can't get away with raiding our Arachnos base - that's the third on this week! I want to find the Longbow agent responsible for these raids and make an example of him!

Our Arachnos spies have their uses - they intercepted some transmissions and managed to find the Longbow base where their raid was staged from. Take out everyone in that Longbow base and find who's heading up the anti-Arachnos operations!

Take out everyone. I don't want anyone escaping!

Mission Objective(s)

No one messes with Arachnos, Captain Mako, or you!

  • Defeat all Longbow in base
    • Find operation files

You found something. You found the Longbow agent responsible for recent anti-Arachnos operations!

Primary Enemies


Operation Anti-Venom
These are files detailing many of the recent anti-Arachnos operations designed to root out hidden Arachnos bases in Paragon City and incarcerate their leaders. It is lead by the renowned Longbow Agent McKnight, who is quoted as saying, 'In time, we hope to show these criminals what it means to be a contributing part of a just society. It is our job as heroes to set an example for these wayward souls to aspire to. Failing that, we must use guile, deception and ruthlessness to uncover their activities and undermine their goals.'


Agent McKnight, eh? That name sounds familiar. We better look into this further.

Get report from Arbiter Daos


So, this Ace McKnight is staging all the anti-Arachnos raids, eh? I want to know more about this guy. His intelligence is too good - which menas he's an excellent spy or we've got some double-agents within Arachnos! Arbiter Daos has compiled an intelligence report - talk to him about Ace McKnight at once!

I want this McKnight. I can almost taste his blood!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Get report from Arbiter Daos


You may have already met the attack squads sent to arrest you for crimes against Arachnos! Don't try to play coy with me! We have extensive records detailing your double-dealings, so don't try to deny it! Your activities go far beyond what would normally be accepted behavior amongst Lord Recluse's 'destined ones', so we have no choice by to place you under arrest! Be prepared, for the price of treason is death!


Arbiter Daos wanted to arrest you? Something stinks here. I think Longbow Agent McKnight is messin' with ya! Yah, I know who Agent McKnight is now - he's a Longbow Agent who Operative Vargas incarcerated on Sharkhead! He must have escaped the Arachnos prison, and probably sent Arbiter Daos some falsified files about you after your strike on that Longbow base in order to stop you from pursuing matters further! Damn, he's clever. I'll enjoy ripping his heart out!

Oh, and don't worry about Arbiter Daos - I'll tell him to call off his attack squads. Sooner or later.

Clear out Longbow base


Longbow Agent McKnight's breakout and planting false evidence against you in the Arachnos information network has caused quite a stir amongst the Arbiters. McKnight made them look foolish because they were so easily infiltrated and tricked. Now the Arbiters are lookin' for blood, and they want us to carry out the sentence - which suits me just fine! That working man hero Scrapyard was a tasty treat, and now McKnight is on the menu!

Arachnos is hot on the heels of McKnight, and tracked him to one of Longbow's offshore underwater bases. Travel to the underwater base and clear it out!

I've got a sub waiting at the docks to take you to the underwater base. There's going to be blood in the water tonight!

Mission Objective(s)

You enter the override codes the Arachnos technicians passed on to you and enter into the Longbow base. Time to clean house!

  • Defeat all Longbow in base

You cleared out the base, but McKnight has escaped!

Primary Enemies



So, McKnight escaped, eh? He's as slippery as an eel, that one. No matter. He can't run forever!

Take out McKnight's mercenaries


Can you feel it? The thrill of hunting your prey, circling, closing in for the kill. McKnight is our prey, and we will soon make our final strike against him!

McKnight is running scared now. We tracked his mini-sub which escaped the Longbow base we trashed. It surfaced near Sharkhead, and the word is he's been spending a LOT of Longbow funds trying to find someone to protect him while he escapes back to Paragon City. He managed to secure a smuggling vessel from the Family, and hired some mercenaries to protect him. McKnight hasn't shown his face yet, but before he does we got a ship to sink on Sharkhead before it leaves port! Take these bombs over to the cargo ship on Sharkhead and take out McKnight's mercenary hires!

When McKnight shows up at the docks on Sharkhead, he'll have no place to run to. Then the fun will begin!

Mission Objective(s)

Looks like McKnight spent some serious money hiring these mercenaries. Find and take down their leader!

  • Take out McKnight's mercenaries
    • 5 bombs to plant
    • Defeat merc leader and guards
      You defeated the mercenary leader!

You took down McKnight's mercenaries!

Primary Enemies

Knives of Artemis


There's nowhere left for McKnight to run to. He'll soon be ours!

You've got a killer instinct.

Eliminate Ace McKnight


Savor this moment. Look for the fear in your enemy's eyes as he realizes he cannot win this battle. Watch as he struggles to hang on for his pointless life. Revel in his destruction, and you will know true joy. Show me you possess a true killer instinct by eliminating Ace McKnight!

I've got something for you to use in this battle. It's something my Arachnos boys have been working on: a Frenzy Mutagen which unlocks your more bestial instincts and turns you into a killing machine. Time to show your true colors.

Temporary Power:

Image:Inherent BlasterDesperation.png Frenzy Mutagen Self: +Recharge +Damage
This is a metal cylinder with a biohazard symbol stenciled on it and a dermal injector on one end. It contains a special mutagen that increases your aggressiveness, allowing you to attack faster and stronger. There are 3 doses.

Mission Objective(s)

You wait in the truck until you see McKnight approach. Time to move in for the kill!

  • Defeat Ace McKnight

You defeated Ace McKnight!

Primary Enemies

Knives of Artemis

Notable NPCs


You seem pleased - I take it the hunt was successful. I hope Longbow sends more challenging prey in the future!

I think it's time you learned a few of my secrets - if you're up for it.


Upon completion of this story arc, you will be awarded the single origin enhancement of your choice.


  • Completing this patron story arc will award the Bloodletter Badge for the mission holder.
Image:V badge Capt.MakoBadge.png Bloodletter

You're deadly and cold-blooded. Captain Mako appreciates that.

Interrogate Circle leaders


Everyone's gotta have goals. Black Scorpion wants to build the nastiest power armor in existence. Recluse wants Statesman's head on a platter. Me? I'm a perfect combination of man and shark, with the killer instincts of both. I don't know what freak of evolution caused me to exist, and I don't really care. I just want to become the best at what I do - to become the perfect killing machine!

Some of my troops discovered something interesting during the torture of some Circle of Thorns, something about The Great Bease which lies beneath Sharkhead. I want to know more about this creature. My operatives have tracked some of the Leviathan-seeking Circle mages to one of the Thorn holes underneath Potter's Field on Sharkhead. Head to the caves and interrogate their leaders about the Leviathan!

I want to know what this primal essence does. I don't care if you have to beat the Circle leaders bloody - just find out!

Mission Objective(s)

Find the Circle leaders and extract the truth behind the primal essence!

  • Interrogate Circle leaders
    • 3 Circle leaders to interrogate

You interrogated the Circle leaders!

Primary Enemies

Circle of Thorns

Notable NPCs

  • Trelix (Death Mage)
  • Kalos (Death Mage)
  • Halimos (Death Mage)
The Leviathan Prophecy
You interrogate the Circle leader known as Kalos: 'The Leviathan slumbers beneath Sharkhead. One day he shall awaken and devour everything in his path!'
Calling the Leviathan
You interrogate the Circle leader known as Trelix: 'There was a great war which occurred between the ancient Mu civilization and the Coralax. In the war, the Leviathan was called forth by the Coralax High Priest, Calystix the Shaper.'
The Leviathan's Tomb
You interrogate the Circle leader known as Halimos: 'During the war between the Mu and the Coralax, the Leviathan threatened to devour all the Mu. It was only through the intervention of the Mu goddess Hequat that saved the Mu. She trapped the Leviathan underneath what is now known as Sharkhead Isle.'


So the Circle wants to draw this primal essence from the Leviathan, eh? Well, they may not be willing to spill their secrets, but I know someone who might.

Speak with Tarixus about the Leviathan


So the Circle of Thorns know of this 'Leviathan' which sleeps beneath Sharkhead. I think they know more than they're letting on, and I bet it's 'cause it's something they want to keep for themselves! Filthy mages!

I know just the guy to tell us more about the Circle's plans with the Leviathan. He's an old sorceror who goes by the name of Tarixus, and he knows more about the mystic stuff which goes on in the Rogue Isles than most. Head over to speak with Tarixus about the Circle's involvement with the Leviathan!

Tarixus has an understanding with Arachnos. It's the only reason why he continues to exist.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with Tarixus about the Leviathan


Ah, you wish to know about the Leviathan, do you? It is an ancient and powerful entity, trapped millennia ago beneath this island. Those who seek its power play a dangerous game, as these primal energies can just as easily destroy the wielder as it could grant them power. The Circle of Thorns of course desire the primal essence for themselves, as they believe they can harness it for use by their demon masters. There is a Death Mage named Raxtos lurking beneath Thorn Isle - he is mad enough to pursue such a power, and may have the answers you seek.

So Mako seeks this power for himself? And you plan to assist him in this endeavor? I will leave you with this warning: do not trust the shark-man! Beings like him do not share power, and any possible rivals are more likely to be destroyed than be allowed to live!


An ancient and primal destructive power, eh? Sounds like my kind of party! I think we need to look into what we need to do to unlock this primal essence...

Find information on the Leviathan


Archmage Tarixus mentioned something about the Circle mage Raxtos knowing how to tap into the power of the Leviathan. I want to know how! Head to the Circle of Thorns temple underneath Thorn Isle and interrogate Raxtos about the Leviathan!'

If there's power to be had from the Leviathan, I want it.

Mission Objective(s)

The smell of musty corridors, burning torches, and ritual incense greet you. Find and interrogate Raxtos!

  • Find information on the Leviathan
    • Interrogate Raxtos

You interrogated Raxtos!

Primary Enemies

Circle of Thorns

Notable NPCs

  • Raxtos (Death Mage)
Ghost Widow's Operatives
While interrogating the Circle mage Raxtos, he related how Ghost Widow's operatives already came to collect what Mako was seeking, the Ritual of Z'kron!


WHAT? Is the Circle trying to set me against Ghost Widow? Or is that albino witch trying to mess with me?

Steal Ritual of Z'kron


We're close to finding out how to tap the power of the Leviathan! We'd have it by now if it wasn't for Ghost Widow! It's just like her to get in the way of my plans. Well, let's not get mad about this - let's get even! Break into Ghost Widow's vaults at her tower on Mercy Island and steal back the Ritual of Z'kron!

This might get us into a bit of problem with the Arbiters, but don't worry - I'll take care of that!

Mission Objective(s)

Ghost Widow's operatives find mystical items within Fort Cerberus. Find the Ritual os Z'kron!

  • Steal Ritual of Z'kron
    • Find Ritual of Z'kron

You stole the Ritual of Z'kron!

Primary Enemies


Ritual of Z'kron
This ritual is supposedly used to unlock the primal essence of the Leviathan. However, the language it is written in is incomprehensible to you.


This is the ritual, eh? Looks like I'll have to get one of the Mu Mystics to decipher it for me.

We're getting close now. Soon, we'll move in for the kill!

Speak with Arbiter Daos


I got a Mu Mystic workin' on deciphering the Ritual of Z'kron you stole from Ghost Widow's vaults. With any luck, we're gonna be able to work the ritual soon!

But we got some problems, too. Y'see, Ghost Widow got all bent out of shape about you breakin' into her place, and she demanded justice from the Arbiters! But don't worry. I sent Arbiter Daos a big fat bribe, so I think that ought to be enough to get you off the hook! Now go and talk with Arbiter Daos.

Arbiter Daos will probably just let you off with a warning or something. And if not, you're willing to take one for team Mako, aren't ya? Hehe.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with Arbiter Daos


I'm glad you decided to show up voluntarily, rather than having Arachnos send out death squads to drag you here. I'm assuming Mako has sent you here, assuring you wouldn't be harmed or something to that effect. Well that's not how things work. You broke the patron truce on Mako's behalf when you invaded Ghost Widow's vaults. It's well within the Arbiter's special powers to pass a death sentence on you. But that's not how we're going to play this game.

Mako has been out of control, flippantly disregarding the patron truce when it serves his purposes, then sending one of his lackeys to sacrifice in appeasement of the Arbiters. It's time for you to serve the greater glory of Arachnos. If you do so, you might prove yourself a peer to Mako instead of a lackey.

I'll be short and to the point. We want you to play along with Mako's plans, and when he turns on you - I DO mean WHEN - you will take him down and deliver him to us for punishment. You don't really have much choice in the matter. It's the only way you can hope to survive Mako's 'tutelage' and stay in the good graces of Arachnos.

Go now. We'll be waiting and watching.


You're back? Huh, Arbiter Daos must be getting soft. I half-expected him to throw you in the brig to cool for awhile. Whatever. If you're still around, you're still useful. And I still want to use you to steal the power of the Leviathan!

You're stone cold!

Steal primal essence of the Leviathan


It's time! My Mu Mystics managed to decipher the Ritual of Z'kron, and translated it for you. The first part describes how to find the Cave of the Shaper. Within the cave there are these Fonts of Power which need to find a chamber called the Maw of the Leviathan. It's guarded by a crazy old priest called Calystix who supposedly is very dangerous. The Mu Mystics have prepared a charm which will allow you to see the secret energies which flow throughout the temple, as well as the Primal Runes on a tooth which is normally hidden from sight. When you enact the Ritual of Z'kron on the Primal Runes, the primal essence of the Leviathan will be transferred to me! You think you can handle it? Now is NOT the time to disappoint me! Find the Cave of the Shaper and steal the primal essence of the Leviathan for me!

You'd better make sure you take a high-powered team with you, 'cause I hear that priest is crazy-powerful!

Don't worry - I got a special reward for you once you finish this little task for me.

Mako gives you the Ritual of Z'kron and the Charm of Merulina.

Ritual of Z'kron Translated
This ritual is supposedly used to unlock the primal essence of the Leviathan. It has been phonetically translated for you by the Mu Mystics under service to Captain Mako. You are meant to enact the ritual upon the Primal Runes in the chamber known as the Maw of the Leviathan hidden within the Cave of the Shaper.
Charm of Merulina
The Charm of Merulina allows you to see the Primal Runes, hidden in the Maw of the Leviathan deep within the Cave of the Shaper.

Mission Objective(s)

These caves reek of ancient sea waters and unnatural living things.

  • Steal primal essence of the Leviathan
    • Enact Ritual
    • 4 fonts to destroy
    • Defeat Calystix
    • Defeat Mako and minions

Note: This cave has several whirlpools inside of it.

Image:Invulnerability ResToPhysicalDmg.png Whirlpool Knockback
Any foes that enter this whirlpool will be knocked back.

Primary Enemies


Notable NPCs

Essence of the Leviathan
You feel an ancient and primal power flow through you, granting you strength while at the same time consuming a part of you. you will have use of this power for 1 hour.


So you were working for Arbiter Daos, eh? I guess the jokes on me. He says I can't rip you apart, 'cause you got 'special status' within Arachnos. 'Course, I've never been one to play by the rules, so you'd best watch your back.

Huh. I always thought you'd end up as chum. Guess you proved me wrong.

Defeat head Longbow agent


Character. Up for a fight? I'm not talking about you and me, though I wouldn't be against ripping out your heart later. But right now, we got some Arachnos work which needs doin'. Arachnos is into a major operations called Project DESTINY, and they called upon me and you to do some 'surgical strikes' - combat zone backup, diversions and the like. We do hit-and-run while other Arachnos factions get away with other stuff. Fun, eh? Don't ask me about Project DESTINY though. It's something about ensuring a final victory for Lord Recluse in the future or something, but I'm not one for long-range planning. Just point me at prey to take down and I'm happy. Recluse sees that, and that's why I'm his right-hand man when it comes to doing his dirty work!

To business. First strike - one of Ghost Widow's spies had a job in Paragon City, and she didn't get away clean. A bunch of Longbow agents trailed her back to Sharkhead, and are sweeping the area looking for her. We got some Arachnos units engaged with them, but they're looking for some backup. That's where you come in. Head over to the Sharkhead docks and take down the Longbow leader!

Taking out their leader should send Longbow running to regroup. Take 'em down fast and hard.

Mission Objective(s)

As you pull up to the docks, you remember this is the place where Captain Mako took down Scrapyard! History repeats itself.

  • Defeat Longbow Ballista

Primary Enemies



I hope that whatever it is Ghost Widow's spy got was worth it. The docks were swarming with Longbow!

Defeat PPD lieutenants and officers


Ghost Widow's spy managed to escape these Longbow agents, mainly because we showed in time to drive them off. The spy had information on key researchers into inter-dimensional portal technology, which is going to be big for this Project DESTINY business.

The next thing that's happening is the kidnap of a SERAPH researcher. We don't have to handle the kidnapping, but we do got to take out a Paragon Police Department blockade set up to intercept them. Man, I like ripping apart those cops! Once we take out the heavies of the PPD, Ghost Widow's force will only have to deal with the Longbow forces at the SERAPH offices. Head over there and take down the heads of the PPD blockade!

Mission Objective(s)

You head over to where the Paragon Police Department blockade was set up. Time to hit 'em hard!

  • 3 PPD lieutenants to defeat

Primary Enemies

Paragon Police Department

Notable NPCs

  • Lt. Stuoro (PPD Transcended)
  • Lt. Garyon (PPD Transcended)
  • Lt. Skeer (PPD Transcended)


Nice work, Character! The Arachnos operative managed to pull off the extraction at the SERAPH office quite easily once you tied up those PPDs. Did ya have fun tearin' them apart? I hear those PPD Transcended are some kinda aliens inhibiting humans. Do they still bleed like humans?

Defeat Paragon Protectors and allies


Arachnos managed to nab the SERAPH researcher and took 'im back to the Rogue Isles while we were busy tying up the PPD. Arachnos' next target is a former PortalCorp researcher who was lured away by Crey so they could start developing their own portal technology. Again, we gotta tie up Crey guards while the main extraction team goes in and extracts the second researcher. They're protecting the industrial complex with some sort of elite Paragon Protectors. Take 'em down!

Paragon Protectors - what a joke! The only things they're going to be protecting is their bloody entrails!

Mission Objective(s)

The Arachnos extraction team is waiting on you to take down the Paragon Protectors. Time for some violence!

  • 4 Protector Elite groups to defeat

Primary Enemies



I hope you made those hero wannabes hurt real bad.

Cause distraction at Malta warehouse


Looks like we're two for two, . We got the SERAPH researcher and the Crey researcher, now comes the REALLY fun one - a Malta researcher! Once we collect the whole set, we'll have all the brainpower we'll need Recluse's pet project. What we have to do is cause a diversion by attacking one of their equipment warehouses here in Grandville. You're gonna go in and start blowing up their equipment so they code red the whole attack and pull their reserves from their base containing the researcher the extraction team needs to nab. Head over to the Malta warehouse and start wrecking stuff!

I'd send a couple of operatives to help you out, but then they'd pin it directly on Arachnos. Ah well, if you die, you die, right?

Mission Objective(s)

Malta's been shipping all kinds of equipment throughout the Rogue Isles. Now it's time for them to pay the rent!

  • 5 crates to destroy

Primary Enemies

Malta Operatives


The diversion worked like a charm. As soon as you hit that Malta base and started destroying stuff, they sent their main base reserves over to the warehouse. Hope you had fun trashing their tin cans and wannabe cowboys.

Get tech support from Grillo


Arachnos is satisfied with our distractions; the extraction teams managed to get a hold of the three portal researchers easily thanks to us! However, Arachnos operative have reported lots of rumblings coming from Longbow. They're not too happy with us stealing a bunch of their eggheads, and they're gettin' ready for a counterattack - and it's up to us to stop 'em! Longbow is going to be showing up soon, so we'd better be prepared. Head over to Arachnos Operative Grillo and requisition the last tech to give you an edge!

Best part of knowin' someone like Arachnos is they have cool toys to play with!


Ah, Character. You've come here for a special requisition, haven't you? Yes, we must do what we can to bring Project DESTINY to fruition! Through this, we can achieve the dream of a better tomorrow, the ultimate vision of Lord Recluse!

Take this Arachnos Combat Radio. We have an Arachnos Tarantula on standby, ready to assist you as required. This will help you immensely when these short-sighted Longbow agents attempt to thwart our grand designs!

Temporary Power

Upon successful completion of this mission, a villain will earn the Arachnos Combat Radio temporary power.

Image:Temporary_WarWolfWhistle.png Arachnos Combat Radio Summon Arachnos Bane Spider
This is a large black combat radio used by Arachnos operatives. It can be used to call in an Arachnos Bane Spider power armor unit. The Arachnos Combat Radio may be used 1 time before it is exhausted.


Did you get your little toy from Grillo? I figured you'd need it. Y'know, you being weak and all.

Defeat Longbow assault squads


Longbow finally showed up to retrieve the researchers Arachnos kidnapped! They did an all-out attack on a number of our bases. Now it's time for us to have fun again! Get in their and take out Longbow's main attack squads!

They're likely to be hitting those bases hard, so you might want to take some backup. Or you can act the part of a REAL predator and take 'am all on yourself! Your choice, I guess.

Save some survivors for me, would ya? I ain't eaten much today!

Mission Objective(s)

Looks like the Longbow hit the base hard. Time to hit them back!

  • 5 Longbow assault squads to defeat

Primary Enemies



You took down all the Longbow squads? Huh, I guess you're not as weak as I thought.

Arachnos managed to drive off the rest of the Longbow squads when they hit our bases. The portal researchers are ours, and Lord Recluse can continue with Project DESTINY!

Speak with Operative Grillo


Alright, Character, y'know how we've been busy trying to get the people we need for Lord Recluse's pet project? Well, the whole thing is ready, and now they need some guinea pigs to try it out. I volunteered you, saying that you've proven yourself to be real tough and and can probably handle whatever is on the other side. I really just want to see you get ripped apart by the portal or whatever you find on the other side! If you want to prove me wrong, head over to talk to Operative Grillo. He'll brief you on what you need to know.

Oh, and Grillo said you could bring some of your buddies, too. You might need it for whatever is on the other side.

Grillo says they've reached enough success with the initial probes that sending a human subject is viable. You'll do!


Ah, Character, Captain Mako told me to expect you. How is Mr. Mako doing these days? Isn't it fascinating how nature can evolve and adapt, resulting in such an interesting creature like him? But I digress.

You are about to embark on a bold adventure, to enter realms unmapped. When you go through the Destiny Portal, you will take the first tentative steps into a future reality, one in which Lord Recluse reigns supreme! The very thought makes me giddy with anticipation!

But, we still need to test the portal some more. Our recent robotic probes through the Destiny Portal have returned successfully a good deal of the time. Now we need a sentient to test the portal - that's where you come in. Enter the portal, then report your finding to me!

Explore the Destiny Portal

Mission Objective(s)

This place is in shambles. This is obviously a failed future.

  • Find the truth of this future

You discovered the truth behind this future!

Primary Enemies


Notable NPCs

Dr. Aeon (Elite Boss)

Arachnoid Planet
In this version of the future, the Lord Recluse lost control of his Arachnoids and they destroyed civilization!

Report to Operative Grillo


You say that Arachnoids have run rampant in the future you visited? Fascinating. Further mutation must have occured to give them the strength and intelligence they needed to oppose Arachnos. We'll have to figure that into our Project FURY experimentations.

As for Dr. Aeon showing up in the future... most unexpected. I think this is something you need to discuss further with Captain Mako. He could throw off the Project DESTINY calculations entirely!

Thank you for your assistance, Jack Ketch. You have done a great service for Arachnos!


So you survived the trip, eh? Grillo was happy with the data you collected. But then again, that egghead is happy as long as he's tabulating somethin'. Oh, and he said he might have more work for you. Lucky you.

As for Dr. Aeon showing up in this future... it might be time for us to get some answers.

Speak with Arbiter Daos


So, your little trip through the Destiny Portal showed Dr. Aeon screwing around in the future. I wonder what that little science fair reject is up to. I'd like to bleed him until he squeals about his plans, but he's a "protected asset" of Arachnos and they get a bit squeamish when they start getting roughed up. Tell you what: You report the situation to Arbiter Daos. If he gives us the go-ahead, we'll take Dr. Aeon in for questioning.

Arbiter Daos' word is law in Grandville. If he suspects someone is messing around with Arachnos, there's going to be hell to pay!

Image:Badge question mark.png
Arbriter Daos

You're saying you've seen Dr. Aeon in this future reality and he's working against Arachnos' goals? While I wouldn't say you're trustworthy, I don't think you have a reason to lie to me, especially since you know what would happen to you if you did. I think Dr. Aeon needs a reminder of who his master is, and what we do to traitors within Arachnos. You are authorized to take Dr. Aeon in for questioning, by any means necessary. While I authorize the use of force, keep in mind Dr. Aeon must survive the interrogation. He's far too valuable to Arachnos' plans for the future.

Interrogate Dr. Aeon

Mission Objective(s)

These Arachnos guards don't know you're here under the authority of Arbiter Daos. Too bad for them!

  • Defeat Dr. Aeon

You interrogated Dr. Aeon regarding Project DESTINY!

Primary Enemies


Notable NPCs

Dr. Aeon (Elite Boss)

Aeon's Interrogation
Dr. Aeon swears up and down that he hasn't been involved in Project DESTINY at all, so he doesn't know why he would have an interest in messing with it. However, a strange man named 'Professor Echo' warned him of a future where either you die or the world dies, and Recluse plans to kill you to ensure he has a world to rule!


That's quite a story. You have to die so the world can live? Sounds like Dr. Aeon is trying to pull one over you. I don't believe him, but from all accounts you gave him a sound thrashing. That's good enough for me!

Find data on Project DESTINY


So, I'm not inclined to believe what Dr. Aeon has to say, but what if he wasn't just trying to bluff his way out of getting beaten down? If Recluse has a hidden agenda, I want to know where I fit into it! There's a top-secret Arachnos base where they supposedly handle all of the master plans of this Project DESTINY. If there's info on what Lord Recluse's plans to do with us, it'll be there. I'm not normally paranoid - I leave that to Black Scorpion - but there's too much weirdness going on with this Project DESTINY. Hit that base and find out what you can about our role [sic] in Project DESTINY!

Just to be clear here, I'm trying to save myself, not you. Sink or swim, buddy.

Mission Objective(s)

It's time to get to the bottom of this Project DESTINY business. Especially if it involves your demise.

  • Search data terminals
    • 5 data terminals to search

Primary Enemies



So Lord Recluse has contigency plans in place to take us out in case we get in the way? Huh. Looks like you and me might have to seize Recluse's victory in order to save ourselves.

Speak with Operative Grillo


I really hate thinking about this time-space stuff. It's confusing and frustrating, and that gets me angry. Very angry.

I don't know if Recluse and his minions really know what they're talking about, or if they're blowing smoke and making wild claims. But I think it's time we found out. Those Project DESTINY files have information on the future where you destroyed the world, right? Well, I figure you should check it out! Why not? We got the Destiny Portal, we got the coordinates, so you might as well check it out! I'll give Operative Grillo the green light to let you through. Just tell him this is another data gathering trial from the main Project DESTINY base in the Tangle. Only classified people know about it, so he'll let you through. Now, go and find the truth about the future you destroyed.

I gotta say, if you are the main reason one of our futures is destroyed... well, let me just say my estimation of you will increase a LOT!


You say you were sent from the Prjoect DESTINY base with these coordinates? Hrm, I didn't have anything scheduled, but I guess you wouldn't risk yourself without good reason. I'll have the technicans reset the Destiny Portal to your target future. Hope to see you back, Character.

Find the truth about your future

Mission Objective(s)

An irradiated wind blows through the air. This is a dead world.

  • 3 clues to gather

You have discovered the truth behind this future reality!

Primary Enemies

Rogue Arachnos
Circle of Thorns

The World Shatterer
In this future timeline, the Circle of Thorns referred to you as the World Shatterer. Obviously, they believe you're responsible for turning this world into a wasteland.
World Ruler
In this future timeline, Nemesis said you ruled over this world and they are attempting to wrest control from you.
The Omega Bomb
In this future timeline, the Council mentioned how you used Lord Recluse's own Omega Bomb to defeat him and destroy the world, then took over Arachnos!


So you destroyed the world by turning Lord Recluse's own Omega Bomb on him, then took control of Arachnos? Heh, never knew you had it in ya!

Speak with Technician Taylor


Now, here's the thing. Right now you got yourself set up to either be killed by Recluse or destroy the world - at least that's what Recluse has seen so far. The way I understand this Project DESTINY thing is that Recluse is trying to eliminate future realities where he loses by eliminating the factors in the present which cause those failures. You're one of those failures, so he's got plans in place to off you.

The way I figure it, you got options. If you decide this whole future reality thing is a bunch of bull, you can just ignore it and hope for the best, but you might get yourself dead or end up destroying the world. But if Recluse can alter the future by manipulating the present, why can't you? If Arachnos has got time/space coordinates for Recluse's ultimate triumph, why don't you go there and take down Recluse, and bring a reminder from that future to the present to show what happens to people who mess with you! Well, with us - if he's got contingency plans in place for me, I think the message should show he can't mess with ANY of his lieutenants! Then Recluse will keep searching for a future where you don't get killed, where he wins, and the world doesn't get destroyed! Or something. I'm getting a headache here.

Grillo is probably on us now after he discovered that last Destiny Portal trip wasn't authorized. But I got the goods on a lower-ranking Arachnos technician named Naylor; he's got access to an experimental portal hooked into Arachnos' computer network. Head over there and give him the coordinates to Recluse's future triumph. Then bring back something to show Recluse you mean business!

This is going to be rough. You're going to be going into the future of Recluse's triumph, where he rules supreme, then take him down. You're gonna need some heavy-duty back-up for this!

I ain't doing this for your benefit. This is my own way of sending Recluse a message about how I'm not to be messed with either!

Image:Badge question mark.png
Technician Taylor

Captain Mako sent ya? Ya, he's got the goods on me alright, if you can call it that. He threatened to use my intestines for a fishing line if I didn't do what I told him! I suppose I could go to the Arbiters, but Mako's got a lot more leeway with them than I do!

Alright, the portal is set to the time/space coordinates you gave me. If you could tell Mako how helpful I was, maybe he'll get off my back. Pfah, not likely.

Take down Lord Recluse

Mission Objective(s)

The black and red banners of Recluse are everywhere. This is Recluse's vision of the future

  • Take down Lord Recluse

Primary Enemies


Notable NPCs

Lord Recluse (Archvillain)

Send Lord Recluse a warning



My helmet? Ah, you are far more enterprising than I anticipated. I understand there were some problems at the Project DESTINY base which resulted in the discovery of my contigency plans involving your demise, then an unauthorized use of the Destiny Portal. But I didn't quite expect... this.

You are strong, Character, I'll grant you that. I will also take this as a very clear warning that you are not to be trifled with. I should view you as a possible ally in my future plans for world domination. Come speak with me when you are ready to step into a larger world. There is much we can do together!


I gotta say, Character, you got guts and a predator's instinct. That's about all the praise you're gonna get outta me, tho', so don't bother trying to get more. Now get outta here.

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  • Captain Mako at Dread Tomax's Guide to City of Villains

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